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tweets for 2013-06-29

Yay! #Byline app now syncs with Feedly!

tweets for 2013-06-20

Vacation starts in 1h 30m but that has not been communicated to my dispatcher, I’ve got 2 open high-prio cases #work

tweets for 2013-06-19

What year is “Neuromancer” set in? Are we there yet?

tweets for 2013-06-18

RAGGARE %% #fb

tweets for 2013-06-17

Dagens skönaste känsla: markera i kalendern när jag har semester #fb

Jag vet inte om jag har sagt det förut med ni måste följa @familjeliv_txt på Twitter. #fb

You know something’s effed up when cancelling a query takes longer than the time it was running before cancelling…

tweets for 2013-06-14

You shall not crucify mankind on a Greek cross of Euros - me, totally misunderstanding William Jennings Bryan

tweets for 2013-06-13

WTF Windows, I just restarted for updates and you want me to do it again?!

Coffee is for closers, cookies are for breeders.

14C today, seriously wtf?

tweets for 2013-06-12

So glad I RTFM’d before tweeting for help.

tweets for 2013-06-10

Undrar hur många retweets jag skulle få om jag sökte lägenhet med taggarna #rökare #utmätning #lägenhetsbråk

tweets for 2013-06-08

For you Sir Alec Guiness may be Obi Wan Kenobi, for me he will always be George Smiley.

tweets for 2013-06-07

Var på stan slipper man bröllopsgroupies imorgon? Eller rättare var håller dom till så jag kan undvika? #fb

tweets for 2013-06-05

Lokal nationaldagsfirande startar kl <08:00.> Det känns lite väl 1800-tal för mig #sovmorgonFTW #fb

Wow, RTFM. It really works. #whoknew

tweets for 2013-06-04

Twitter fail whale?

Norwegian erbjuder flyg från princessbröllopet. Genialt. #fb

OK too much Daft Punk these last too days, time for some antidote in the form of Drive-by Truckers

tweets for 2013-06-03

“Pour les Science et la Gloire!” will be the battle cry of my elite engineer corps in the coming War against Unreason. #fb

After finishing A Distant Mirror I find I can’t get enough of the 14th century, plague, wars, schisms, taxes and all #history #fb

tweets for 2013-06-02

Nearing the end of “A Distant Mirror”, kinda wish it wouldn’t stop #history


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