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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2009-11-30


next elite tech gadger: netbook w/ built-in SIM-slot so you don’t have to have a dangling n00b dongle hanging off it


heh s/gadger/gadget/. But “gadger” feels like a portmanteau of gadget and codger


why the FUCK does Word want to modify the global template every time I close a doc? #microsoft #fail #dieinafire


while we’re on the subject, this crappy plastic HP keyboard sucks rotten donkey ball #crap #whine #monday


wow this install of Syncfusion is seriously harshing my mellow


rocking out to the 80s synths of Simple Mind’s “Glittering Prize”


Thought I recognised an old friend from uni on the subway but I was wrong #awkward


Man today started high and is ending low - hate winter


got back 5 rolls from processing, maybe 5 keepers, 2 catpix among them #IHateFilm #photog #fail


so ~30% of the Swiss are raging xenophobes, how come anyone’s surprised?

tweets for 2009-11-29


walking home was like a scene from “The Mist” #fog #dimma #fb


so I’m hacking on posting my tweets to Wordpress… this cannot end well

tweets for 2009-11-28


Same here! RT @gomobi: Me too :) RT @Rhythm23: Can’t entertain another brand of phone than Nokia - #Gravity is just too good to lose out on


wow emptied my Reader… so much of the content is generated by tryptophan-drugged yanks apparently


the terms “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” shows that we, as a species, are in deep shit

tweets for 2009-11-27


from now on I’ll refer to 10,000 SEK as “one macbook”


drinking the MS Kool-Aid and installing Visual Studio 2008 … which is taking fscking forever


EVERYONE GETS A DRUMSTICK WITH THE TURCTOPUS! http://wondermark.com/turctopus/


It’s been a long day, on the subway on my way home. Gravlax and “stuvad potatis” for dinner


leo has warned me from dozing on the subway, “they’ll steal your glasses off your face”


so apparently I’m gonna become intimately familiar with the innards of IIS


watching a quiz show on TV, Viking correctly identified the planet around which Phobos and Deimos orbit #littlegeek


how many people know that Abraham and Ibrahim were the same (mythical) person


I love how so many sites are using the vi shortcusts j and k for down and up (Jump and Klimb)


the cats are licking each other


this always ends with them fighting


sen när är “You’re the storm” arenarock?? #idol09 #fail #fb


OK, kom inte och säg att “Hey Jude” är arenarock, FOR THE LOVE THAT ALL THAT IS HOLY #idol09 #fb


ok Twitter ni har fått mig att hålla på Mariette #idol09


hur man vet att det är lördag, sonen tassar spontant iväg och lägger sig efter fredagsmyset #gulligt #fb


Thåström kör samma låt han sjungit dom senaste 4 åren, spoken word om hans tonårstid


samma läderkeps har han på sig med


väljer Tegan & Sara framför #idol09

tweets for 2009-11-26


Schlepping my tripod to work for some interiors


nice, my Nokia 3110 Classic just told me it was running low on power via Bluetooth #livinginthefuture


My Parents Were Awesome: http://myparentswereawesome.tumblr.com/


emacs on windows now running Consolas: (set-default-font “Consolas-12”)


I need to work hard to get out of my console comfort zone. Staring at a form designer, going “wut?”


tried hacking a C# app w/o RTFM, abject failure ensued when I added a class to some place that’s not allowed #hackfail


people who thought the global crisis was over have been rudely disappointed – and were pretty stupid #Dubai

tweets for 2009-11-25


damn I need a better keyboard, this mushy pos HP crap is wrecking my wrists


finally installed Emacs on the work lappy, instant productivity gain!


new pics up, they may be shit but it’s nice to publish something anyway #photog http://flickr.com/photos/gerikson/


man Spock pronounces “sensors” weirdly


also, time to outfit the Enterprise with seat belts

tweets for 2009-11-24


logging all my work IM convos to Outlook, pls don’t discuss anything illegal w/ me, kthx!


so far, 70% of the waves I’ve seen are variants of “so, what’s this good for, then?”


New jacket is warm but +7C is as low as is comfortable with just a shirt underneath #datagathering


nuked the styling off my blog, time to rethink from a blank slate I think! http://gustaf.symbiandiaries.com/weblog/


so that entire time travel thing in the last ep of SG:U just… is history now? man that’s abrupt

tweets for 2009-11-23


man, reading RFF at breakfast really destroys your faith in humanity http://rfftards.tumblr.com/ #dieinafire


Spotify for Symbian! http://www.spotify.com/en/mobile/symbian/


StefanK11: w00t! Vilken address har du?


oj missade den!


haha I love how MS Office Communicator is just Live Messenger with a heavy layer of SRS BZNS all over it


gonna take care of my new followeres tomorrow

tweets for 2009-11-22


Making full use of the loan of a car, IKEA, Shurgard, shopping tons at Willys #fb

tweets for 2009-11-20


Tough commute this morning


engadget redesign looks like a fucking trainwreck


Google Calendar is pretty good at creating events from emails, even if they’re not in English #googlelove


the wave “HTML” extension can be used to embed images from Flickr in Waves


here’s the URL to the Wave HTML gadget: http://wave-ide.appspot.com/html.xml


such a pity that the Slacktivist feed is full of Scientology ads in Reader…


Wonder what’s the story with the middle-aged couple opposite. Married, or coworkers in awkward silence?


