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tweets for 2018-08-30

New Gmail sucks <species> posterior. You cannot change my view.

tweets for 2018-08-28

1/ Headline in DI (Sweden’s FT):

“Sweden is hardly a Tesla” - well I dunno.

It’s supposed to be that the state finances aren’t as good as they look.

That’s exactly Tesla, to me.

But maybe he means the car itself

tweets for 2018-08-24

Inside the in-group:

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Outside the in-group

Facts U Dislike


tweets for 2018-08-22

Window shopping for a new car, and realizing the industry has had more than a century’s worth of practice in the ingnoble art of upselling

tweets for 2018-08-15

$TSLA can start a new program like Porsche/BMW has where you pick up your car from the factory and drive it to the port

Except instead you pay extra to fly out to the tent and assemble your own car

And then ride with the tow truck driver to the service center

(h/t @cukeking)

tweets for 2018-08-08

“Funding secured” is just a more grammatical way of saying “fundsa safu”

tweets for 2018-08-07

Eat, Drink, and be Merry, for Tomorrow We Brexit


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