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tweets for 2020-01-27

A-size paper - easy as phi

Theories on why we have been cursed by the #coronavirus: dipping testicles in soy, making mummies talk

tweets for 2020-01-15

Some customer uses BlueJeans as a meeting app, it’s fine I guess, but you can’t really abbreviate it to “BJ meeting”

tweets for 2020-01-14

Python 2 dead-enders are my new favorite internet subculture (not really, they’re kinda boring)

tweets for 2020-01-13

I’m on a World War 2 history book jag - showing my age, I guess

tweets for 2020-01-09

This Elon + Grimes spawn is triggering all sorts of Dune- and “Second Coming” associations

Never meet your heroes, or follow them on Twitter

I remember an ad for CES in a mid-90s Wired: “Come to CES and see the sites”.

From blogspam promoting how to speed up your front-end: “Explore options to avoid rehydration, use progressive hydration and streaming server-side rendering for your SPA.” - web dev or health center?!

waiting for the inevitable Qanon/SovCit/3percenter nightmare mudball to appear from the depths of the net and slouch roughly towards Jerusalem to be born

Use regex? You now have 2 problems. Use SQL? now you have FULL CARTESIAN JOIN problems.

tweets for 2020-01-08

$TSLA approaching $500. Elon is the Kwisatz Haderach

tweets for 2020-01-07

Eftersom jag nyligen skaffat implantat var tandläkartekniken i Solsidan-filmen det mest intressanta. Det och “gradingen” - den urblekta färgskalan. Annars har Flanderizationen av serien nått vägs ände(?)

tweets for 2020-01-03

The problem with the American Empire isn’t that it’s an Empire, it’s that it’s so bad at being an Empire

Maybe the nuclear winter will help with the global warming

tweets for 2020-01-02

Maybe stop reading HN would be a good NYR


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