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A waste of space and alcohol

tweets for 2010-01-31


Sunday lunchtime McDonalds hell in #Sickla


Midwinter getting me down, gonna re-read Patrick O’Brian again to cheer myself up


live and die by ISO 8601


everyone’s gabbing about the lack of Flash on the #iPad, what about the lack of multitasking?


think you don’t need multitasking? How else are you going to chat + surf at the same time? #ipad


I should be more specific: if I would want an iPad, I would want multitasking. I realise I’m not Joe 6pack


varför är det bara kvinnor som lagar mat och tvättar i TV-reklamen? #könsroller #fb


watching “The Kingdom” on TV3


despairing of teaching Leo the rudiments of linear equations y=k*x+m. Kids these days

tweets for 2010-01-30


“Google Wave was built to show younger people how older people feel when they try to use the Internet”


what’s cooking? Sjömansbiff, that’s what! http://is.gd/7mfqj (zomg horrid photo) #fb


whatever you think of the iPad history has taught us that you bet against Steve Jobs at your peril


Flash ``is now measurably in decline’’? News to me as an end-user http://is.gd/7mrty #ipad #defence


regarding iPad somehow replacing Flash, remember IE6 is still around #stickyuglytech


Age of consent in the Vatican is 12 years http://www.avert.org/age-of-consent.htm?12


Häxan Surtant FTW #fb


TV3s lördagssatsning är tråkigare än det man kan se på vardagseftermiddagarna #tv #fb


Confessions of a Book Pirate http://is.gd/7n1Gv

tweets for 2010-01-29


stupid banking interface keeps timing out #bills


läser att Wallenberg vill ha en “balanserad debatt” om banker, spelar Billy Braggs “The Internationale” #fb


Jakob Wallenberg: “det är mediernas fel att folk ogillar banker, inte bonuserna” ORLY? #fb


picked up Viking from school where he had “laid a pizza” to use a Swedish phrase #sick #fb


where the FSCK do BoingBoing put their damn permalinks??


the only people calling our landline are telemarketers or “poll takers”


MORE snow? You gotta be kidding me


my poor kid can’t keep anything down :( #sick


stupid cat, stop rubbing your arse against my face


everyone else is “woo #ME2!”, I’m all “woo finally #MW2” #xbox

tweets for 2010-01-28


adding cheese to my buttered toast and some tea w/ honey #sick


while the reaction after the iPhone was all ZOMG JESUSPHONE the reactions to the iPad are all snark http://is.gd/7ee9B


How unique and trackable is your web browser? http://panopticlick.eff.org


still feeling like crap, think I have the dreaded #vinterkräksjukan (calicivirus) so will be staying home tomorrow too #sick

tweets for 2010-01-27


trying to eat a piece of toast… hope it stays down… #sick


underwhelmed by the iPad

tweets for 2010-01-26


I’m starting to think that this Microsoft Dynamics CRM we’re using is the root of all evil


uh why is FreeBSD ports compiling a mozilla plugin on my server


Hmm verkar som om jag kan twitter på svenska från irssi/tircd numera, skickar Latin1 ist för UTF8

tweets for 2010-01-25


Landed at Arlanda


Sennheiser noise-cancelling headphones saved my sanity on the flight back


gotta hate having to restart your entire computer just because your browser is patched #IE8


yes, just 45m of sleep and no shower has left me cranky, why do you ask #diaf


The Swedish Academy’s perpetual secretary blogs: http://akademiblogg.wordpress.com/ (in Swedish, of course)


gotta love these Disney-themed DDT wallpapers http://is.gd/6ZWQN

tweets for 2010-01-22


in a sweltering meeting room in Dubai, solving support issues remotely


Dubai is like the city in Crackdown writ large and IRL. Bizarre


Dubai is a city that needs the William Gibson treatment… hi-tech buildings, medieval legal system, LOTS OF MONEY

tweets for 2010-01-21


Schlepping a roller over snow and ice ain’t fun


hmm the reviews of our hotel are all over the map… no wifi apparently (which isn’t a dealbreaker)


grabbing some food before heading off


På bussen till Arlanda #dubai2010 #fb


crap, Boeing 737 :(


not looking forward to 6 hours in this tin can, but what can you do

tweets for 2010-01-20


stoked to see David Simon is behind both The Wire and Generation Kill #stuffWhitePeopleLike


the fact the Richter scale is logarithmic is hard for laymen to fathom. What are linear alternatives?


