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tweets for 2014-04-28

Whelp I’m wearing too much clothing for the weather. Hate when that happens.

tweets for 2014-04-25

#bitcoin and China: live by the pump, die by the dump.

I see your f/0.95 lens and raise you a BLACK HOLE - the ultimate in light-gathering capability!

tweets for 2014-04-22

Tuesday is the new Monday #fb

tweets for 2014-04-18

So this afternoon I was thinking that the iOS Flickr app is more usable than the website. This evening it was updated and is even worse.

tweets for 2014-04-15

“Windows PowerShell is better than cmd.exe” - faintest praise ever

tweets for 2014-04-14

#Bitcoin: 21st century technology, 19th century economics.

tweets for 2014-04-12

$420 sell #bitcoin erryday

tweets for 2014-04-11

Heartbleed: 64KB of memory is all anyone needs!

tweets for 2014-04-10

$404 #bitcoin not found

tweets for 2014-04-09

I need a break from the Internet.

tweets for 2014-04-08


tweets for 2014-04-03

Please explain again how your incompetent disk space monitoring became my problem?

Sad you didn’t get in on #Bitcoin when it was worth $10? The way it’s dropping you’ll have that chance soon again!

tweets for 2014-04-02

Doing the needful for customers at #work

tweets for 2014-04-01

Today is a great day to take a Twitter holiday #aprilfools #notfunny #gonetoofar #theendisnigh

When you “blog”, you get points deducted for using words like “whilst”, “critique”, and “blog”.

Remember when Google chose the worst day of the year to announce a free email service with 1G of storage?


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