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tweets for 2021-06-29

EM just nu - notis i Euro2020 appen <30s> SR radioström kommer ifatt <30s> vilt jubel när TV kommer ifatt

tweets for 2021-06-23

Go FORTH and 2 4 *

Freenode’s just another name for (no more users) left to lose

tweets for 2021-06-18


tweets for 2021-06-17

If you against all common sense and general advice decided to return to the smoking wreck of Freenode to register a nick, be aware that they had to reset the services database late 2021-06-16 UTC.

So that’s going well…

tweets for 2021-06-16

New Freenode MOTD:

Nothing valued is here

This place is best left shunned and uninhabited

What is here is dangerous and repulsive

tweets for 2021-06-15

Allez les Bleus!

tweets for 2021-06-14

50mm is the tofu of focal lengths #photo

tweets for 2021-06-13

Freenode be like “in order to save IRC we had to destroy it”

To hijack, to k-line, to set fake topics, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it Freenode.

tweets for 2021-06-11

Looks like Freenode just k-lined IRCcloud, good job all around

tweets for 2021-06-10

Say a couple of negative things about RMS on #freenode ’s “anonymous” chat and you will find you are muted. Sure sounds like someone in charge knows who says what

tweets for 2021-06-07

It’s only Rust if it’s from the Mozilla region.

Otherwise, it’s just sparkling C++.

tweets for 2021-06-06

collateralized technical debt obligation (CTDO)


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