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tweets for 2021-01-25

The fact that a bunch of wingnuts are being sued by an outfit called “Dominion” is pretty funny

I had a pair of warm socks, now I can only find one. I must decide what foot I love the most, and let the other freeze

tweets for 2021-01-21

I know I can stop doom-scrolling my “US Politics” twitter list but frankly it’s hard to go cold turkey

BTC down 25% from peak. This is Biden’s America

tweets for 2021-01-15

random article about Swedish banking is posted on HN. “DID YOU KNOW MOST CRIMES IN SWEDEN ARE COMITTED BY IMMIGRANTS”

tweets for 2021-01-12

Turns out Gresham’s law applies to medals too

Too many people think free speech should be free as in beer, not as in speech

tweets for 2021-01-11

Turns out no-one wants to buy Nazi stuff on the marketplace of ideas without massive subsidies

tweets for 2021-01-10

<Thousands of violent insurrectionists attempt to storm the US Capitol>

HN: this is all overblown

<FAANGs ban apps used to plan attack>


tweets for 2021-01-09

Nationalize the means of meme production

tweets for 2021-01-07

In the Grim Future of $40K, there is only Bitcoin

is POTUS45 pseudo-conceding because he wants Pence to come around and pardon him, or because he wants his Twitter account unlocked?

tweets for 2021-01-06

I remember following the Turkey coup via Twitter, this feels familiar…

Trettondagskuppen i USA

In this troubled oil-rich country, supporters of the strongman who lost the election storm the parliament to reinstate him

“2021 can’t be worse then 2020, right?” 2021: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

”Upgraded” to iOS 14 and now I can’t set a bloody alarm?!

well guess it’s a night of doom-scrolling again … #coup2021

tweets for 2021-01-04

sorry (not sorry) bean dad got cancelled

GOP torn between destroying the Republic, or destroying the Republic to benefit Trump

I hope Trump pardons bean dad AND gives him the Presidential Medal of Freedom


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