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tweets for 2012-09-27

Testing that new monospace font from Adobe. So far, nice change from Consolas but dunno if inherently superior #typography

Yesterday was flow at #work. Today is more like clogged sink… stuff moves, but sluggishly and under protest.

Alltså, DNs stort uppslagan artikel om “Google ser dig” handlar om Google Analytics?!

Was preparing to head out when urgent case from $important_customer comes in. I’m on call so… #work #fml

tweets for 2012-09-26

Choosing server OS for a space VM I have access to - Ubuntu server for ease of maintenance, or OpenBSD for my inner neckbeard? #fb

wtf is a kipper, anyway

tweets for 2012-09-25

Listening to Hilary Mantel’s “Wolf Hall” - it’s fantastic!

You know it’s your b/day when your Wall is full of congratulations! I’ll get around to thanking you all later :D

Weirdly, “ASAP” doesn’t mean “as soon as possible” but RIGHT NOW #work

The Flow is strong at #work today, down to 13 open cases.

tweets for 2012-09-24

Surprised by lack of Romney gaffes in my stream until I saw all tweets were about the Emmys.

tweets for 2012-09-22

I do believe I overdid the Romney schadenfreude last night and now I’m feeling slightly ill. Or maybe it’s the beer.

tweets for 2012-09-21

Oracle marketing w/ Java updates: “Java is everywhere!”. So are cockroaches.

Det var roligt att diskutera smutsiga bomber och Mitt Romney på #subrosa imorse! #fb

Following that #iOS6 #mapsfail #Tumblr was a mistake - SO MANY UPDATES

17 open cases, 5 are set to be closed unless customer says otherwise. Productive end to the week! #work

Why is Chrome being such a losing browser tonight?

Sometimes I fire up the web in Explorer and sees the horrid reality my adblocker sheilds me from #thehorror

tweets for 2012-09-20

Svenska twitter-vänner som installerat iOS 6 - buh eller bä? #fb

Three things a car should have: aux-in for audio, USB for connect/power, and Bluetooth. Minimal lock-in (via @jimh) #fb

Buying an album on iTunes, get a suggetion to join Ping… uh, no thanks? #apple #fail

Looks like there’s no compelling reason to upgrade to iOS 6 at this time, for me at least!

Oh nej, som om det inte räckte med mörkt och kallt så börjar hockeysäsongen snart #hatavinter #fb

tweets for 2012-09-19

Our motto: multiple single points of failure! #work

tweets for 2012-09-18

Not sure how Elin Ruth Sigvardsson’s “A Fiction” became the soundtrack for this week #music

I don’t really understand why #Romney is mad at those that don’t pay taxes, he doesn’t pay any himself after all.

Fuck nano-SIMs, bring on the yocto-SIMs.

Is it too much to hope for a new Romney gaffe to enjoy tomorrow at breakfast?

Helping my wife with computer stuff stresses me out. She has NO patience with fools or software.

tweets for 2012-09-17

2 days without cream topping from the coffee machine and no-one thinks of giving the container a little shake… #engineers #work

When in doubt, crop square. #photog

X-factor Sverige: “man drömmer om ett skivkontrakt. Det är därför alla är här.” Känns inte som 2012 direkt.

tweets for 2012-09-14

At a real live customer for once.

tweets for 2012-09-11

How do I tell my new #delicious follower to got to @pinboard instead?

tweets for 2012-09-10

It’s Monday, still recovering from the awesome party on Saturday. Thanks Henrik and Karin!

Minecraft, the opium of the little people.

tweets for 2012-09-08

Haven’t been this dressed up since Jan. Emergency suit purchased for sis’ wedding getting its 2nd outing. #suitup

tweets for 2012-09-07

Exploring the idea the #Perl makes you mad… @Ia $Ia %Shub &Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a thousand subroutines

tweets for 2012-09-06

$999 for the new Fuji X-E1 (body only)? Pity it’s positioned as a luxury item.

OK busywork done, time to actually make some progress #work

tweets for 2012-09-04

Snagged a Mars bar to keep my blood sugar up during the coming Webex #work

tweets for 2012-09-01

Kid’s cousin comes over, says hi, disappears into kid’s room to read comics.


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