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Wishing she could call him “Heartbreak”, but it’s not a boy’s name

tweets for 2010-11-30

it’s cold outside http://instagr.am/p/aeXN/

I’m reading a blog post about John Lennon by someone born after he was shot. Damn I feel old http://is.gd/i0xr1

tweets for 2010-11-29

Long essay about William Eggleston – haven’t read it all yet #photog http://icio.us/b2pxmc

tweets for 2010-11-28

lighting course (@ Folkuniversitetet Stockholm) http://4sq.com/cAC50H

tweets for 2010-11-27

I just unlocked the “Photogenic” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/giLRrA

When’s a hundred not a hundred? When it’s 120! http://icio.us/oii2hy

tweets for 2010-11-26

Ireland - not as modern as you might think [NYRB review] http://icio.us/qdskql

tweets for 2010-11-25

Looking at graphing calculators for Leo – it’s as nothing’s happened since the mid-90s. Nice little protected niche there #fb

Dropbox drops it like it’s hot. http://db.tt/uLpeF4a

http://www.damonwinter.com/ > STORIES2 > 5 > ANGOLA PRISON RODEO #fb

Hey #photogs, I know you love Flash => no “stealing” but it makes sharing your awesomeness really hard. Please reconsider

tweets for 2010-11-24

input devices http://instagr.am/p/WcM9/

tweets for 2010-11-23

Remember kids, going too far in any direction can be bad for you! http://icio.us/5fdp1s

A nice introduction to the Hijri calendar http://icio.us/pbkpvi

wow, the word “shelling” is so 20th cen, dontcha think? “Drone strike” or “cruise missiles” are more au courant #nork

OK lat-webben, när kan man köpa iPad i Sverige? Kollade Apples sida imorse, nada, men Expressen hajpar den konstant #apple #fb

EU “bailout” won’t help Eire, Krugman sez http://icio.us/j5z5xq

tweets for 2010-11-22

Björn http://instagr.am/p/VSIc/

tweets for 2010-11-21

Pantone mugs, way too expensive http://instagr.am/p/Uf1-/

Mycket intressant om socialdemokraternas möjliga framtid: http://www.fokus.se/2010/11/efter-sahlin/ #svepol #fb

Latest vegetarian talking point: meat is a major greenhouse gas source. Maybe it’ll work, who knows?

Explosion of Cold! http://instagr.am/p/Usbc/

commercial for Sony NEX-5 on the TV, “create soft background” one of the selling points #translation #fail #photog

tweets for 2010-11-20

Gloomy Saturday == shopping! (@ Globen City Shopping) http://4sq.com/8lQGsr

är det inte lite väl mycket Stockholmskt medelklass i TV nuförtiden? Våra vänners liv, Grotesko etc #fb

Elvis Costello’s list of the 500 best albums of all time contains @aimeemann’s “Whatever” http://tinyurl.com/2taw3s +1!(via @UnlikelyWorlds)

tweets for 2010-11-19

Friday pizza (@ CG’s Pizza) http://4sq.com/cHMaOg

tgif (@ Carpark Luma) http://4sq.com/dfdT8X

tweets for 2010-11-18

latest version of SharePoint is just enough like Facebook visually for you to become confused and frustrated when you realise it’s not

home made dinner fail (@ Kebab & Grillbar) http://4sq.com/bLW4Ak

tweets for 2010-11-17

Installing a driver from HP: “remove all floppies before rebooting”. Hello HP, 1995 called and wants its installers back

tweets for 2010-11-16

Who killed Symbian? A very good article by Michael Mace http://icio.us/11ke0v

Hey, you stupid little screenshot app, stop snaggin my “reply-to-all” keysequence in Outlook! #idiots

Beatles in iTunes, big whoop. I remember getting their complete oeuvre as an MP3-CD back in… 2002? #oldfarts

Techdirt nails it: “Beatles & Apple Finally Going To Let You Pay Money For The Beatles Songs You’ve Been Pirating For Years”

The Julie Project http://icio.us/hsntuc

tweets for 2010-11-15

I’m wondering why 64-bit iTunes for Windows wants to install itself into “Program Files (x86)”

I suspect I’m too old for Facebook Messaging

This article is… amazing. And depressing http://chronicle.com/article/article-content/125329/ (HT @tybstar)

tweets for 2010-11-14

Studio lighting course (@ Folkuniversitetet Stockholm) http://4sq.com/cAC50H

Sunday lunch (@ Falafel Kungen) http://4sq.com/a382DK

I unsubscribe from The Daily Beast. It merges with Newsweek. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

BTW, how many people grok the Waugh reference in re: The Daily Beast? “Up to a point, Lord Copper”.

