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tweets for 2012-12-31

Got the Economist Xmas issue but haven’t read a word yet. #feelbad

Home! Now for laundry…

#NYE sirloin is out of the fridge, salted and peppered, waiting to get to room temperature.

tweets for 2012-12-30

Checking out.

Waiting for boarding @ Gate 3

One thing I’ve been really bad at: having the camera out of the bag instead of in it. I’m a tourist, might as well look the part. #photog

Malaysian airports are way less concerned about liquids than EU ones [quaffs smuggled water at the gate]

Deplaned KLIA. Fuck yeah 3 hrs free wifi.

Fair warning: checking bags at KLIA is pretty expensive: RM112 for 2 large bags and 2 small ones.

Man, this Pilot G2 pen is useless in humidity. Leaking like an incontinent old man.

tweets for 2012-12-27

Back from the mangrove swamps of North Langkawi.

Stupidly opted for the paid version of an app over the free one. Of course it doesn’t work so now I have to try to get my money back.

Wow this 1 for 1 beer deal they have going here is deadly.

tweets for 2012-12-25

Man, @fart and @katienotopoulos are doing a fine job pissing in the punchbowl of cheer and goodwill to all men with their retweets.

tweets for 2012-12-23

You know Russia had truly arrived as a tourist nation when you see a restaurant called “USSR” offering Russian food on Langkawi.

Half bottle of whiskey - €2. No wonder Langkawi is so popular.

Viking sending messages to his friends in Sweden telling them it’s Xmas Eve here, 7 hrs before Sweden!

tweets for 2012-12-22

The giant list of iOS text editors crashed mobile Safari. Anyone know of a mobile version?

tweets for 2012-12-21

Just did a timezone calc to determine earliest possible time for End of World. I’m using UTC-6, and noon.

Our driver told us the relative lack of traffic was due to #EOW fears, dunno if I believe him. But KLIA is pretty chill too. #trip

Oh yeah, waiting at gate A8 for the flight to Langkawi. Will arrive just as world is ending is Mayans counted from midnight.

Wanted: single-serve website that tells me if the world has ended #EOW

tweets for 2012-12-19

Turns out iOS Calendar only knows 1 timeline: the local one. Makes entering flight itineraries awkward. Also, Passbook? Dude, please.

Just messaged my son a link about tablets being a threat to kid’s education that he requested.

“Time for a Tiger”

tweets for 2012-12-18

Arrived in KL after a long but uneventful flight. Thankfully, could check in at <09:30> local.

Jet lagged, we stumbled over to the KLCC mall for food and coffee. Easily rivals a Dubai mall (has a Patek store ffs) but much nicer vibe.

I realise the irony of flying 14 hrs just to eat at a McDs in a mall food court but again, jet lag + 10yr old does not encourage experiments

Is it always so clunky to “upgrade” a free iOS app to a paid version? Why does a wholly new app get installed and I have to set it up again?

Upgraded to @Echofon pro. Should have done that a long time ago. But why do I have to d/l a whole new app?

Awake at <04:25> local. Breakfast served from <06:30> #jetlag

tweets for 2012-12-17

Semestern inleds med timslång kö till bagageinlämning

vi fick gå före kön! lyx!

Arrived at Schiphol, drinking crazy expensive water and eating ham and eggs.

You can’t bring 50cl of water on to the plane but a litre of flammable spirits is A-ok #securitytheatre

tweets for 2012-12-16

The 2 girls skipping all over the subway car are disproving the image of the well-behaved child of the Northern suburbs of Stockholm.

I wish my love for public transport wasn’t as theoretical. Maybe it’s the time of year, slushy December Sunday makes everything look bad.

All I want for Xmas is a new iPhone cover.

I complain that I have to get up early in the morning to fly to distant lands for vacation, but strangely I elicit scant sympathy.

tweets for 2012-12-15

Men tend to dominate most public spaces but the lingerie department isn’t one of those spaces.

There are no longer any human members of this family that are not iPhone users. Android is doomed!

Hmm tweeting directly from the notification area? What fresh devilry is this? #iOS6

tweets for 2012-12-14

Office Xmas party is on the Day of the End of the World. I can’t attend, I’ve fled to the other side of the world #21dec2012

Shutting down all hardware before xmas vacation #win

tweets for 2012-12-13

Väntar på en freakonomics-argument till att Gävle sätter upp en bock varje år. Turism? Tradition? Blidka gudarna? #fb

Ceremoniously puts Google Maps in the place formerly occupied by iOS Maps.

I’m looking for an iOS twitter client and missing #Gravity so much! @janole, no skunkworks projects I can help beta-test?

Couldn’t get my iPhone to appear in Explorer so had to upload the pics to Dropbox #rubegoldberg

Almost burst a vein putting up a lamp. I hate drywall with the heat of a 1,000 suns #fb

Man I’m posting DIY shots to Twitter, next step is food, last and terminal step is poop.

tweets for 2012-12-12

OMG it’s 12/12/12 <12:12:12!>

Meh, the Pope is only following himself in different languages @pontifex_{de,es,pt,pl,it,fr,ar}! Isn’t that agains the Twitter ToS?

Disappointed the Pope isn’t tweeting in Latin. I blame Vatican II!

I’ll start following @pontifex when he retweets a funny #lolcat, not before!

My frustration at not getting the help I need from coworkers is tempered by the fact that I have 2 more days before vacation #work

tweets for 2012-12-11

On the internet, no-one knows you’re a dog but the fact you’re an idiot is abundantly clear.

tweets for 2012-12-10

Mayafolket menade uppenbarligen att jorden skulle gå under år 2012 i SNÖKAOS

There, purchased a ticket to @aimeemann in Stockholm 15 Jan 2013

tweets for 2012-12-07

“Förtal av avliden”? Är det något man kan åtalas för? #palme #callgirl #letitgo #fb

tweets for 2012-12-04

Surprised the Pope’s Twitter account isn’t @ex_cathedra


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