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tweets for 2011-07-31

looking at the shots from the wedding has convinced me never to become a wedding photographer #fb

tweets for 2011-07-27

Pam Gellar channels Sarah Palin, calls criticism of her bigoted views on Islam “blood libel” - http://is.gd/ZTEoUA #Utoya

tweets for 2011-07-26

turns out I’m not as jazzed with owning as Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 as I thought I’d be #photog

tweets for 2011-07-25

I think the best label for #Breivik isn’t “right-wing” or “fundamentalist” or even “anti-muslim”, but millenarian

I’m at Teleopti AB (Berga backe 2, Danderyd) http://4sq.com/n4lIoT

moving moment of silence #Utoya

Java installer install the Ask toolbar now? How low-rent is that?

I’m happy #Breivik hearings are behind closed doors, but I am curious about the fancy-dress uniform he’s reportedly designed himself

det stinker i Sjöstaden ikväll

as if #Breivik hasn’t done enough to piss Norwegian’s off, he killed the crown princess’ step-bro on #Utoya.

tweets for 2011-07-24

``The best lack all conviction, while the worst // Are full of passionate intensity.’’ W.B. Yeats, “The Second Coming”

now off to a 6 year old’s birthday party, unreal as it can seem in these horrific days

trying to blame #Brevik’s actions on how Nordic societies haven’t “listened to anti-islamists” enough is beyond despicable

#Brevik’s vision: choose between Islamist theocracy or fascist-Christian ditto. My answer: neither, you idiot

Acts by Al Queda et al == terrorism. The #Utoya shootings == extremism. Can we agree “terrorism” is now an empty word?

Norwegian max prison sentence of 21 years can be extended to life in certain cases: http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forvaring

Moment of silence tomorrow at <12:00> local for victims of #Utoya and #Oslo, gonna observe this one

hey #MSM, if you’re gonna pin video-game violence on #Breivik at least don’t mix up #Wow with Modern Warfare 2

tweets for 2011-07-23

shooting a roll of Tri-X in the Nikon FM2n in preparation to selling it

#Norway shooter bears uncommon resemblance to everyone’s fav fugitive from justive Julian #Assange

#Norway shooter is member of Masonic lodge: conspiracy theorists, start your engines

interesting how UK websites variously call #Norway shooter “farmer” or “hunter”, instead of “rightwing nutjob”

As long as Wikipedia doesn’t say Amy #Winehouse is dead, she’s still officially alive

everyone is linking to #Sky news re: Winehouse, the site is not responding… shows what people are really interested in I guess

I’m tired of this #Norway stuff on Twitter, thank god everyone is talking about #Winehouse now!

obviously I missed a <sarcasm> tag in my previous tweet!

speculation #Norway shooter has read “The Turner Diaries” I think we can take that as a give :P

song going heavy rotation on my iPhone right now: “Rebellion (Lies)” by Arcade Fire #betterlatethannever

tweets for 2011-07-22

doesn’t look like you can upgrade #FreeBSD from 7.2 to 7.4 using freebrd-update as it can’t find the correct public key

Hmm I used to have a little nifty character count in @ttytter but it’s gone after I upgraded Perl… is it an extension?

horrible Oslo explosion may have been mitigated by most employees being either on vacation or left for the day

unfortunately the #Oslo perpetrators had better luck than the poor schmuck who tried to attack Stockholm last winter

tweets for 2011-07-21

I’m at Essingeleden (Stockholm) http://4sq.com/pFpRTY

Hmm does this still work after upgrading #perl on this machine?

tweets for 2011-07-19

Just nu inte nöjd med Ownit Bredband. Synd bara att dom har monopol på internet och TV hos oss, annars hade vi bytt igår #fb

tweets for 2011-07-18

Ah, work. I have not missed you. #fb

don’t exit a subroutine using ‘next’, use ‘return’ instead #todayinperl

whoah iphone sync taking #forever

I’d like selective echoing of my tweets to Google+. Anyone have something for that? #kthanks

home after dropping the cats off and some waze-ing (@ Erikson residence) http://4sq.com/r3N9oV

tweets for 2011-07-17

Last day of #vacation. Not looking forward to work tomorrow to be honest. But at least there will be internet! #alwayssomething

tweets for 2011-07-15

I just unlocked the “Harry Potter” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/opTEPB

tweets for 2011-07-12

I just became the mayor of Mellanvägen 3 on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/npe6fn

tweets for 2011-07-05

at my ’rents in Halland after a looooong drive via Varberg

tweets for 2011-07-01

protip: when putting up a classified ad, make sure you don’t filter replies regarding it into some folder you never check…


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