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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2010-02-28


broke our Bodum press glass… guess only Åhléns City sells replacements? #stockholm #fail


gave Viking a Molesking Volant notebook I’m not happy with, getting him started with the addiction early #younghipster


pity J G Ballard is dead, he would have had a field day in Dubai


today it appliance fail day, the cord for our tabletop grill is melted through to the wire


uh… 170 unread FB notifications in my RSS… mark as read #gettingthingsdone


On the wall was stencilled the Army’s most enforceable antiterror edict: Speak English Or Dont Speak


wow I really need to re-read “Ambient” again


might as well watch the hockey finals… I think we’re gonna see a new Lake Placid


o/~ don’t wanna be a Canadian idiot // don’t want to be a beer-swilling hockey nut


of all sports commentators, I think hockey commentators are the fucking stupidest #svt


när jag ser puffarna för kommande program i SVT så påminns jag varför jag inte tittar på kanalerna #pekoral #fb


I loaned Joanna my work lappy and she’s swearing non-stop over Word 2007


and it’s game on again


our cat does not care for the hockey, lets her rear leg drape gracefully over the screen as she toasts on tht TV


ok now her front leg is down too… I don’t think she likes the commentator’s excitement #suckit


1 minute left


nice one USA


sports tends to bring out the worst in nationalism



tweets for 2010-02-27


På väg hem med oxalsyra och ostbågar, laddat för fest! #fb


#mello börjar, har inte stora förhoppningar #fb


det här var vämjeligt #mello #fb

tweets for 2010-02-26


time for a new kitty litter box, this one seems to leak :P


yo dawg I heard you like tunneling so we’re running a VPN inside your VPN

tweets for 2010-02-25


I’d like to practice my French, anyone know any good photo-related sites in French? Merci! #photog


wow press release announcing the cooperation between $work and another company is written in really bad English


yes @susieriss, you’re the only one: http://twitter.com/susieriss/status/9441579827 #olympics #lol


Helgon.net tillhåll för mördare, enligt Expressen http://is.gd/9a6jU #moralpanik #fb


Bye bye Hummer, and good riddance


Jordnötsallergi inte alltid så farligt http://is.gd/9a9FQ #levlivet #fb


one of my neighbors in this subway carriage has very poor personal hygiene #pong

tweets for 2010-02-24


closing case with wild abandon!


I feel like getting sued by the #IOC! #Vancouver #Winter #Olympics #2010 !!!


Let the healing begin: IRS victim widow sues nutbag pilot’s widow: http://is.gd/94YIe


only -4C! balmy walk to the subway ahead!


Buss 71 FTW! #sl #fb


I predict massive forumspace whingeing: http://www.4p8.com/eric.brasseur/gamma.html #photog

tweets for 2010-02-23


So far my commuting experience is totally opposite yesterday’s total clusterfuck. Good times


so driving on the right is the fault of the Yanks and the Frogs: http://goo.gl/q7xo (via @codinghorror)


Installing Forefront AV, will hopefully not slow down my computer as much as Sophos


well so far my computer is even slower… thanks a bunch


computer is still slow as molasses, that’s 90 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.


wtf new Ovi suite can’t read settings from old PC Suite? I have to setup phones again? Crap #Nokia


suddenly realise I don’t give a flying crap about #Buzz, but nice to have some new followers for my shared Reader items


not a hella lot of space on this here client server


yay new #Skeptoid ep! RT @BrianDunning The Denver Airport Conspiracy: http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4194


wow people will believe anything http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4194


dear lazyweb, is there a definitive list of all produced Leica R lenses somewhere? #photog


I wish I could sort my google reader feed entries alphabetically instead by newest, by oldest, or by magic


Hmmm satsa på att tvärbanan kommer igång eller ta <71:an> från Slussen. Kall promenad i båda fallen #sl #fb


gullmars nästa, <71:an> hinner jag inte med


wow, that was some class-A emo posturing back there #drama

tweets for 2010-02-22


Är vid Slussen, hel men lite tillklämd #fb


all subway lines above ground are replaced by buses #stockholm


hmm not the blue line though, nice for them :P


20 min väntan and counting på Mörbytåg. Kanske ska åka till Ömalmstorg så man slipper frysa #sl #narniavinter


och så kom jag inte med tåget grrr #fb


Sittplats från Centralen, alltid något. Totalt 40m väntan på ett tåg, kommer vara en halvtimme försenad trots tidig start


marketing in our support response emails: you really think someone asking for support wants more of our products?


