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tweets for 2016-02-29

Looks like the check-in system for #Iberia at Barajas croaked and died. Epic queue.

tweets for 2016-02-28

Long time fan of Forever Map on iOS but now I can’t add favorites? Long press doesn’t work at all.

tweets for 2016-02-25

Agreed this looks amazing RT @mrbellek: .@Bootleg_Stuff is the twitter account I didn’t know I needed in my life

Looking forward to a week’s vacation in Spain, but I’m going to miss plundering the Capital Wasteland! #fallout3

tweets for 2016-02-24

The internet’s opinion on Sigma’s lenses: “OMG THESE ARE SOOO GOOD”; on Sigma’s bodies: “WTF IS THIS SHIT LOL” #photog

Looking at APIs, it’s clear Flickr was Web 2.0 version 1.0.

Short definition of the Swedish word “fika”: non-alchoholic socializing #fb

“Fika” is an all-round word, can be used as verb or noun. But it’s not inherently sexual although it can be a date @mc

Just transferred wife’s contacts from iCloud to her new Android. Plain text rocks.

tweets for 2016-02-23

Dealing with pre-travel jitters by adding itinerary to calendar etc

tweets for 2016-02-22

I can’t believe work is thinking about moving its intranet from Igloo to Sharepoint.

Wow, finally managed to create a profile at Europcar! Only took 3 tries to realize they don’t allow “+” in phone numbers. Whelp.

Was going to ask about a messaging app that works for both major mobile platforms and desktop then realized it’s FB Messenger

Half-flute of cava to celebrate coworker who is leaving hit me like a poleaxe at #work

tweets for 2016-02-21

Face it, I’m not gonna read this NY Review article about screen addiction. Too busy updating Twitter and Reddit to find distractions.

tweets for 2016-02-20

hejar på #2 #melfest

tweets for 2016-02-18

Nästan ikapp med #Lundellbunkern! En liten glimt i dagens kompakta grådask #fb

“Hairy Panic” is the name of my next band

I wonder if there are “Anakin didn’t kill the younglings, it was a false-flag operation” truthers @kylor3n

I sure hope this bluescreen I got when connected to a customer was the host VM and not the production server #work

Price of Bitcoin once again reaches its natural level of $420 #blazeit

Playing Fallout 3, battling giant arachnids and ghouls, yet the mountains surrounding DC bother me more.

tweets for 2016-02-17

My unknown skill: I can fold A4 papers neatly into thirds #beatthat #fb

tweets for 2016-02-16

No-one writes better, or wins more arguments, than I do. In my head. While doing the dishes. #dae #fb

Using an adblocker prevents videos from autoplaying on DN.se. Unexpected win! #fb

TIL I learned there’s a muse for astronomy.

Mega-Vi vs Micro-Emacs - FIGHT

tweets for 2016-02-15

Ultimate Obama troll: nominate Ted Cruz for SCOTUS.

A 79 year old overweight man with choleric temperament dies in his sleep and the Internet suspects foul play - the world we live in now

I was gambling on the #blockchain I took a little risk Send lawyers, guns, and money Satoshi get me out of this

Visst låter “Barbie-drogen” läskigt - men är det verkligen en beroendeframkallande drog?

tweets for 2016-02-13

Läskigt att börja regulbundet titta på nyheter och se hur programledare åldrats

Bästa med #melfest: spydiga Twitter-kommentarer #hatewatch

Hjärtat är nattsvart när Gubbarna uppträder #melfest

Kollar på klockorna. Japp, dom har stannat. #melfest #gubbarna

Viktoria har inget HJÄRTA!!! RÖSTSKANDAL

tweets for 2016-02-12

Gissar på Arles i första frågan i #påspåret

Jag hade fel…

tweets for 2016-02-11

Photogs “our lenses are flawed”. Manufacturers decades of R&D Photogs “our lenses are too clinical”

Tried tab-completing a filename in a folder with 280K files and turned PowerShell into NotRespondingShell #work

tweets for 2016-02-10

o/~ Someone’s gotta mop up the A1, someone’s gotta mop up the blood

Wouldn’t a live-action Ghost In The Shell movie be the Black Widow in purple hair (@varjag)

tweets for 2016-02-06

Undrar hur stor del av SVTs budget som årligen går till #melfest?

Alltså är alla Fredrik Kempes låtar creeptastic? #melfest

This song Ain’t No Good. #melfest

Albin och Mattias är Samir och Victor fast tio år äldre - min fru #melfest

Vänta… vet Robin vad “constellation” betyder? (eller hans sångskrivare snarare) #melfest

Kanske vore bäst for Anna Book at bli diskad istället för att inte gå vidare till andra röstningsomgången #melfest

Stina Ekblad borde gå vidare #melfest

tweets for 2016-02-05

TIL people both to the Left and Right believe the UN supersedes national governments.

tweets for 2016-02-04

Internet in 2011: “don’t click that link”. Internet in 2016: “don’t read the comments”

FFS, lots of reasons to find Ted Cruz creepy, but the fact he wears a Fitbit isn’t one of them #cruz2watches

What’s the collective noun for when a bunch of cats goes from being adorable to being creepy?

tweets for 2016-02-03

Ted Cruz best citizenship defense: “I am an unlikeable asshole and Canadians are nice people”

Am I the only one who acutally thinks Facebook for Work is a good idea?

Trump jumps the “yoogest, classiest shark you’ve ever seen!”


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