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tweets for 2011-03-31

I’m at Bilprovningen (Högdalen) http://4sq.com/hsLX7x

nice, found a copy of “Count Zero” in the company library

Updating my FreeBSD server to check if I can run #bitcoin

why have I so much mail all of a sudden? Time to update the ole gmail filters

tweets for 2011-03-30

SD enda svenska parti som inte vill bomba muslimer i Libyen. Känns lite otypiskt!

“Something’s not right” - http://imgur.com/RcMCl (h/t @varjag) #fb

tweets for 2011-03-29

frugan SMSar att hela Söder om Söder är strömlöst

Fortum bekräftar: http://edw.fortum.se/?area=180C2

Bra karta från Fortum om aktuella strömavbrott i Stockholm: http://edw.fortum.se/?area=180

Berörda stadsdelar enligt #Fortum: Gröndal Hägersten Liljeholmen Midsommarkransen Reimersh St Essingen Södermalm #elfail

så hela söder om söder var en överdrift, lillkillen har ström till sin Wii i Sjöstaden ;)

SL säger blå linjen har stora avbrott, kolla hemsidan för detaljer! #elfail

Tvärbanan ersätts med buss #SL #elfail

tweets for 2011-03-27

I just ousted @repi as the mayor of Faros on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/aZEdYK

on our way home (@ Barnängsbryggan) http://4sq.com/hVUYUt

found out via FB that Viking has a new cousin, apparently telling people about births via SMS is soooo 2007

tweets for 2011-03-26

Man, this new solution I hacked together for reading the twitters effing rocks! Writeup coming, mebbe. Development of http://is.gd/ynKxdG

kollar ut genom fönstret över Sjöstan, inte flera lampor släckta än vanligt #earthhour #fail

tweets for 2011-03-25

the best part is the sign to upper right http://i.imgur.com/Vxcpo.jpg #americafuckyeah #lol

waiting for Weissbier (@ Flying Horse) http://4sq.com/dJcLeJ

Kwak @ Flying Horse http://instagr.am/p/Ch3nX/

tweets for 2011-03-23

I can’t believe there’s no easy built in file difference tool built into VS2010. Had to use Cygwin’s diff(1)

time to wash out the coding with some pictures

tweets for 2011-03-22

Getting back into “Zero History” after 4 Earthsea novels is hard … who are all these people?

tweets for 2011-03-20

Sunday lunch (@ Faros) http://4sq.com/eeg4qq

Faros http://instagr.am/p/CZEOe/

I’m missing apocalyptic posts about #Fukushima, time to start freaking out about something else?

weird no one else has mentioned the Japanese Emperor’s GIANT HEAD http://is.gd/W0WS8P

tweets for 2011-03-19

NASA photo course [PDF] http://www.hasselblad.com/media/2207875/astronauts_manual_singlepage_lr.pdf

re-reading LeGuin’s Earthsea books after trying to interest Viking in them - he’s a bit too young still

tweets for 2011-03-18

There being nothing on the internets is a sign I should start reading “Zero History” by @GreatDismal

tweets for 2011-03-17

reading about nuclear power plant construction and the safe storage of spent fuel on Wikipedia

Chopin and Liszt - odd couple - http://beatonna.livejournal.com/146227.html

tweets for 2011-03-16

Japan, Libya, and Bahrain, 3 depressing places right now

tweets for 2011-03-15

The post-earthquake nuclear crisis: The Japan syndrome | The Economist - http://econ.st/ekHcxg via @TheEconomist

tweets for 2011-03-14

living on the bleeding edge with #TTYtter BETA - http://www.floodgap.com/software/ttytter/beta/beta.txt

#ttytter is the way to keep track of tweets on the console! Check out the new BETA http://www.floodgap.com/software/ttytter/beta/!

tweets for 2011-03-13

Blast Frog the Vent Core! #marathon #japan #toosoon?

tweets for 2011-03-12

shelves for Leo (@ Fredells Sickla) http://4sq.com/hVl2Fo

tweets for 2011-03-11

Friday lunch (@ CG’s Pizza) http://4sq.com/edeVBH

Oh no, I didn’t have Lloyd Cole’s classic “Easy Pieces” in iTunes! Rectified

tweets for 2011-03-10

Enjoying Kim Newman’s site http://www.johnnyalucard.com/. Gotta re-read Anno Dracula! #books

trying to follow the US Civil War on Wikipedia is hard as all the names of commanders sound the same

tweets for 2011-03-08

I’m sorry, all my followers on #Quora, but I think the site bites. Fallen out of love with #photo.stackechange too #curmudgeon

caught the latest Stargate: Universe ep, it’s a pity it’s gonna end this season!

tweets for 2011-03-07

New Angels & Airwaves is more of the same as their last 2 – ME LIKEY

tweets for 2011-03-04

Data::Dumper saves my Perl ass, again

mmmm this shrimp and bulgur salad from Konsum hit the spot!

some nice pics from Antarctica here http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/03/recent-scenes-from-antarctica/100019/

tweets for 2011-03-03

Logged off a customer server with a feeling of mild revulsion.

tweets for 2011-03-02

wednesday lazy dinner (@ Kebab & Grillbar) http://4sq.com/dFhdlL


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