one of the nicer things about the Internets is seeing your fav authors gratefully acknowlege Twitter followers


ugh, Gullmarsplan’s ground level smells of sewage


fredagsmys med “Vem vet mest”, Max-mat och Sort Guld #fb


new entry to the #photogeeks FAQ about protective filters: http://www.photogeeks.org/faq.html#Protective-filters #photog


battle of the medium format cameras: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gerikson/sets/72157622719053941/


true Swedish reporter name: My Rothwether Street


Going Rogue vs. Going Rouge: http://www.googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_GB&word1=going+rogue&word2=going+rouge #palin


I’m more sad than angry at #ACTA, but i can see this radicalizing an entire generation #netwars


http://clientsfromhell.tumblr.com/ (via @johanrydberg)


you know, I don’t care if #retweetfail is evil, it’s more convenient than cutting and pasting manually #lazy


between NotAlwaysRight and clientsfromhell, the new trend is stupid-generated-content

tweets for 2009-11-19


Twitter would have saved themselves a lot of trouble just making retweets working like they always have in the “folk” way.


OTOH, it’s a huge storm in a social-media teacup. Let’s try to do something constructive instead, hmmm? #retweetfail


wow, actually reading documentation makes your life much easier. Who knew?


wow, new season of The Venture Bros.! Why wasn’t I told???!!!

tweets for 2009-11-18


Damnit, domino bricks of missed connections is dooming me to late arrival at work #whine


Frederik Pohl, 90 this year, blogs http://www.thewaythefutureblogs.com/


I have totally f-ed up this VS project


damnit it’s only 5 to 4 …


the only thing more irritating than the emo characters in Grey’s Anatomy is the emo music #dieinafire

tweets for 2009-11-17


Man I hate November #commute


.@vero @RussB “Mario revival”? Isn’t every Nintendo launch heralded by the Mighty Plumber?


I still remember the original Donkey Kong game… #old


thank you, Outlook, for crashing when I try to open a calendar entry


What’s lamer than a non-activated Windows 2008 w/o network connection? Not much!


jeebus bitlbee’s user interface is like something from a bad trip


.@xboxflickan excel + HTML == åkallar onda makter. Keep your shotgun ready! #evil


gonna download Shatnerquake for free at home, not at work (I think Rapidshare sticks out in the logs) http://is.gd/4X9YG


pretty funny ep of The Big Bang Theory!

tweets for 2009-11-16


Lunch at the local greasy spoon (“Syltan”)


I keep nodding off during this training session, dunno how I managed to get through uni


Sardine can on #greenline #stockholm


Cthulhu’s crontab: 13 13 * * * ./if-stars-right.sh && ./raise-Rlyeh.pl

tweets for 2009-11-15


Off to #Fotomässan. Horrible weather


woman a few years my junior reading Twilight… sad to see


katie melua covering The cure - the horror!


zoom lens from 1911: Dallmeyer Grandac 635-1016mm f/10-16 http://bit.ly/4yZmhL


end of the world in 2012? don’t bet on it http://bit.ly/1oX2yf


amazing takedown of Ayn Rand http://bit.ly/Qirj


man managing photos under Linux is painful. Picasa runs, but can’t read my memcard, and there’s no Uploadr for Flickr

tweets for 2009-11-14


Twitter in XBox 360, maybe the apocalypse isn’t so far away after all #endtimes


haven’t looked but I suspect there’s a TON of Twilight slash fiction out there

tweets for 2009-11-13


Sadly Mail for Exchange doesn’t work on my old 6630 and it’s too large to lug around w/o it, so I’m going back to the 3310 Classic


now I’m stuck in the tunnel between Danderyds Sjukhus and Mörby Centrum #redlinehate


Got a split of Veuve Clicquot for #friday13 but my wife is feeling poorly so we’ll save it for later


Fredag 13 är champagnedag! En halva Gula Änkan inhandlad i Mörby #fb


.@Ewan “Ubunut”? Sounds like some weird health food, or maybe an exotic car art


dadaist pr0n: “King Ubu’s Nuts”


water on the moon! whatever next…


Google Reader needs a “catch up to here” button


idly considered the Tokina 16-50/2.8 DX zoom until I saw the price


there’s an irritating whine in this TV rip of Foyle’s War. Fucking pirates

tweets for 2009-11-12


Got an idea of a shoot of the on-site coffee machine


hmm wonder if I’m on the wrong train #redline #stockholm


yup I am. Ropsten ftl


so far not a fan of #redline, Mörby train grossly late


Contact center workforce management is cyber-Taylorism


lesson learned: don’t comment on facebook posts that you can’t see all of in your phone :P #fb


what’s the inspiration for the #Wave scrollbars? They really look like fugitives from an 80’s X windows app


