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A waste of space and alcohol

Monday, 29 August 2022



Jag röstade i Kulturhuset, vilket ju tjänade som Riksdagens lokaler då Riksdagshuset byggdes om på tidiga 80-talet.

Om man inte har med sig sitt röstkort kunde en dublett skrivas ut i lokalen.

Det är enkelt och smidigt att rösta i Sverige. Ta chansen att utöva din demokratiska rättighet!

Sunday, 28 August 2022


Most people say you should be finished with the game at around level 150 - I’m 139 now and not finished with Leyndell yet!

The latest patch 1.06 enabled offline users to progress in Varre’s quest, which opens up an area with both a 10-level somber smithing stone, as well as a very decent rune farming spot. I’m now rocking the Blasphemous Blade, as well as an Envoy’s Greathorn which absolutely destroys big bosses. Basically dragons are now just rune fodder. I’ve made penultimate progress in both Ranni’s and Fia’s quests.

Saturday, 27 August 2022


100 år sen folkomröstning om alkoholförbud. 925 000 nej-röster mot 889 000 ja (51%/49%).

Monday, 22 August 2022


The de Havilland Mosquito is the coolest WW2 aircraft. You can’t change my mind.

I mean, this stuff:

On 30 January 1943, the 10th anniversary of Hitler being made chancellor and the Nazis’ gaining power, a morning Mosquito attack knocked out the main Berlin broadcasting station while Hermann Göring was speaking, taking his speech off the air.

Saturday, 20 August 2022


G.B. Trudeau predicts the Trump candidacy in 1986

Friday, 19 August 2022


What’s more important, your kid or Tesla’s share price?

U.S. car safety agency warns Tesla owners: don’t test self-driving with children

Wednesday, 17 August 2022


How’s it going with Felon’s purchase of Blue hellsite?

Tuesday, 16 August 2022


A dialog

Crypto Bro: I’m using cryptocurrency, it enables me to make transactions that can’t be stopped by the authorities!
Authorities: OK
CB: Only it’s all public, for technical reasons, so everyone can see what I do.
A: Interesting.
CB: So I need to use a mixing service, so the authorities can’t track my totally legitimate transactions. But the authorities have placed the endpoints of the mixing service on the OFAC list so it can’t be used anymore!
A: Yes, we believe it was being used by bad people to launder money.
CB: Laundering moneyPrivacy is a human right!
A: We don’t agree on that but never mind.
CB: You can’t censor the output of decentralized anonymous smart contracts!
A: Actually we just did.
CB: Code has rights!
A: Now you’re just being silly. Anyway if it’s just code, no-one’s being harmed by it. It’s one less way for criminals to launder money.
CB: We’ll just set up more mixers! You’ve unleashed a monster!
A: Perhaps. But mixers rely on “innocent” transactions to conceal criminal traffic. If we block the contract outputs, no-one who is “innocent” will want to risk their funds in it. That’s a win from our side, we think.
CB: incoherent sputtering

The EFF are idiots.

Nicholas Weaver has more:

They happened to release their code as open source, and the instance of the program is running on a zombie basis, but nothing about the sanction was sanctioning “code”.

The sanction was “Tornado Cash the organization” and “These running instances of the money laundormat”

And it really was “profit from” too.

The “TORN” token was an unregistered security that paid the insiders. The mixer claims 1% withdraw fees for any withdraw using a relayer to fund the gas fees. So for laundering $1B, that is $10M to the organization.

update 2022-08-20

David Gerard: US sanctions Tornado Cash — and crypto shrieks in horror

Some outraged crypto advocates have suggested that the action against Tornado Cash shows the need for a decentralised alternative to GitHub. This demonstrates the rule that you will never find anyone who knows less about technology than a crypto guy talking about technology […]

Sunday, 14 August 2022


This week’s entertainment is seeing web3 dweebs run headfirst into OFAC sanctions and whine impotently about “code is law” and “privacy”.

You help NORKs launder money, you get rekt. Enjoy being in prison.

Friday, 12 August 2022


Concerted effort to promote crank cosmology on HN under the guise of “cancel culture”:

Thursday, 11 August 2022



Wednesday, 10 August 2022


Evangelical protestants with extra steps

“Yo Catholic Church, I’m a recent convert! Love the Latin, the architecture (so like the anime I watch) and of course I’m fully on board with the oppression of females. But I don’t like the Pope going on about social justice. Can we just skip that?”

“Actually obeying the Pope is part of being a good Catholic.”

“Urgh fine I’ll just find a new Pope then.”

ME: hey, my car broke down. what saint should i pray to for help
TRADCATH WEIRDO: Uhhhhhh the virgin mary. Saint God
ACTUAL CATHOLIC: Idk man St. Christopher if the motor turns over and St. Frances of Rome if it doesn’t, good luck


imagine being an eighty-year-old polish bingo-going catholic and sitting down at mass only to have a coke-addled podcaster start explaining the 12 century roots of their dispute with vatican ii


These people are so fucking lame my god - if you have a guilty conscience about being professionally useless at least do Works or something. They can’t even be Catholic without being Protestant


Tuesday, 09 August 2022


Today’s amusement is seeing HN incorrecting themselves about law, copyright, open source and sanctions with regard to Tornado.cash being nuked.

Monday, 08 August 2022


Jag kallar vårt hem-kolsyrade vatten “fräsvatten” till min frus stora förtrytelse.

Sunday, 07 August 2022


HN: “The public should listen to experts and stop being so afraid of nuclear power.”

Rest of world: “The public should listen to experts about COVID vaccines too, then?”

HN: “Don’t be silly.”

Friday, 05 August 2022


“Cheating?! In this casino?? Well I never!!

Coding as 11 purportedly independent developers, Ian [Macalinao], a 20-something computer wiz from Texas, created a vast web of interlocking DeFi protocols that projected billions of dollars of double-counted value onto the Saber ecosystem. That temporarily inflated the total value locked (TVL) on Solana, as the network was racing toward its zenith last November. The DeFi faithful regard TVL as a barometer for on-chain activity.

Wednesday, 03 August 2022


Werewolf erotica is the latest global gig work trend


everyone hates Microsoft (again)

I commented here:

Linux-tinged hatred of Microsoft is a meme in the original sense - I’m surprised seeing nerds a generation younger than me essentially repeating the same tropes people I knew did in the late 90s. […]

One difference is that I don’t remember Linux boosters being quite so right-libertarian back in the day. Lunduke himself is rabidly anti-abortion, for example.


Alex Jones getting rekt you love to see it.


lobste.rs is down and I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms

Monday, 01 August 2022


NGL kinda looking forward to the Old River Control Structure failing just because I’ve been reading about it a lot. People know about the Yellowstone Caldera but the ORCS collapsing is more of a deep cut catastrophe.

John McPhee devotes a lot of space in his The Control of Nature to it.



Inspired by this nuttery:

It’s time for Army Corps of Engineers to investigate the feasibility of moving water West. Yeah sure, just pump the water over the Rockies no problem.


Usenet is (still) dead

When the Gemini mailing list fell off the face of the ’Net some blowhards celebrated, now everything could move to Usenet. Intrigued to see if this followed the usual pattern of Gemini predictions, I got an account at eternal-september.org, dusted off my Gnus config, and awaited the arrival of … crickets. Not surprisingly no-one bothered using Usenet and the gadfly community is eagerly casting around for the next technical solution to social problems.


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