Burj Khalifa is GO! Sunday <15:30,> not sunset but it’s pretty popular

tweets for 2010-01-19


60 people from work want to go up Burj Khalifa… hope we can get a group ticket


nice timing, got a clip from Wired about #HAARP from @gunderhaegg just as nuts are saying it quaked Haiti


getting dangerously addicted to the Klondike game on my ipod classic


the new redesigned logos for Office 2010 applications make me want to puke http://is.gd/6AGNM


Etology #wordsyoudontheareveryday


epic flight tragically ends on first leg http://is.gd/6B1wX


Lindy hop is the Swedish hipster dance par preference


jobbar du ideellt i en kommun? Se till att inte köra VPN http://bit.ly/6tEaCO #polisstat (via @isobelsverkstad) #fb

tweets for 2010-01-18


nice, coworker will be fixing tickets for a visit to the Burj Khalifa. 100 AED sounds a bit pricey, hope it’s worth it


4 months spent immortalising a truly n00b view in Tetris http://is.gd/6vQRv


this “explanation” of the made-up holiday of “Agnostica” is eye-wateringly bad http://www.agnostica.com/


feeling sorry for yourself? Why don’t you listen to “Johnny 99” and consider yourself thankful


learned about the interpunct today http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interpunct


Killen mittemot ser ut som alla KTH-studenter sen cirka 1985 #fb


Wow really smooth change to green line at #slussen


snow?! The fuck?!


sigh having to weed out my Facebook page… and I’m not talking Farmville, just social gardening


it’s not made easier by FB being flakey right now

tweets for 2010-01-17


pretty sure the global stock market is in the throes of low-interest fuelled bubble. What will pop it?


I’m half-convinced it will be a massive earthquake in California, or Japan

tweets for 2010-01-16


Lax och rotfrukter i ugnen #fb


OD:ing on The Oatmeal http://theoatmeal.com/comics


watching Blade 2, on the list of best SF films of the last decade by @scalzi


speaking of vampires I should re-read Lucius Shepard’s “The Golden”

tweets for 2010-01-15


.@gunderhaegg thanks for the Wired article on Robert Gates! Check out the “War is Boring” blog for another view


hmm looks like i can’t connect to Twitter via API from my server, the API limit is reached


author of “Stuff White People Like” himself whiter than sour cream: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuff_White_People_Like


Windows, IE, and Acrobat Reader form a dripping triptych of #fail, like a 3rd Francis Bacon painting


that should be “3rd rate” Bacon painting, and yes, I have been reading NY Review, why do you ask?


FMR, installing subversion from ports pulls in half the tree…


tircd still doesn’t look like it’s working, I’m getting a 400 error from twitter but can’t see how I’m exceeding the rate limit


red wine + cheeze doodles == win


the amount of internet butthurtz over the new Nikkor 70-200/2.8 is pretty amazing. Be smart, buy used


playing around with http://fffflckr.com/, awesome webapp from @jedrek

tweets for 2010-01-14


I have no idea why it takes almost 10 minutes for my winXP box to come up to speed after I login, but I’m not very happy about it


“Svenska hjälparbetare möts av kaos i Haiti” - känns rätt självklart, varför skulle dom annars dit? #dummarubriker #fb


reading “Stuff White People Like” is akin to watching The Office. Cringe comedy. Also, I’m betting white people love The Office


tagging stuff with “bokeh” in Flickr will get you laid. Known fact #photog


Had excellent commute flow until I made the mistake of not hustling to catch the tram, now waiting for the next one


actually my mistake was standing in the aisle in the subway instead of near the exit, small things that can cost valuable seconds


cd /usr/src; make installworld && make installkernel

tweets for 2010-01-13


hmm #tircd is reporting twitter api limit reached. That’s never happened before…


interesting to read about the #OiNK trial, music industry seems to want to keep a low profile http://is.gd/6bi9j


pondering getting a bunch of disposable contacts for when I want to do some serious shooting, as per @jedrek’s suggestion #photog


using Twitter’s web interface while @tircd is fubared, pretty slick nowadays!


