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tweets for 2018-01-31

I’m a middle aged white dude so streaming 1980s Jackson Browne feels very a propos

tweets for 2018-01-30

“Super Blue Blood Moon” is the name of my next band

tweets for 2018-01-29

There’s a fine line between constructing a filter bubble and unfollowing accounts to preserve ones blood pressure.

Jag vet att IKEA och #Kamprad betytt mycket för Sverige men att hela #DI är en minneskrift känns lätt överdrivet.

tweets for 2018-01-23

The Trump presidency has been foretold in countless dystopian works of fiction - with a crucial difference. The evil president was supposed to be at least averagely intelligent.

tweets for 2018-01-19

Både Kylie Minogue och Uno Svenningsson i min “ny musik”-lista från Spotify! What year is it?!

Reading the Communist Manifesto. So many good quotes!

tweets for 2018-01-11

“X Considered Harmful Cancer”

Wow, trying to get your songs in a good order in an iPhone is ridiculously hard.

tweets for 2018-01-10

When it comes to cat breeds, I am Team Cornish Rex for lyfe

I can’t believe I missed a new album by @iammatthewsweet! Thanks @badmachinery for including it in his “best of 2017” albums

tweets for 2018-01-09

TIL the Kushners are in a financial hole from trying to develop 666 5th Avenue, and it struck me that would be a great fashioned themed horror movie title

Beware the Derp State

tweets for 2018-01-04

Peter Thiel talking about #bitcoin as “digital gold” - sounds like he’s been drinking a bit too much libertarian blood


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