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Wishing she could call him “Heartbreak”, but it’s not a boy’s name

tweets for 2010-06-30


dagens #godwin: stödjer man inte Euron så eldar man på “nationalism, fascism och nazism” - http://bit.ly/ci44eh.


Euron är knappast ett demokratiskt projekt, snarare ett utslag av värsta sortens Euro-teknokrati


hur vore det om Euro-företrädarna kom med vettiga argument istället för att veckla in sig i “försvar för demokratin”


The Spy Who Had Hot Facebook Pics - http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/archives/2010/06/facebook_photos.php


seriously, our lives would be so much simpler if Apple would just sell unlocked iPhones in Sweden.


ok I know MeeGo is supposed to sound cute and all but how could they miss the horrific Lovecraftian creature Mi-Go??? #cthulhu


“This article is about the H. P. Lovecraft’s extraterrestrial race. For the mobile operating system, see MeeGo.” - http://is.gd/dalLy


dudes just doin’ what comes natural: http://is.gd/danD7

tweets for 2010-06-29


lesson to self, don’t mention popular gadget-du-jour on Twitter unless you want drive-by spam mentions


I’m pretty sure Paul Krugman is the only Nobel laureate referencing the lolcat mythos: http://is.gd/d8OqI [last para]

tweets for 2010-06-28


everyone else at the midsummer’s party had an iPhone and did a damn good job of promoting it…


checking Teknikmagasinet’s “deal” on the iPhone 3Gs, why oh why can’t you buy it unlocked here?


Leo on the GER-ENG game yesterday: “I love both countries, they have great hooligans” #teenagers


Texas GOP wants to ban oral sex: http://www.boingboing.net/2010/06/26/texas-gop-comes-out.html #wingnuts


tips för republikaner, följ @kunglhovstat på Twitter! #fb


how to hold your Nokia: http://conversations.nokia.com/2010/06/28/how-do-you-hold-your-nokia/


snif my poor Omega is off to Switzerland again for a warrantee fix of the repair last year


home to wrangle moving boxes and bills

tweets for 2010-06-27




that was TOTALLY IN for #ENG #worldcup


not rooting for any team here, just enjoying the footy #worldcup


well that’s England done


finished “Little Brother” by @doctorow, really good but can’t be arsed to blog about it

tweets for 2010-06-26


tillbaka från härlig midsommarfirande på Björkholmen med Björn, Josefin och gänget! #fb


pity #USA is out of the tournament, but that’s how it goes. Congrats #GHA! #worldcup

tweets for 2010-06-25


På båten till Svartsö #fb

tweets for 2010-06-24


Catching up with my Facebook friends via Google Reader, superefficient!


Nu har stressen lagt sig och jag ser fram emot midsommar på Björkholmen! #fb


wow apparently video calling over wi-fi is an “end run around the carriers”. http://is.gd/d1WFO #hyperbole


waiting in line for a phone mystifies me. It’s not as if they only sell it today.


WOW #SVK <3:1> #ITA!!!!


don’t count #ITA out!


Checking out the latest #Gravity release…

tweets for 2010-06-23


Lovely weather yet I’m stressed about all that needs to be done at work before vacation


hectic day so far, Grant McLennan holding the madness at bay #aussiepop


wow working with shared documents in MS Office is fundamentally broken


Crackdown 2 Demo released on #xbox live!


go Team USA! #worldcup needs you!


it’s pretty amazing how good I can see know I have my new glasses


Utmärkt service hos Franks Ur på Drottningg vid Sergels torg #fb


wow, every 4 years the #worldcup comes around and suddenly every American is a soccer expert (waves to @RussB and @caaarlo)


I like the new subtle changes in the #Flickr photo page, but would it be too much to ask for a grey bg as default?


2 dagar efter att Lidl öppnat i Sjöstaden är det tomt på dyr-Konsum… #fb

tweets for 2010-06-22


Black suede clogs with pink ribbon bows… seriously? #fashionvictim #subway #stockholm


blev uppringd på mobilen av sossarna i Söderköping. Sa jag var orolig för V och MP, det var dom också #val10 #fb


dear lazyweb, I’m seeing old rumours that the new slimmer XBox would handle IPTV. Now that it’s released, can anyone confirm?


ok so no IPTV in the new Xbox (thanks @MoveTheBongos!) A pity, it would have been a good fit.


well that’s 30 minutes of my life I’ll never get back #work

tweets for 2010-06-21


my god, a movie about Facebook… the end is nigh…


wow even my cat pics suck #photog


man every other morning in the shower I get mad at people who love RAW and think JPG shooters are idiots. What’s wrong with me?


performance logging in Windows 2003 Server is a fucking joke. Max 20M log files? Gimme a break #fail


if I were a #PRK soccer player I’d be planning my defection right now #worldcup


man if only #PRK had allowed Kim Jong-Il to come in he’d have won, 7-14! All hail the Dear Leader! #worldcup

tweets for 2010-06-19


wow slept late, the ENG-ALG game literally put me to sleep and then I just kept going


Preparing to eat a Biff Rydberg @ Bistro Sjöstaden

tweets for 2010-06-18


wow someone’s making a shooter based on Warhammer 40K’s Space Marines? Looks pretty good! http://is.gd/cTR1O


``Um, hello? We’re using VON NEUMANN MACHINES HERE.’’ - http://is.gd/cTWIl [oldie but goldie, via @varjag]


Expressen har BARA bröllopsrapportering på sin sajt, vad i helvete är det här #hata #fb


so that’s what happened! http://bit.ly/cpZhr3 (via @krisreng) #worldcup


wow, I did not expect #SRB to beat #GER! Shows how much I know about Balkan footie. Well done! #worldcup


our service desk got a 3-star certification from SDI! http://www.sdi-europe.com - Champagne all around, well done us!