Dear lazyweb, I want a solution where a box full of media is in a closet and you can watch said media on a TV. Wiring no problem. Ideas?


so Pat Robertson thinks the Haitians should have been happy slaves under the French and there would have been no earthquake… what a douche

tweets for 2010-01-12


The The’s “Infected” is a fitting soundtrack to this morning’s commute


Weird to see people using their superexpensive winter jackets not as ridiculous fashion statements but as instruments of survival.


these black Dockers chinos I have are pretty damn worthless. Will not buy again


I started VS2008 twice by accident. Now I have 2 huge unresponsive windows


sky is like the world’s biggest flash diffusor… literally #photog #badmetaphors


seriously I have no idea of how to expose, it’s like being inside a giant tupperware container


back on the mean streets of Baltimore with “The Wire”


I now understand why people warned my from getting hooked on The Wire

tweets for 2010-01-11


2 new updates from @dantestellacom, late xmas presents! #photog


ser fram emot att kunna byta till röd linje vid Gamla Stan när det blir varmare #snartblirdetvår #sl #fb


found a weird bug in our app, wish I could say this is an uncommon occurence


today’s dose of PHP bashing http://www.steike.com/code/php-must-die/ (HT @codinghorror)


managed to drain my D200 battery to the point it won’t even show the number of remaining shots #worrying #photog


I’m facing the uncomfortable fact that the problem lies in Crystal Reports, otherwise know as Cthulhu’s reporting framework


still getting a little kick out of using a headset… how weird am I?


finally subscribed to http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/


I need some hot-weather shoes….


on a blogging tear this evening http://is.gd/65lPo http://is.gd/65lNv


sigh looks like the entries-cache part of my blosxom is acting up again… I hate that

tweets for 2010-01-09


NYRB illustrator David Levine has died, that’s sad


damnit, every link to the nybooks.com website causes Google Reader to freeze


correction, it freezes Google Chrome


yay Independence Day on TV tonight


Dominique Nabokov on Robert Frank’s Americans http://is.gd/5Y45H

tweets for 2010-01-08


wow our internal license file handling is woeful


Windows Undead Search window won’t respond to any input…


I feel crap, runny nose, upset stomach, headaches


great post about 365 projects http://is.gd/5UsBn #photog


re-reading “Love and War in the Appenines” – Eric Newby at his best


protip: cameras are cameras, not computers. Treating them like computers will not help your photography

tweets for 2010-01-07


Vafan står mitt tåg helt still på Gullmarsplan för? #sl #fail


håller helt med klagomålen mot #SL Access-terminalerna, dom är helt värdelösa #touchscreen #fail #fb


back in the office, forgot the code for entrance, no wired network, outlook slow as a dog #snafu

tweets for 2010-01-06


-16C this morning. Thankfully I haven’t thrown out my ancient fugly Clarks winter boots


I wonder if I’ve read this Stross story already http://www.tor.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=story&id=58511


starting my 7th year of blogging: http://gustaf.symbiandiaries.com/weblog/index.html#archives


mmm Max hamburgers


damnit, work tomorrow

tweets for 2010-01-05


Checked out, waiting for the bus


Leo’s whining on us to buy him cigs have really harshed the mellow of our last day


Safely arrived at Arlanda


Home after some waffling over the keys. Cats are a bit standoffish


a quick look at my shots from Egypt show an abysmal keeper rate


Burj Dubai is finished! Definitely gonna visit it when I get there

tweets for 2010-01-04


Last night here in Makadi I want to start packing but we have a shared bag and my wife is better at it anyway #antsy


Also dreading the queues tomorrow at Hurghada airport, thanks underwear bomber

tweets for 2010-01-02


Yet another sunny day in Makadi Bay. Only 3 whole days left :( Tomorrow: quick trip to Cairo


Saw two dolphins while snorkeling by the hotel this morning, pretty awesome


Waiting for the bus to Cairo (<01:15> local time)


Lobby is hopping with people checking out, poor sods #fuckingearly


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