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En ålderstigen släkting kommer svartklädd
ut från Elimkapellet.
Säg att du brukar tänka på henne
när du onanerar!
Hon kan behöva lite uppmuntran.

– Göran Palm, Själens furir

tweets for 2010-03-30

Ha dude next to me on the tram is watching The Wire on his iPhone

punching in

wow lots of new followers, I’ll get back to refollowing you dudes in a short while!

we have a GIANT Easter egg filled with candy in the workplace, i can feel my teeth rotting just thinking about it

went out for a short walk with the D200 after lunch, snapped some shots, felt better #photog

One of Calvinism’s tenets is “total depravity” which is a hell lot less fun than it sounds

At local big box store buying a Wii and a washing machine. I’d be living the Yank dream if I had a SUV but I don’t

I want to like “Boneshaker” but I’m not really feeling it

tweets for 2010-03-29

cold booting on Monday, don’t stress the computer, it will just panic

set our wall-of-clocks to the correct tiem

tweets for 2010-03-28

the #OEIS to the rescue for problem 77 in #projecteuler!

tweets for 2010-03-27

dags för ny tvättmaskin! #fb

oh forgot to mention, solved problem 107 in #projecteuler earlier today

SWEET problem 187 bites the dust! #projecteuler

haha massive spoiler for problem 187: Sloane’s A036352 #projecteuler

tweets for 2010-03-26

I wonder if there is a nerd forum anywhere in the world without the nicks “wintermute” and “neuromancer”

Bjästa, tillhåll för “verklighetens folk”? #fb

a surprising amount of crap going on in my computer can be traced to Adobe Acrobat

FINALLY cracked problem 83 in #projecteuler. That has to have been the most frustrating ever

unfortunate reporter name for this article http://is.gd/b0oUt

tweets for 2010-03-25

Doing actual algebra for once

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who starts MS Word by opening the “Run” dialog and typing “winword”

done with #projecteuler problem 120. Nice application of HS algebra. WolframAlpha helpful for checking my code

brute-forced problem 179 for #projecteuler. Not a very inspiring problem. 1 more to go until level 3!

haha problem 123 was too easy after solving problem 120. Oh, it helps to have huge list of primes too #projecteuler


Är inte Danderyds Sjukhus t-banestation ovanligt dunkel? #sl #fb

tweets for 2010-03-23

Crap, seem to have lost my transport card. Can’t remember if it’s got my contact details on it

oh sweet, #tircd now updates your status if you set in another Twitter interface

#projecteuler problem 125 bites the dust!

finally cracked #projecteuler problem 75, only 5 to go until level 3!

done with #projecteuler problem 205, probabilities are not my forte

had to resurt to spoilers to solve problem 104 #projecteuler

Yay! Found my transport card at home

I wonder why there are no M4 carbines in “Battlefied: Bad Company 2”. Trademark issues?

tweets for 2010-03-22

computing Fibonacci numbers for a #projecteuler problem, I’m up to F_(33000). Thanks, Math::Pari!

I’m battling #ProjectEuler on 3 fronts, making no progress on any of them

YES! cracked problem 68 in #projecteuler, a fun little puzzle!

tweets for 2010-03-20

today is the spring equinox, yay!

tweets for 2010-03-19

Loving Tony Judt’s memoir sketches in the New York Review

every time I use Internet Explorer I marvel at how clunky it is compared to Chrome #elitist

bah, latest #tircd update killed Swedish (unicode) characters for me :P

problem 87 was amazingly easy considering its place in the table and the number of people who’ve solved it #projecteuler

tweets for 2010-03-18

finally cracked problem 61, had to google to get a hint on how to design the recursive function #projecteuler

belting out some Pogues (“If I Should Fall from God”) in a belated SPD mood… no Guiness though

tweets for 2010-03-17

roman numerals problem nr 89 bites the dust … #projecteuler

I “solved” problem 96 by invoking an external sudoku solver. What can I say, I don’t like sudoku #projecteuler

problem 124 falls to mighty Google and the OEIS #projecteuler

early to work means early off home

tweets for 2010-03-16

tåget till Mörby fyllt av studentajävlar

just compared working with our product to playing Minesweeper - one false move and it blows

how did I get roped into inserting marketing messages in our support email replies #beneathme

According to Wikipedia, Queen Victoria grabbed the title Empress of India so as not be upstaged by her daughter, the Empress of Germany

tweets for 2010-03-15

#ProjectEuler problem 66 bites the dust, thanks to googling the Pell equation and some plumbing from earlier problems

“An important choice to make: your browser” - WTF is this shit

seriously, this EU-mandated browser choice crap is utterly stupid. I already have the fucking browsers I want, stop fucking bugging me

Regeringen skiter i lagrådet och föreslår integritetskränkning av barn: http://is.gd/aHN6O

tweets for 2010-03-14

back on track (maybe) with Project Euler, just cracked problem 51 (oldie but goldie)

tweets for 2010-03-13

så många artister i #mello2010 låter som musikalartister. Musikal != schlager

1 poäng till stackars Peter Jöback… nästan lite synd om honom

nu ligger Pernilla Wahlgren sist… YES

Prison Chess Portraits from @fluck http://is.gd/aw0zs #photog

tweets for 2010-03-12

wow, today is not a good day to work

integrating IE into Windows ensures that when your computer slows, so does your access to web services. Genius!