America, where “MILF” is a no-no but “teabagging” socially acceptable http://is.gd/8W7FE


Brutally cold walk to Mörby Centrum #wickedwitchwinter


Teller-Ulam design hydrogen bomb: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teller-Ulam_design

tweets for 2010-02-21


reminding myself that even if people are wrong on the internet, it’s not usually worth your effort to correct them


hjälper Leo med andragradsekvationer, hade helt glömt bort formeln #matte #fb


fördjävligt att SVT ägnar monarkin så mycket uppmärksamhet inför bröllopet #republiknu #fb

tweets for 2010-02-20


preparing to go to bed with a .45 under the pillow, waiting for burglars 4sq


http://gerikson.tumblr.com/post/399447427/please-rob-me-is-stupid-well-theyre-trying-to 4sq


just a reminder: just because inflation is bad, doesn’t mean deflation is good. Just the opposite, in fact #economics


vilka extremt bleka låtar ikväll #mello #fb

tweets for 2010-02-19


Shedload of snow coming down, on my way to #subrosa to discuss NASA and future of engineering education


really nice #subrosa about NASA


tack Gustaf Mårtensson (@gunderhaegg) för #subrosa, ett jättejobb varje vecka! Love it #fb


closed 5 cases! new per-day record


hmm är det för tidigt att prata med 8-åringar om primtal? #nörd #matte #fb


9 minuters väntan på Gröna Linjen vid ett fullpackat Slussen #sl #fail #fb


congratulations @scalzi for the dual Hugo nominations


when you get right down to it, Nikon cameras and lenses have always been pretty ugly #photog #design


in photography, “mundane” usually equals “boring”. Unless it’s boobs, even mundane boobs are seldom boring

tweets for 2010-02-18


quite a SNAFU with one of our Freemium offerings, working on a fix #work #fail


Läkaren och obducenten får inget skadestånd. Det tycker jag är rätt. #styckmord #fb


mwhahaha http://www.shadyurl.com/ - “Don’t just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening.”


I’ve often thought this http://robbiekhan.co.uk/root/randompics/random/DVDcomparison.jpg - via @jmusarra


A Book By its Gorey Cover, Pt 2 http://beatonna.livejournal.com/131548.html - by @beatonna

tweets for 2010-02-17


wtf another gold medal for Sweden? Thanks Björn Ferry, if that is your real name


Björn Ferry är ju uppenbarligen Bryan Ferrys mindre kända bror… “under en filt i Vancouver…” #vinteros


best password generation utility I’ve found: http://www.adel.nursat.kz/apg/index.shtml


Aimee Mann can make even Coldplay good (live cover of “The Scientist” on the Lost in Space special edition)


Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/6ATWmu8a3JY70lMntyCnnD


waiting for the SXSW showcasing artists torrent to complete


Too fucking cold

tweets for 2010-02-16


Overslept, heading into work sans coffee or breakfast #fail


Re-reading my tweets from the day before, resolving to become better at it


train stuck at #Östermalmstorg


Stopp i röda linjen mellan T-centralen och Ö-torg #sl


I now know a hell of a lot more about shuffling data around in MSSQL server


Homeward bound an hour earlier than usual, wow it’s still (just) light!

tweets for 2010-02-15


Cold foggy morning here in #Stockholm. Trains are weirdly empty. Just me, or is the flu making a comeback?


the big timesink in my #commute is changing to the red line at #Slussen #sl


nice, Lloyd Cole’s “Plastic Wood” is up on Spotify! spotify:album:0BJ3jbnO6tGZEm4k6WlsnJ


that said, the track listing seems messed up, referring to songs from other albums


thrown in the deep end and expected to swim, would be fine except the client wants Phelps


this train is the freakin’ Hipster Express


new entry in the #photogeeks FAQ: http://is.gd/8rFdG - feedback welcome #photog


wow Stackoverflow going for VC money

tweets for 2010-02-14


starting on “Dust of Dreams” – it’s only the first part of two?!! #malazan


Star Wars: The Clone Wars is really pretty decently animated


ok I kinda understand the gripes about #Buzz, but jeez people you didn’t have to activate it!


I’m going to Poland (Krakow) in the last days of April!


I see a real need for a new OM system of lightweight, compact bodies and lenses in today’s gear universe #photog


suddenly my Waves are hoppin’


The Twilight of Reason (translation: me) http://pastebin.ca/1796700 #fb

tweets for 2010-02-13


the plot of Modern Warfare 2 is ludicrous. Red Alert 2 was more believable than this crap


one of the eternal forum debates: “primes are better than zooms!” We’ve heard it all before, give it a rest


sure looks like the IOC is trying to cover up coverage of the luge accident. Copyright claims my ass


omfg I made a grammatical error replying to @sheldoncooper. I will never hear an end to this


He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches. He who cannot do either, spends time on IRC


lyssnar hellre till gammal Bruce Hornsby än kollar på #mel2010 #fb

tweets for 2010-02-12


Watching “Generation Kill” made “The Hurt Locker” way less believable


MSSQL 2008 is taking forever to install


Buzz is less than a week old and there are already “advanced users” http://is.gd/8dC4l - Internet time, baby!


