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tweets for 2012-06-28

That new Google 7-inch tablet looks sweet, pity I can’t buy it here

Leo: “I can’t believe Germany hasn’t beaten Italy since 1992” - apparently there’s a conspiracy! #euro2012

This match really not going Leo’s way

tweets for 2012-06-26

RSI acting up in right wrist, gonna have to keep it under control the rest of the week before vacation.

tweets for 2012-06-25

Dags att filtrera bort #Almedalen ur mitt twitterflöde ser jag

``Kate, Duchess Of Cambridge, Forced To Curtsy To ‘Blood Princesses’ Eugenie And Beatrice’’ - sadly not the plot of “Anno Dracula”

tweets for 2012-06-24

17mm of rain forecast for tomorrow #stockholm

PENALTIES! So unfair, yet such great TV

tweets for 2012-06-20

ARGH too many good books to read, too little time!!

tweets for 2012-06-19

I find it strange I’m getting reminders to connect on LinkedIn after I deleted my account. Reminds me of JoCo’s “RE: Your brains” #zombie

Hmm, someone I don’t know has invited me to view a Dropbox folder. New form of spam/malware vector?

Watching Sweden fail for the final time in #Euro2012

tweets for 2012-06-18

It’s pretty clear that The New Pornographers is a band where the lyrics are secondary to the music

tweets for 2012-06-17

Leo is 100% sure that DE and NL will win tonight and has put money on his beliefs. Now he’s moaning he should have bet more

tweets for 2012-06-15

Greatly enjoying @cstross “get off my lawn” moment when contemplating modern programming languages

Nice cover of the Go-Between’s “Love Goes On” on Nada Surf’s “If I had a Hi-Fi” #aussiepop

tweets for 2012-06-14

It’s not really goodnight until Leo has complained 2 dozen times that he has to work tomorrow

tweets for 2012-06-13

Culled social networks so far: LinkedIn, Foursquare. Next up: Quora, maybe Pinterest #burnthechaff

So, if you “downgrade” and remove your Google+ content you can’t access your google account settings without creating a new G+ profile #wat

tweets for 2012-06-12

The official UEFA ios app for #Euro2012 is a bit pants, anyone know of any good alternatives?

tweets for 2012-06-11

Sportkrönikan - kåsörens sista tillflyktsort? #fb

Deleted my Foursquare account, what social weedpatch shall I prune next?

Mycket bitterhet i mitt flöde just nu #em2012

Skönt att Sverige snart är utslaget så man kan koncentrera sig på fotboll

Hegerfors ser gammal ut nu

Leo: “avgå Hamrén!”

tweets for 2012-06-08

Impressive turnaround time for a bug submitted to devel yesterday. #work

Thinking of making my Sunday walk around Sicklasjön a weekly thing.

tweets for 2012-06-07

Fuck you @Linkedin for not securing your passwords and stressing me out. Give me one reason for keeping my account.

Bye bye @LinkedIn, one less social sharecrop I have to take care of. Thanks @koehntopp for giving me the push!

man this blogging gig is hard

Downloading images from the CF card via the camera, like some sort of peasant #photog

tweets for 2012-06-06

Svenskar firar nationaldagen genom att i extra sakta mak stiga av tunnelbanan #fb

Most fun day I had in ages, buubles in Humlegården in honour pf @gunderhaegg ’s bday #fb

I can’t get past that it looks like the emo docs in season finale of #Grays left a screaming woman to die in a plane crash

tweets for 2012-06-05

Haha iTunes store will let me preorder @scalzi ’s Redshirts the book (available Nov 2012) but the audiobook is available now #rightsfail

Yeah I know all about different book regions but this is simply stupid

Why am I getting an email from @Twitter reminding me of how awesome Twitter is? I tweet every fucking day!

I tweet from a fucking unix session, how more hardcore can you get? #protweeter

Am I failing as a geek dad by not getting excited about the transit of Venus and doing all I can to get my kid to see it? Probably. #fail

Transit of Venus vs. sleeping in on national day - what will win? SPOILER: sleep, duh

tweets for 2012-06-04

Jag tänker fira Sveriges nationaldag på det traditionella sättet: dricka punsch tills jag faller ner i blytung trans #fb

Another day, another $

watching MTV Movies Awards… it’s embarrasingly unfunny. Guess it’s post-Empire per @BretEastonEllis

tweets for 2012-06-03

Leo’s complaining that Viking doesn’t log off from Skype when he’s playing Diablo3 #sharedcomputer

tweets for 2012-06-01

Tycker som Leo synd om alla som tar studenten idag #fb

Just found out that $boss->$boss thinks our servicedesk has too many cases. Believe me, wish it weren’t so #work

Had to leave important meeting about work to, you know, actually #work.


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