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tweets for 2020-04-27

What’s worse: murder or spoiling a popular show? Views differ!

tweets for 2020-04-24

I’ve always been expecting the current “golden age” of relative freedom from disease to end in my lifetime. I thought it would widespread antibacterial resistance that ended it, though.

Not so much talk about the “end of history” now that a predicted global pandemic has lowered global GDP growth by 1%

tweets for 2020-04-23

April is the cruellest month, breeding Motivational tweets out of the quaranteened land

Trodde av någon anledning att ordet oktroj (som i “bankoktroj”) var från ryskan. Wikipedia säger att det är från franska “octroi”.

tweets for 2020-04-15

Jag köpte mina lajks för pengar / För mig fanns ej annat att få

tweets for 2020-04-09

1960s Sweden: free sex! 2020s Sweden: free movement in public places!

tweets for 2020-04-02

If April Fools jokes become a victim of #covid-19, I’m cool with that

tweets for 2020-04-01

April is the cruelest month / Pushing corona out of the dead earth


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