“This album is not available in Sweden” - thanks for geotarding, @Spotify (and i know it’s not your fault really)


Nice to see “Lost Soul” included in Bruce Hornsby’s “Greatest Radio Hits”. Love Shawn Colvin’s singing in it


Och tåget rullar ut från Mörby. Helg


pasta and salmon for dinner, will skip the ratatouille cos it’s hard to make, and hard to spell #cooking


quick google shows most libertarians don’t think the National Guard is a “well-regulated militia”

tweets for 2010-02-11


forgot my E61 today, will try to cope #s60 #withdrawal


apparently replies to your buzzes appear in your inbox… #buzz


biggest problem with #buzz: assuming people I email are people I want to keep in contact w/ outside email

tweets for 2010-02-10


MS Team Server sends notification emails when tickets change status. I’d prefer RSS


swedish restructuring company for the auto industry is called Fouriertransform #geeky #fb


.@codinghorror dude! Comparing XML to Marmite is low! Marmite is delicious, XML is pure evil


reminds me, I need Marmite


is there seriously no full-text search in Visual Studio Team System?


oh wait, there’s the Search Work Items plugin: http://www.codeplex.com/searchworkitems/


pickled garlic, mmm


Wikipedia is scarily well informed about ballistics and wounding capabilities http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7.62x39mm

tweets for 2010-02-09


January weather more usual now: -2C, overcast, dull light. At least mornings are a bit lighter


waiting for customer to get in so we can do the remote thang


new Nikkor 24mm f/1.4 costs $2,200, all the complainers on forums are whining it’s too expensive. Some people are never happy #photog


seriously nerds, just because the Apple site is down doesn’t mean the End Times are upon us


.@varjag I predict that in 2012 Steve Jobs will present the iApocalypse


Röda Linjen stopp vid T-centralen, sitter kvar på kontoret ett tag till #SL #fb


``Tunnelbanans gröna linje 17, 18, 19: Tågen stannar åter vid T-Centralen’’


waiting for a fish and chips at the local greasy spoon


updating to ubunto 9.10 7 months after everyone else


does #Buzz need a 15 minute video to explain what it is, like Wave? Or can it be explained in a tweet?


.@caaarlo gmail is my least favourite google app, I just use it for boring stuff


finished Neil Gaiman’s Murder Mysteries… thought-provoking


forget Google Buzz, I want Google Buzz Lightyear

tweets for 2010-02-08


hard at work, or hardly working? It’s a thin line!


my work lappy is so slow it’s not even funny


when my 4GB card is newly formatted I have 888 shots remaining on it


used this guide from @jwz to move FB stuff to my feedreader http://jwz.livejournal.com/1144527.html #fb


catching up on Paul Simon’s latest on #Spotify


trying to find if a reported bug is a dupe in TeamServer


Rena Vilda Västern i A-stan “Johan och Gunnar dödade i bakhåll”. Våra grabbar mot den lömske Andre #media #fb


the new iPenis - now with touch control and haptic feedback! (HT Stephen)


Microsoft eliminates multitasking support in Windows Mobile 7 - http://bit.ly/dfSMPy

tweets for 2010-02-07


found Steven Erikson’s Dust of Dreams at #dieselverkstaden, w00t!


one of the many good things about The Wire is lots of music by The Pogues

tweets for 2010-02-06


på väg till Arnold för beouf bourgignon #fb

tweets for 2010-02-05


nice, #meebo notifier lets you choose which browser to use when opening meebo.com


Hemåt via sushistället #sjöstaden #fb


Maybe I should try to play some MW2 tonight but I’m put off by its extreme videogame-ness. Maybe I should get Op Flashpoint instead #xbox


got some lebanese instead of sushi

tweets for 2010-02-04


“Help save the youth of America // help save them from themselves”


mer snö i Danderyd #fb


The Hurt Locker was good, but not Oscar good

tweets for 2010-02-03


why do I always do the same mistake and choose to update Adobe Reader? Then I have to reboot. I HATE ADOBE READER!!!


sitting in our conference room doing testing, instant RSI

tweets for 2010-02-02


“bah Outlook!” is this generation’s “bah humbug!”


Police in Sweden hit DC hubs in filesharing raid. They’ll get round to torrents in 5 years #copyfight


dear EU liberal, if the US passes health care reform they will kick our butts. So keep hoping they won’t #mercantilism


all in all, a good day at #work


lol ny skiva från Br Rongedal… undrar om någon bryr sig om att ladda upp den #gladpirat #fb


tjockt med folk på Slussen #sl #grönalinjen #fb


varför är Telias reklam (särskilt den för bredband) så tafflig? Tråkigaste telekomföretaget, helt klart #fb


wow this Maria McKee cover of “Sweet Jane” is amazing


The Big Bang Theory has some great writers

tweets for 2010-02-01


wtf can’t I login to the customer VPN #work #fail


adding old Swedish quasi-monopolies to my feed, @p1panatet (SR P1) and @SL_AB (stockholm local transport)


protip: don’t update your perl version from ports unless you’re prepared to reinstall every package too #freebsd


I went to Dubai, and all I got was this snarky blog post http://is.gd/7tw6O


The most entertaining part of a new lens release is watching the tooth gnashing in forums #cynicism


feeling pretty pumped about shooting something. Dunno what, though. Maybe icicles with the 135/2.8E tomorrow #photog


reading about syphilis on Wikipedia. Thank god for antibiotics


did you know that 10th US President John Tyler has 2 living grandchildren?


‘Not Always Right’ is still my fav luser-generated content site


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