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tweets for 2013-05-31

Before enabling “tests” for citinzenship for immigrants, countries maybe should check how many current citizens would pass such a test…

tweets for 2013-05-30

Hey kids I understand you wanna rebel and do drugs. Why use tobacco which makes you smell like an ashtray and look poor?

When I am World Dictator I shall enfore Unicode Everywhere and NO FUCKING DAYLIGHT SAVINGS

tweets for 2013-05-29

Anyone taking bets on how long Assange will be able to stay in the embassy before pissing everyone off and being kicked out?

Tycker SR kan skippa “Sommar” och bara låta folk ta över deras Twitterkonto en dag. Posta Spotify-länkar till musiken #fb

tweets for 2013-05-28

Sometimes I think the Unicode project is simply workfare for the world’s pedants.

tweets for 2013-05-27

You know #iTunes, when I download an update to an app that’s 17+, do you really need me to confirm my age EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME!?

tweets for 2013-05-25

Soon 90% of your Google Drive will be full of archived dead Google service data. It’s the Googlouroboros!

Now that Google has archived my Buzz account I must say I have a hard time remembering what Buzz was.

Here’s a proposal: assign a global Google day of mourning for the dead services it killed #reader #wave #buzz

tweets for 2013-05-24

Feeling all warm and happy inside from liberating my images from the Flickr silo.

tweets for 2013-05-22

How Xbox div is different from rest of MSFT: it’s Xbox One, not XperienceBox 2013 Home Edition with SilverMotion(tm) Technology

Wanted, a Best Of Butthurt blog showing off the most egregious cases of entitlement in the recent Flickr changes/Tumblr purchase

“irc is the social that works” - @varjag

tweets for 2013-05-21

Liking Ryanair much more now since they kindly let us sit in the emergency exit seats for free on our flight back from Palma!

Thanks @Moof for recommending Simply Fosh in Palma, we didn’t manage dinner but lunch was excellent!

Eliminate global meeting scheduling confusion! Use HAMMER TIME as TZ designation. HST (Hammer Standard Time) UTC+<0:37> #fb

Get a promoted tweet from Universal Music SE, throw up a bit in your mouth.

So either Apple pays more taxes than required and gets sued by shareholders, or just enough, and gets grilled by Congress?

tweets for 2013-05-18

Tillbaka på rummet efter jätteavsmakningsmeny och begraver oss i Sveriges kollektiva skämskudde. #fyfanpetra #fb

tweets for 2013-05-17

maybe running 3 concurrent rar operations on this Win2k3 server isn’t the smartest …

Wow, when did Java become the Macromedia Flash player of our generation?

tweets for 2013-05-16

HTML anchors, the red-headed stepchild of HTML entities. But useful!

tweets for 2013-05-13

I can’t understand why I’m still getting connection requests from LinkedIn when I’ve deleted my account. Some sort of phishing I guess.

This is weird, my individual photo pages on @Flickr have a black border. Only in Chrome. Looks like it’s using the mobile settings…

Wow, the 14th century sure wasn’t a good time to be Jew in Europe #ADistantMirror

tweets for 2013-05-12

Tending both my balcony and social garden - planted new flowers, deactivated my Path account

tweets for 2013-05-11

No matter how hot-shot you think you are with computers, setting up a wireless printer will bring you down to earth.

tweets for 2013-05-06

If Baz Luhrman would make a b+w movie the End Times would truly be upon us.

tweets for 2013-05-03

The length of the queue to the Vatican museum was exceeded only by the queue to the basilica itself. Hit the Pantheon instead #roma2013

tweets for 2013-05-01

Midweek flight to Rome is an older crowd, by and large.

Flight is literally full of good Christian girls - church youth group leaders trip to Assisi.

in-plane Internet, whoohoo #fb


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