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tweets for 2018-03-27

1933: “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer”. 2018: “For the Lulz”

The end goal of Communism is to eliminate material wants for all, thus leaving mankind plenty of free time to realize true happiness is unattainable

So Norway is sooo proud of getting 90% of its electricity from hydro. That’s easy if your water is heavier!

Complex passwords and online TV boxen do not mix well

tweets for 2018-03-26

Unhappy DST Day, Europe!

tweets for 2018-03-20

March Equinox Best Equinox

The victim wore a jacket that was invisible to the car’s sensor. It was a present from his wife. #twittersf

you can’t make a dystopian future without cracking a few heads #uberkills

tweets for 2018-03-19

Spotify today, “Discover Weekly” playlist contains OMD - head.explode();

tweets for 2018-03-16

Real cryptographers are annoyed that the term “crypto” now refers to “cryptocurrencies”. I’ll do my part and refer to them as “craptocurrencies” from now on

“My mind is going… I can feel it… TGIF!!!”

Child of the Beast from the East: The Re-Snowening

tweets for 2018-03-15

I’m old enough to confuse Amy Wax with Ruby Wax

tweets for 2018-03-14

RIP Stephen Hawking. I think I’ll spend a NYT read on his obituary.

Re: Stephen Hawking, having “radiation” after your name is pretty cool, way cooler than “syndrome”, “disease” or even an area of the brain.

tweets for 2018-03-13

Get ready for the next evolution of root vegetables: Beets by Dr. Dre

Good morning Stockholm. Welcome to a dreary day perfect for social realistic dramas and drug abuse

Every time the aggregated “value” of cryptocurrencies sinks enough, Tether appears on the list of the 15 largest like a turd poking up through melting snow

tweets for 2018-03-12

Who has “Kim Jong Un agrees to hold May Day parade in Washington DC” as result of #NORKtalks?

tweets for 2018-03-09

Swedish photographer: bokeh bokeh bokeh

tweets for 2018-03-01

I’m seeing a lot of tweets from the UK about the entire country being paralyzed. I didn’t realize Brexit was already in effect ;)

I saw Michael Mann’s “Blackhat” yesterday and it’s basically “REAMDE - The Movie”

Today I am reminded of an insight I first had on a cold overcast November day outside Kungshuset in Lund: it was a mistake to migrate North of the Alps

Keynes: in the long run, we are all dead. Trump: hold my beer.


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