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tweets for 2013-07-29

So we get a new time reporting software, but IE10 isn’t supported?! WTF

I wonder how long it will take me to remap the “Reply to all” KB macro in Office 2010…

You’d think that after the IE4 intranet fiasco purveyors of corp sites would learn to future-proof their crap but nooooo! #work

When did Java move from being the second coming of COBOL to the second coming of Macromedia Flash?!

Not really sure how I will fit this 45G DB backup into our scratch DB machine at #work

tweets for 2013-07-23

Finished Neptune’s Brood by @cstross. Pretty awesome.

tweets for 2013-07-22

Full moon tonight. Be careful.

VPN proxy providers should start their marketing to the UK now.

Nothing awakes the Internets more than a threat of the pr0n being taken away

tweets for 2013-07-18

Adobe Acrobat update requires system restart? Fuck that, installing Foxit instead.

Skype falls to the Microsoft Empire, not with a Bing but a whimper.

lesson learned: tweet 3 trademarks, get spam

The state of Wyoming has 2 escalators, one for each senator.

tweets for 2013-07-16

Great now my 11 yr old son is giving me LR5 tech support… he’s never seen the app before…

tweets for 2013-07-15

At #work, waiting for new (smaller) hard drive :p

Apparently we’re out of Windows licenses?!

tweets for 2013-07-14

re-reading “The Algebraist” by Iain M Banks, been a long while!

tweets for 2013-07-09

Work lappy hard drive crash will give me the opportunity to test my backup procedures #yay #fb


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