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tweets for 2014-07-31

Las Vegas casinos: where 90s pop-rock standards go to die.

Despite stern warnings from @jmusarra we’ve stopped in Kingman AZ for something other than gas.

tweets for 2014-07-29

NYC is a delightful place to visit as long as you have money.

Touched down in Vegas.

tweets for 2014-07-26

Arrived NY / JFK. Took a walk along South Conduit Ave to a 7-11. The authentic US experience.

tweets for 2014-07-17

Regexps in chat are the Masonic handshakes of our time

tweets for 2014-07-16

Places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit: Kashmir and the World Trade Center top-floor restaurant - both very early 1980s

In general I visited a lot of places as a kid - didn’t always appreciate it though.

tweets for 2014-07-15

The Internet is fractally nerdy - no matter how nerdy a group is, there’s a subgroup that’s nerdier

tweets for 2014-07-14

Our buses are flagged in honor of the Crown Princess’ birthday. Pretending they’re Tricolores instead. Vive la République!

tweets for 2014-07-09

TIL the Rodrigues solitaire “ is the only extinct bird with a former star constellation named after it, Turdus Solitarius.” #thankswikipedia

tweets for 2014-07-07

Amazon are experienced with dealing with addictions, the first Patrick O’Brian Kindle editions are much cheaper than the later ones

new Laundry novel “The Rhesus Chart” by @ctross is his scariest yet

To promote guerilla marketing, #Bitcoin will henceforth be known as “Biet Coing”

McLuhan 2014: “in the futue, everyone will have a stupid meme succesfully funded on Kickstarter”

tweets for 2014-07-06

I enjoyed driving a rented BMW this weekend; unfortunately most Beemer drivers seem to assholes :(

tweets for 2014-07-03

Time to bring back DIN: ISO 800,1600,3200,6400,12800,25600,51200,102400 -> 30°,33°,36°,39°,42°,45°,48°,51° #photog

tweets for 2014-07-02

Re-reading “Master and Commander” for the Nth time. Feel so smart I can tell a backstay from a garstrake (confession: I really can’t)

#Bitcoin repeats itself: first as farce, then as more farce.

New iOS version. Maybe this time I’ll get it before my kid does so can ask him why he hasn’t installed yet!

Playing some Suzanne Vega and remembering working in Stockholm Spring/Summer ’89 #madeleine #fb

tweets for 2014-07-01

According to the back-of-the envelope calculations I just made, running an Antminer S3 #bitcoin miner will increase energy costs by 1/3

Oh, USA is playing Belgium tonight… that explains the bashing .BE is getting on Twitter #worldcup


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