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tweets for 2020-08-21

Tack till personalen på @Caretia som hittade en tappad plånbok och såg till att vi fick tillbaka den! #fb

tweets for 2020-08-20

Prometheus - cool deity, shitty movie

ed(1) - so great you just can’t stop using it!

tweets for 2020-08-19

“Oracle in plans to buy TikTok” - it’s too late to tell 2020 to go home because it’s drunk, right?

tweets for 2020-08-17

So much B&W film photography online is washed out and low contrast… HP5 is an egregious offender.

Incorrect black point is my new bête noir…

tweets for 2020-08-08

TIL I learned Joni Mitchell is Canadian, probably the reason all female singer-songwriters I like seem to be Canadian

tweets for 2020-08-04

Microsoft Skype Teams TikTok for Business


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