I especially appreciate IE7 hanging like a paralytic when accessing Microsoft’s own sites. Oh sweet irony! Also, RAGE

“Dust of Dreams” is really picking up. Looking back I still think “Midnight Tides” is the strongest book #malazan

haha, kulturskaparna.org != kulturskaparna.com, och TLD:erna avspeglar verkligen detta #fb

what is it with ex-dominions and net censorship? RT @jimh New Zealand officially re-enters the dark ages - http://is.gd/akX5g

wow googling for Microsoft Dynamics CRM leads to a SEO-infested minefield. Almost NO useful info, just marketing

both Canon and Nikon’s crop bodies are small-dick cameras, but Nikon’s is slightly larger (1.5x vs 1.6x) #photog

happy to find $local_job_board has RSS feeds

just when I feel optimistic about software development I read this stuff http://is.gd/an3xK

I really should continue trying to solve #ProjectEuler problems again, preferably in C#

in the future, using #Blosxom for blogging will be like using film for #photography

sååå… antag att Datalagringsdirektivet antas… hur göra för att se till att Farbror Polis inte kan läsa allt jag gör på nätet? #fb

movie with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock == massive fail

tweets for 2010-03-11

fick precis en marknadsföringsfråga om nätet på PR, hänvisade till @Veidit :D

reparatör från Bosch är här, tvättmaskinen kommer kosta över 6500 att laga. Dags för ny! #fb

Till #Kulturskaparna: “Jag vill licensiera. Vad har ni?” - @stefangorling http://is.gd/aezQJ

hah, Sweden and the US piss of Turkey by declaring the Ottoman Empire’s actions against Armenians a “genocide”

tweets for 2010-03-10

punched in, trying to work up some motivation for work

wow #Buzz has really been a buzzkill, I really don’t see what it offers other than an easier way to find other users of Google’s services

wow signing up for Facebook chat on #meebo was frikkin’ painless. So far so good…

tacksam att lagrådet finns, inte lika bra som en regelrätt författningsdomstol men man får ta det som finns #fb

verkar som om de flesta i nätverket “Kulturskaparna” (http://is.gd/a8fID) snarare är fackligt aktiva

now it’s getting lighter I should start changing at Gamla Stan instead of Slussen #Stockholm

o/~ du säger sånt som “Fånga dagen!” till mig // men du vet ju att jag jobbar heltid #fb

wow stoner neckbeards must the ugliest facial hairstyle ever

Looking forward to stew, but was cheated of my brew

tweets for 2010-03-09

Folkpartiet: frihetens parti om du tycker precis som vi! Annars får du drogtestas! #fb

some of the bands on this SXSW torrent are pretty shite

snagged gerikson.status.net just to squat on the ole nick

tweets for 2010-03-08

lens flare seems to be the latest hipster #photo affectation

Har The Hurt Locker ens haft svensk premiär? #oscar #fb

tweets for 2010-03-07

looks like the washer has finally given up the ghost… repairman on his way

tweets for 2010-03-05

Interesting discussion on ethics at this morning’s #subrosa

gonna send this lens back, the backfocus is unacceptable. I’ll be out shipping and custom duties but a lesson learned

Fell into a coma on the ride home #tired

tweets for 2010-03-04

on testing duty today, boring but I learn a lot about our app and get to find bugs before our customers!

ju mer jag använder Twitter via IRC desto bättre gillar jag det #oldskool #fb

enjoying “Horsebreaker Star” by Grant McLennan (of the Go-Betweens) Sad to see he’s no longer with us

wow re-reading yesterday’s tweets found i used “wtf” 3 times, will have to do better in future #insidebaseball

football chants just sound one dictator and one depression away from the “Horst Wessel Lied” #scary

my patriotic soul is warmed by the glowing review of “Battlefield: Bad Company 2” in Eurogamer.net. Go #DICE!

new used lens arrived, obsessively checking for backfocus

wow Karl Rove is only 59? He looks much older. Must be the wages of evil

QOTD: ``A zoo in Moscow had to send one of its chimps to rehab for excessive smoking and drinking.’’

hah douchenozzle who stole the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign from Auschwitz can be extradited to Poland

tweets for 2010-03-03

working on the coalface today, filling the first line role #work

WTF Polisen ska få tillgång till FRA?? Vad är oppositionens inställning till detta? http://tinyurl.com/yfowaqh #val2010 #fb

I’ve started using my old clickety-click Keytronics kb at work, cow-orkers are slowly going mad

Reinstalling my ipod has re-enabled podcasts, happily listening to past eps of #Skeptoid

weird, I don’t see many other people around with Freitag messenger bags, guess I have one hipster cred point

Ah teenager, our resident hulk managed to break our freezer handle in a pique when his microwave pizza wasn’t finished

wtf India and Australia are members of the Fed of International Bandy?? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandy#International

upstairs neighbors are moving furniture at <11:15pm,> wtf?

tweets for 2010-03-02

Vagnfel Islandstorget leder till stora förseningar Gröna Linjen #sl

You are in a maze of tables filled with GUIDs, all alike. There is a SELECT statement here.

nice, beer tonight with @Orgo, Erik, and Magnus (I hope, email tennis match isn’t finished yet)

tickets to Poland in May booked! Krakow, here I come!

hmm should I start scrobbling my music again?

Water on the Moon, whoohooo!

Great night out with Erik and Magnus - nice to catch up on the PR scuttlebutt

tweets for 2010-03-01

Another morning, another shower of sleet

Maybe I should start drinking a 40SEK latte on the subway each morning, I have too much money as it is

celebrating Canada’s hockey gold by listening to Warren Zevon’s “Hit Somebody”

“take care of your teeth, that might work for you // but what’s a Canadian farmboy to do?”

I was quite happy to see winamp reading my iPod contents until I disconnected it and it told me to restore with itunes

Wingnuts attacking Teddy Roosevelt are a bit like wingnuts rewriting the Bible to be less liberal


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