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tweets for 2014-06-28

I thought I’d lost a year’s edits in Lightroom after messing with BTsync but it turns out Lightroom’s backups were OK!

tweets for 2014-06-25

Looks like Flickr removed the stupid sidebar for comments etc and moved back to the previous view. Bravo!

tweets for 2014-06-23

Sure picked the wrong morning to commute without coffee first.

Today’s most intriguing photo caption ``Firefighters consider how to free the student from the vagina sculpture.’’

tweets for 2014-06-18

Someone set Notepad on this customer server to use 9pt Arial. Who does these things?! #work

tweets for 2014-06-16

More believable “Dune”: Paul Artriedes becomes prescient, spends rest of life becoming filthy rich from trading CHOAM spice futures

tweets for 2014-06-11

Feedly seems to be down… doing wonders for my productivity.

tweets for 2014-06-09

Email CCs are like roach motels: once you’re added, you can never get rid of the damn emails #work

Sentence NOT in latest Google+ app update: “made product less annoying”

tweets for 2014-06-04

OMFG new web twitter is an affront to all that is right and holy

tweets for 2014-06-03

Hello Twitter my old friend

tweets for 2014-06-02

On board the plane back to STO from Paris after checking in with 1 minute to spare.


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