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tweets for 2016-07-15

Looks like the first (Eurasian) Twitter coup! (sorry Thailand and Africa)

I sure hope friends, family and coworkers in Turkey stay safe!

tweets for 2016-07-14

Delicious mangos from Pakistan for this afternoon at the #office!

tweets for 2016-07-11

Just checked, I have 3,982 separate tags in @Pinboard. I wonder if that’s out of line with others?

tweets for 2016-07-08

I was pretty happy this morning until I saw the news from #Dallas.

tweets for 2016-07-07

Allez Les Bleus! #gerfra

wow great block!

tweets for 2016-07-06

Nice header! #porwal

tweets for 2016-07-05

I can’t believe Egypt cancelled DST 3 days before it was planned to take effect. This is crazy!

Trump seems to be made of some malign form of Teflon. Criticisms that would disqualify a normal candidate simply slide off

tweets for 2016-07-04

Man, “Skype for Business” is such a brain-dead rebranding

Wondering is @ytajy is blind drunk celebrating Farage’s exit @captain_test

tweets for 2016-07-03

Allez les bleus!

tweets for 2016-07-01

wow 3 shots on goal from #BEL

Wow! what a goal! #BEL

Unbelievable! #WAL

This is amazing #WALBEL


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