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observations for 2007-08-31

I’m drunk, but not so drunk I can’t post via email.

To whom it may concern:

Just because I don’t hop onto every random Facebook app you throw at me doesn’t mean I like you less. It just means I don’t give a crap about that particular app.

Sorry to harsh your mellow, but that’s the way it is. If you seriously believe your app invitation will change my life, feel free to send me a message.

That is all.

tweets for 2007-08-31

we have recieved a metric arseload of crap to deal with this morning. Can you tell it’s Friday?

50 minutes until the yearly crayfish party!


party is mid-way, SingStar is on in the main room

2 people are BUTCHERING johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire

now it’s Sweet Home Alabama… /me fires up Zevon’s Play it all night long

wish they had some righteous lloyd cole on this SingStar

just barely managed to beat my report on SS

Waiting for the tram at Gullmarsplan, listening to Sara Isaksson

W00t, Twitter will cache usernames if you login from mobile

observations for 2007-08-30


Put enough tech into a small handheld device and it creates a dimple in the fabric of reality, which manifests as an attractive force for geeks.

tweets for 2007-08-30

reviewing SOX documents. The pain!!!

observations for 2007-08-29


The iPhone is brilliantly designed, has a supremely satisfactory user experience, but it feels, in a way, like the smartphone segment’s Rain Man – wondrous storage, polished performance, but low social skills and the inability to do simple things that most people take for granted.

Finally got connected. No thanks to Bredband2’s utterly horrible customer support.

On the debit side, my dad and I went to Shurgard to shift our crap to a smaller storage space. Of course, the idiots hadn’t unlocked it. I’m gonna get medieval over the phone tomorrow.

tweets for 2007-08-29

this promises to be an interesting day, for Chinese values of “interesting”

finally got time to listen to Lloyd Cole @ the BBC

observations for 2007-08-28

I’m having trouble installing the latest version of mIRGGI. Perhaps I should just pay for WirelessIRC.

w00t! Lloyd Cole, live at the BBC! Pity I can’t put it on my iPod until tomorrow.

tweets for 2007-08-27

man I hate forgetting to chomp() before printing in Perl

I will let others try out Bloglines Beta. Feed reading is too important to leave to beta software…

glad to be meeting fkoehn tonight

observations for 2007-08-26

Today was the first day of autumn: cool, yet sunny. Today was also the day that I realised that we still have way too much stuff.

observations for 2007-08-25

It’s now two weeks since I contacted the building’s ISP and they still haven’t been able to connect us to the wider net. Another household has the same issue.

Frankly, if your ISP can’t even connect new subscribers, perhaps you should be looking at alternatives.

Seems that posting from gmail results in dupes. Checking from gmail mobile.

Spoilers should be avoided. Right now I’m having a hard time staying away from Wikipedia. I’m listening to Dan Simmon’s The Terror and really want to read more about the Franklin expedition in 1845. But doing so would reveal the ultimate fate of the expedition, and right now it’s up in the air what will happen.

I’m pretty sure that no supernatural giant polar bear attacked the ships, but who knows?

More on the Iceland whale fishing moratorium.

observations for 2007-08-24


Really, that right there should be a clear indicator of how ill regarded Java development has become that people are willing to embrace the insanity that is Erlang in order to avoid using it.

Saw that Iceland has stopped granted whaling rights as the demand for whale meat is too low. After all the furor from environmentalists and the matching anger of the whalers, it turns out that very few people actually want to eat whale meat.

Another victory for the free market!

tweets for 2007-08-24

buggeration, spilt milky tea on my keyboard

tweets for 2007-08-23

w00t 2 new Nikon cameras!

w00t WirelessIRC for S60 3rd Ed. http://tinyurl.com/ys4utq

tweets for 2007-08-22

Wednesday. It’s always Wednesday

tweets for 2007-08-21

got into work w/o reading matter or 3G, “just” the ipod. Man I need some media fasting

I have 1,888 songs in my “never played” playlist

zomg missed the <15:00> coffee break!

tweets for 2007-08-20

I think the theme song for yesterday’s CSI was by Cowboy Junkies

tweets for 2007-08-19

So Skype is back up. I wonder what the fallout will be

tweets for 2007-08-18

Found the old list of freshmen from college. Memories…

tweets for 2007-08-17

wtf is wrong with my itunes instance?

otoh, 1.3K SEK back from the old house insurance. Yay!

whoops forgot to pay for daycare. We’re really crap at keeping track of bills :(

tweets for 2007-08-16

listed some improvements to the blog

feeling the lack of caffeine, gonna hit Mellqvists in 10 minutes

firefox tabs are filled with wikipedia articles about warhammer 40k, how did that happen?

observations for 2007-08-15

I think I’ve fixed my posting-by-email script. This is a little test.

Apparently it worked!

This is the best picture I took during my vacation. Possibly the best picture I’ve ever taken ;)

haystack in sunset

Testing posting from my Nokia E61.

tweets for 2007-08-15


d’oh, clocking IN

played a bit with a P1i, not too impressed

tweets for 2007-08-14

man, this work crap really stinks…

I can’t believe Excel just replaced their idiotic 64k row limit with a slightly larger but still idiotic 1M limit

cursing data files in CSV format

tweets for 2007-08-13

back in the salt mine

why the hell does itunes complain about outlook when installing?!

missing the bag of candy I bought for the trip on Sat. Still a lot left, could sure do with some now…

hmm in retrospect, moving 404K lines of data from my desktop to the server via putty copy-paste wasn’t such a great idea. about 7M in th …

Party With Beer! http://tinyurl.com/23pc4o

we had 95% humidity today… I felt it

tweets for 2007-08-11

back in stockholm!


whoops wrong window

tweets for 2007-08-08

paying bills :P

tweets for 2007-08-06

On the beach, finally some nice weather

tweets for 2007-08-05

woke up at <8:55,> that’s a good start

En route to Halmstad

Lost some.time stopping so long

tweets for 2007-08-04

rumour says that the iphone has been unlocked

going to bed, long drive tomorrow

tweets for 2007-08-03

Productive 2 days, one wall painted and a row of cabinets installed. We now have something worthy of our 40-inch LCD

damn cat threw up on our sheepskin lounger

lols facebook is b0rked, login just loops

man I love browsing http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/photography.htm

tweets for 2007-08-02

hacking my way through some high-traffic, high-value feeds

tweets for 2007-08-01

sorting images from my vacation


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