Stocking up on flu food for poor Hanna #fb


man I hate sysadminning

tweets for 2009-11-11


So Google has its own programming language now? Dunno if it’s brilliant or they’ve jumped the shark


Armistice day, end of the first act of the short bloody 20th century


tons of XP updates… it’s the zombie OS that just won’t die


just dug my old Nokia 6630 out of storage to use as a work phone instead of the horrible 3110 Classic I have now


Gmail finally working in Chrome, looks like the latest Ubuntu update fixed it

tweets for 2009-11-10


this particular commute combo is a relative win, only drawback is the old-school carriages, uncomfortable


“plutonium” is indeed aptly named


Seeing our application from a user’s perspective gives me a new respect for both our customers and our salespeople


Coffee and chocolates are not doing their keep-me-awake thing…


man the Ricoh GXR has an awkward name


Ricoh GXR is crazy expensive, $550 body, $440 zoom + tinysensor, and the 50mm is a whopping $830 #photog

tweets for 2009-11-09


Testing Twitter from a Nokia S40 phone


the only thing putting me off getting a Mac is I’m afraid I’ll turn into the sort of Apple zeolot I now despise


omg mac owners, it’s like you’re POD PEOPLE!!!!


or maybe the iBorg


what’s with the funky sliders on Google Wave


I met $job’s new sales director today, he was CEO of a co that was purchased by a US co… much hating of #SOX


Ricoh GXR looks like a winner! Hopefully it’ll be at the #photog fair this weekend in #stockholm

tweets for 2009-11-08


still can’t login to gmail from Google Chrome on Ubuntu. It would be ironic if it wasn’t so irritating


Whoops left #Gravity on all night… now low on battery and with a horrific b/w bill


reading about the Battle of Culloden on Wikipedia

tweets for 2009-11-07


wtf can’t login to google?


Chrome kept signing me out of gmail, using FF as a backup


Nikon Pronea sounds like a disease… #photog #fail


this is weird, I can’t sign in to Gmail using Chrome. All other Google services work fine. FF works too


gmail error message http://bit.ly/gdgy2


Just nominated Gravity for Best Mobile Based Twitter App http://mashable.com/owa #openwebawards

tweets for 2009-11-06


my bonus money is burning a hole in my pocket, wife needs help talking me out of getting a macbook


so far only one person, @varjag, has offered a reason for my wife for me not to buy a macbook. She liked it!

tweets for 2009-11-05


would be nice if you could set your Nokia’s profile settings via PC Suite


fssss “what’s wrong with this then?” step step step look BANG!! “arghh my eyes, my hands AAAARAARGGHH!!!!” #fireworks


These black chinos have a slightly velvet texture which attracts dirt like whoah #sartorial #fail


``Standard time in the Netherlands was exactly 19 minutes and 32.13 seconds ahead of UTC by law from 1909-05-01 through 1937-06-30.


hi there lazytwitter! is there a simple way to see if any of your contact’s updates are protected?

tweets for 2009-11-04


why are there so many AF 24/2.8 Nikkors for sale and so few AF 28/2.8s?


sleet. “Nice”. #weather #stockholm


ACTA leaked, as bad as everyone suspected http://techdirt.com/articles/20091103/1308526784.shtml


Waiting for Love Olzon and Elin Sigvardsson at Debaser Slussen


oh yeah and @tiwilliam too!


I can’t really stand male singer-songwriters


glad I didn’t check my coat, club is fucking freezin


Elin rocked Debaser, so glad I finally got to see her!

tweets for 2009-11-03


haha M$ Office Communicator is almost comically unlike it’s freaky hippie bro Windows Live Messenger #corporatestyling


I need to take a pic of my new desk for the “my desk” group in Flickr…


glanced through the Phone House catalogue, total cost of ownership of a decent smartphone is like… 2 lenses!


yay, “Giant Lizards from Another Star” by @amendlocke arrived today! #sf


contains “The Human Front” and that elusive essay about the Fall Revolution

tweets for 2009-11-02


New subway line for #newjob, full of young people all getting off at #KTH and #Universitetet #stockholm


part of #Stockholm is called Inverness, what’s up with that?


I miss my old chair and my old keyboard :(


it’s been a long first day, time to logoff and head home


man I don’t recognise any stations on the red line #lostinstockholm


another task when changing jobs, optimising subway platform placement


hehe reading about the Elric Saga on Wikipedia led me to Sluggy Freelance… been a long time since I followed that strip

tweets for 2009-11-01


I survived the great non-Halloween party of 2009!


despite the redneck name, Jeb Bush was apparently the smart Bush son


pondering going to Berlin in Dec to hang with @jedrek and @tkjaer


latest SGU episode kinda sucked


if #googlewave wasn’t so damn flakey it would be awesome for this trip planning I’m gonna do


Dinner is ciabatta bread, hummus, and the marinated chicken from yesterday, washed down with a Hof. Yummy!


AIK wins the Swedish league! Leo is one very happy dude right now


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