Twitter-användaren @kunglhovstat har roliga tweets om det royalistiska spektakel vi tvingas leva med #swedding #fb


The Crap. I’m Trying to Give It.


Joe Barton apologises to Slovenia for USA equalising #worldcup


the usefulness of the world time dial on my new watch is lessened somewhat by it being covered by the minute hand for 10 minutes


tyvärr verkar det bli fint väder imorgon #republikan #fb


meh the ENG - ALG game isn’t really gripping me


hey yanks why are you so mad at the goal you didn’t get agains Slovenia? I thought you hated the #worldcup

tweets for 2010-06-17


``I’m not just a font. I am a force of motherfucking nature’’ - http://www.mcsweeneys.net/links/monologues/15comicsans.html


dude was offside, man #worldcup


0-2 #fra #mex not looking good for the French! #worldcup

tweets for 2010-06-16


2 chicks my sister’s age comparing engagement rings and iPhone apps #subway #fb

tweets for 2010-06-15


Juche vs. samba tonight when Brazil meets the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea #worldcup


guess some people are surprised Brazil is leading 2-nil after 12 minutes #worldcup


Brazil has stopped fucking around #worldcup

tweets for 2010-06-14


+1 RT @idathulin: Är för valfritt statsskick som gör att vi slipper Johan T Lindwall. [via @isobelsverkstad]


ghetto camera bag take 2: unpadded Freitag messenger bag with a folded padded envelope at the base #photog


the fact that Leica wants €154 for a USB cable really shows how out of whack their pricing is http://is.gd/cOV9b #photog


IN YOUR FACE, ITALY! #worldcup

tweets for 2010-06-13


the Aussies have just given up now

tweets for 2010-06-12


ah the twitters are alive with the sound of Limeys and Yanks duking it out #worldcup


LOL everytime I leave the TV couch there’s a goal. GO USA!!! #worldcup


yellow card for Jay Demerit. Ironic surname is ironic. #fb


match is heating up!


excellent cliffhanger in SG:U

tweets for 2010-06-11


dear lazyweb, what’s the best site for World Cup information (match times, results etc)?


I know more South African on- and offline than maybe any other country in the World Cup except UK and US


wow new Sigma DSRL… originally announced in 2008. Sigma should just give up and make lneses instead #photog


came home to a lovely meal made by my lovely wife! #fb


so far I can recommend the FIFA.com Chrome extension for following the #worldcup


FMR, I’m listening to jazz on SR P2 and enjoying it #gettingold

tweets for 2010-06-10


a lot of little niggles are kinda harshing my day


I’m seeing spam seep into my gmail inbox, it’s been a long time since that happened!


Reading The New York Review of Books is a great way to feel more intelligent

tweets for 2010-06-08


Lol the new iPhone videochat “feature” is wifi only? Guess the fanbois will say it’s good, AT&T couldn’t handle the load anyway


we’ve had video calling here in the EU since … 2003? And I’ve never seen anyone make one


for all the crap that video calling gets, at least it’s been a boon to deaf people who want to communicate!


I want to pimp my Nikon D200 with a new rubber grip. Anyone know if you can get other colours than black? #photog #nikon

tweets for 2010-06-07


Erik Lallerstedt himself tog emot och fixade vårt bord på Gondolen #jagmöttelassie #fb


stocked up on books at SF Bokhandeln in Gamla Stan


since when are PDFs sexy? #wwdc


video chat? well, maybe apple will make it work when EVERYONE ELSE has failed #wwdc


I don’t see any multitasking in iPhone 4, have I missed it by having a life?

tweets for 2010-06-04


the Swedish title of “A Streetcar Named Desire” - “Linje Lusta” - makes the play sound like a bad porn movie from the 70s


the iPhone has shown that enlightened despotism is the way to go in mobile; liberalism a la Symbian, WinMo, and Android just produces crap


wtf Myanmar is trying to get the bomb with the help of DPRK? Scary

tweets for 2010-06-03


Linje 13 mot Ropsten står still vid #Slussen, detta bådar inte gott #fb


stoppet beror på “sjukdomsfall” #fb


i really need to start getting better at writing descriptions of Delicious links


I can’t believe there’s no standard “sleep” command in Windows batch scripting


Wonder what the cats will make of the new apartment


… not that I really care what they think, to be honest


Minus for the new apartment, tram stop at Gullmarsplan is no longer sunny if you’re at the optimal waiting spot fot getting on

tweets for 2010-06-02


Hipster student is hip, but he’s not using a Moleskine, -2 HipPoints


vill bara hem och hjälpa till med uppackningen! Hämta katterna känns inte lika angeläget #fb

tweets for 2010-06-01


Trying the new flat’s balcony… the old terrace is much nicer :(


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