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tweets for 2015-10-28

Currently enjoying a CD I’ve had since 1991: “Girls Girls Girls” by @ElvisCostello

tweets for 2015-10-27

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and small furry creatures are from Alpha Centauri

Meat is Cancer

#Bitcoin reaches $300! Third time’s the charm this fall!

Mention #bitcoin on twitter, get spam replies touting penny stocks. The audience, it is known.

tweets for 2015-10-26

Dagens soundtrack: “Favoriter i dur och moll” med Lars Demian. Det var längesen! (ping @sresjo) #fb

Sista tweeten via @nollgradig!

I’ve always had a seat-of-the-pants intutition that eating processed meats increases risk of colon cancer.

you can pry my bacon from my cold, cancer-ridden colon

tweets for 2015-10-23

“Frank Expression of Materiality” is the name of my new band, or my new Culture warship.

tweets for 2015-10-22

CAPS LOCK är djävulens påfund. Jag mappar knappen till Control som Gud menade #fb

tweets for 2015-10-21

That last retweet via @varjag

Friday 20 Jan 2015 - it will be known to history as Trumpment Day

tweets for 2015-10-20

After the Leica models M, T, Q, S and now SL, time to go full German with the Leica Üß

The Force Hits Snooze, Grabs Another 5 Minutes

tweets for 2015-10-17

The Data-Driven Life.

tweets for 2015-10-13

Yesterday I had flow at #work. Today it’s more… turgid.

tweets for 2015-10-12

If you have to google more than 2 minutes to research your “witty” tweet, better not send it

tweets for 2015-10-09

Disappointed to find out that the Tarillup Bridge doens’t actually exist #thetriffids

tweets for 2015-10-08

Future travel pitch: “Go somewhere where you don’t have coverage! Live life like in the 2005s!”

Favourite IE error message: the page ’about:blank' is blocked for security reasons

För många år sedan bar jag Karin Boyes samlade dikter i benfickan när jag gjorde lumpen. Nu kan man följa @karinboye på Twitter #fb

Nobelpristagare Svetlana Aleksijevitj född i Ukrainska SSR, vitrysk far, ukrainsk mor, utbildad i Minsk. Min ryska kollega: “hon är ryska!”

Hmm, is this thing on?

Nobel Laureates I have read: Márquez, Milosz, Churchill, Lagerlöf, Kipling

tweets for 2015-10-06

For those about to install v1.0 - we salute you!

tweets for 2015-10-05

“Can ancient disasters serve as cautionary tales?” - misread as Ancient Mariners, answer: hell yes!

“Sure, it’s tempting to shoot an albatross, but DON’T DO IT OK?!”

“Take it from me, in pages and pages of verse”

(and awesome Doré illustrations)

Listening to Melissa Auf Der Maur’s self-titled album from anno dazumal, not too bad. Dunno why it was unchecked in my iTunes

St. Dawkins of the Unholy Fedora

El Capitan tiempo.

Helvetet är andra människor - specifikt deltagarna i Paradise Hotel #lanausée


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