In Darkest Belarus - a review of the novel “Paranoia” http://icio.us/nfjyhr

While I kinda like the NYT “Lens” blog, the Flash and lack of permalinks sucks. I’ve added The Big Picture instead

Crappy movie night weekend continues with “2012”

Rickets return to England: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-11741262 (via @GreatDismal)

uh, tsunamis don’t form out on the open ocean #2012fail

I wonder if the recurring destruction of the White House in movies is supposed to invoke pathos or schadenfreude

site of the day http://9eyes.tumblr.com/

Antonov transport planes have kiddie flotation vests? Yeah right #2012fail

I love it how even at the end of the world, you still get great cell phone reception in the Himalayas #2012fail

wtf it’s Monday tomorrow??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

tweets for 2010-11-13

Suddenly I notice that Google Reader uses Arial by default and it bugs me. Damn you @gruber

Why oh why did I not heed the warning about how bad “Matrix: Reloaded” is?

tweets for 2010-11-12

Wow, so many of the “funny stories” on http://notalwaysright.com/ are actually depressing tales of racism and bigotry

Using IE8 instead of Chrome is like trying to compete in an F1 race driving a Yugo

Questions & Answers | Ask the Pilot http://icio.us/ildqzu

tweets for 2010-11-11

Nothing like a trip in a crowded subway to make you appreciate sitting stuck in a car in traffic #2evils

lunch (@ Mörby krog) http://4sq.com/b8Lem7

tweets for 2010-11-10

I hate my work computer with the heat of a thousand suns. What a piece of utter fucking crap it is

The future with self-driving cars http://icio.us/iaxfsn

on the way to the dentist (@ Sickla Kaj - tvärbana) http://4sq.com/d58pqJ

väntar på min tid hos tandläkare Jörgen Brandell (@ Gubbängstandläkarna) http://4sq.com/djsDL6

Waiting for the customer to join the Webex meeting

sick of looking up my work phone numbers when asked, so I’ve added them to my desktop background #nerd #badmemory

Gillar att Telenor gör reklam för att vara asocial pucko #fb

time to hit the sack!

tweets for 2010-11-09

lunch! (@ Lawson Danderyd) http://4sq.com/b69KyV

no snow tyres => public transport (@ Slussen T-bana) http://4sq.com/d8YsMr

I really enjoyed an old podcast about Hobbe’s “Leviathan” in SR’s “Filosofiska rummet”. Lot’s of food for thought on the birth of the state

work lappy toasting my harble in the Lamino. I miss our under floor heating in the old place

I love this Wondermark by @malki http://wondermark.com/675/

even Richard Feynman can’t tell you how the fucking magnets work http://is.gd/gSAZq

wow the cold open of this old CSI ep was like half the show

tweets for 2010-11-08

Monday! (@ Teleopti AB) http://4sq.com/ddt3GH

Man I have a serious motivation deficit this morning

trying really hard not to freak out over my unread count…

reading about the Cathars on Wikipedia. Fleshing out what I only had a vague knowledge about before

tweets for 2010-11-07

hi there sun

tweets for 2010-11-06

on my way home from the temple of consumption (@ Busshållplats Sickla Köpkvarter) http://4sq.com/9dlhoK

decent lunch from leftovers: large grain bulgur, sweet-chile sauce, and parma ham

tweets for 2010-11-05

all alone in the office

Fixing Friday dinner (@ Kebab & Grillbar) http://4sq.com/bLW4Ak

post-prandial (@ Erikson residence) http://4sq.com/9GX3S7

thanks @jedrek for tipping me off about Laura Veirs, I heard a few years back but I like her more now

Internets! You have nothing more to amuse me. I shall now retire

tweets for 2010-11-04

Kan inte Antipiratbyrån flytta till Vitryssland? Verkar vara ett ställe dom skulle trivas i #fb

Det där bombhotet i Göteborg? Yeah, not so much #hysteri

väldigt lite i min twitterström om Ponténs förslag till svensk Hadopi…

Friday can’t come fast enough. Make that Friday evening…

Sod this for a game of soldiers, I’m gonna play Civ on the iPhone instead

tweets for 2010-11-03

undrar hur mycket publicitet Knugen-boken fått om inte SR sparkat en av författarna. Streisand-effekt, någon? #fb

this remote connection acts as if every keystrike has the Windows key modifier #can’ttype

Machine of Death - free PDF, ebook, and podcast http://icio.us/gp2q53

Rule 34 dictates there must be Biblical porn out there somewhere

time to head home!

and… there goes what feels like half a tooth #fb

I really liked the latest ep of Stargate: Universe

tweets for 2010-11-02

the more I use @ttytter’s advanced features (like readline support and viewing threads) the less I miss tircd

lunch! (@ Restaurang Vernissage) http://4sq.com/95jCFt

tweets for 2010-11-01

finally home (@ Carpark Luma) http://4sq.com/dfdT8X


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