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tweets for 2018-02-28

Every time I read about St Pancras I wonder what weird people would canonize an internal organ

tweets for 2018-02-27

“New Sony Camera Day” is almost as bad as “New Apple Phone Day” when it comes to channel saturation in media

tweets for 2018-02-26

If Swedes weren’t generally white, our society would be studied with the same wonder as “Stone Age” societies are. “Wow, they have such strange beliefs and customs!”

tweets for 2018-02-23

Va fan!? är det fel på dom i #påspåret?!

tweets for 2018-02-21

Den enda tysken på kontoret håller sitt huvud lågt just nu…

Bezos is probably just impressed on how the Minds in the Culture have perfected content delivery #AMZNCulture

GSV Next Day Delivery #AMZNCulture

“Now we’ve announced a TV version of the Culture novels, why not buy them on Amazon?!” #synergy #AMZNCulture

tweets for 2018-02-19

Total cryptocurrency “marketcap” once again exceeds 500B USD with heavy trading over a US federal holiday and Lunar New Year in East Asia. Totally not a manipulated market, nosirree.

tweets for 2018-02-17

Why isn’t the UN addressing the long-running conflict between South Africa and North Africa?!

tweets for 2018-02-16

Skandalös klassisk okunskap i #påspåret. Kulturskymning!

tweets for 2018-02-15

Nerdiquette: when someone misses an umlaut, prefix your objection with “Äctüällÿ… it’s Über”

tweets for 2018-02-14

It’s called #VD for a reason - use protection people!

tweets for 2018-02-13

Marain, motherf*cker. Do you speak it?!

“Hmm I wonder why I don’t have iCloud installed on Windows? <installs> Outlook Calendar freezes. “Oh yeah, now I remember!” <uninstall>

tweets for 2018-02-12

The eternal social network conundrum: teens are your most passionate users, but they have no money. Attempts to expand to people with money risks alieniating early adopters, who jump ship to ${new shiny} instead

Donald Trump’s hair - technological marvel, or abomination from beyond the mortal ken of Man?

Sen till #Bron. Osannolikheter i stigande ordning

  1. nästan inga skåningar
  2. tar 5 minuter att köra mellan Malmö och Köpenhamn
  3. Saga har ett jobb
  4. danskar och svenskar förstår varandra utan textning

tweets for 2018-02-09

I’m slowly thinking of replacing the use of “clusterf*ck” with “Brexit”

tweets for 2018-02-08

Spinning Rust joins Dead Trees and Spinning Plastic in the Graveyard of Obsolete Technologies

tweets for 2018-02-07

Bitcoin enthusiasts were the only people who saw the Ferengi in ST:TNG for the first time and though “wow, cool!”

tweets for 2018-02-05

Bitcoiners, previously declaring their internet funbux will destroy all banks, are mad that banks are forbidding them to buy funbux on credit.

The endless stream of shitty #Bitcoin ads on Tumblr is making me nostalgic for the endless stream of ads for shitty F2P games with busty elven women

tweets for 2018-02-03

Skämskuddarna räcker inte till #mello

``Scientists find massive Mayan society under Guatemala jungle’’ - huge if true

tweets for 2018-02-02

“Never create a hardware startup” is the new “never invade Russia in wintertime”

let’s see if I can make it through this U2 track without skipping #Spotify

tweets for 2018-02-01

Super Blue Blood Moon sounds like the worst Echo and the Bunnymen cover band name ever


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