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tweets for 2011-09-30

Now listening to Desolation Island on my commute. Fav #AubreyMaturin novel? #HorribleOldLeopardFTW

Önskar jag kunde gå oftare till #subrosa men det funkar sällan med tiderna #fb

Time to get my IM mojo on, installing Meebo notifier

#Blosxom tip: don’t forget to edit any custom permalink URL in your story.html and rss.html

tweets for 2011-09-29

In a valiant effort to stop the flow of cash for gear, I’ve disabled my RSS feeds for the local photo classifieds. It’s hard #withdrawal

Remember everyone being mad at Google for removing the Reader link from Gmail? They’ve done it again, but now: silence

tweets for 2011-09-27

I’d love to stop drinking but this job makes it damn hard to do so #onlypartlykidding

Maybe it’s time to move my bookmarks to @Pinboard, but I’ll give #Delicious a week to get their act together

What other people consider torture is just a workout to Jack Bauer. He emerges refreshed from a session #final24

Delicious API stops working, and now j/k navigation doesn’t work on #Tumblr? What is this, #Web2.0 first world problem day?

Since when do people pronounce the German surname Meier as “Meer”? Since #final24!

tweets for 2011-09-26

Dags att svartlista “Petzäll” från mitt Twitterflöde

Heck yeah, second Class A case today! (resolution has to be in 6 hours) #work

tweets for 2011-09-25

Dana Walsh manages to get a new identity that fools the CTU but her ex-con b/f tracks her down no problem. Who are these clowns? #final24

At least we’re back to that old villian standby, the Russkies, Muslims are so previous decade #final24

Why would the Russian mob smuggle uranium from Ukraine to the US to sell it? Talk about customer service #final24

tweets for 2011-09-24

Back from a lovely walk in a sunny Östermalm

Watching final season of “24”. CTU is under budget pressure, having spent all their money on glass for the office

29 more minutes of being 40…

Watching Discovery’s “Swamp Brothers”. My sympathy is all with the poor critters those assholes are harassing

tweets for 2011-09-23

Autumn Equinox is today at <09:04> UTC - 30 minutes of summer left!

Here’s a tip to #HP: fire your effing board

My iPhone hadn’t synced correctly so I had to start my computer again #1stworldproblems

Giggling so hard at “Big Bang Theory” I was desired to leave the room

I actually like the new Facebook, but I’ve been too lazy/busy to RTFM #fb

Sterling Archer for President! At least we won’t lack for women, booze and extrajudicial executions

Backups: better late than never

Screw Nicholas Cage, the real undead vampire is Henry Kissinger! And Dick Cheney of course, that goes without saying.

tweets for 2011-09-22

Köpte ny extern HDD, slapp utpressningspengar till #Copyswede #win

Tonight is retweet night

My iTunes catalog got corrupted so I can’t listen to audiobooks on my commute tomorrow #whitewhine

So apparently there’s a giant Facebook conference on? I’m glad I have a job where I don’t have time to know that #couldbeworst

Wait, are people using #f8 instead of #fb to prevent the tweet from being echoed to Facebook? If so that’s fucking awesome.

Busy day, started pretty crappy and got better, cos I MADE IT SO #poweringthrough

tweets for 2011-09-21

R.E.M. were still togther? Methinks this “breakup” is simply a smart move to sell records from the back catalog

tweets for 2011-09-20

Gordon Ramsay’s dwarf pr0n double dead in badget sett was a hoax. Didn’t see that coming

tweets for 2011-09-19

Today is Talk like a Pirate Day. Every day is Download like a Pirate Day. #arrr

tweets for 2011-09-16

Hah, turned out when I started linking tweets to my WP blog I included stuff like timestamps. 2 more months of tweets available!

Commiting the cardinal sin of parsing HTML with regexps #unclean #perl

Fuck yeah new #Archer episode!

tweets for 2011-09-15

Nice, I was able to extend my loan of the The Crippled God - 4 more weeks to get through it! #malazan

Using the awesome powers of #perl, I have backed up all my tweets back until Feb 2010. After that I can’t get to them though #nerd

ah maybe I should RTFM Twitter’s API

Fuck yeah The New Pornographers #plzNekobemyGF

tweets for 2011-09-13

liten test, bara att ignorera #räksmörgås

How come Google #Wave gets to die and that useless waste of server space #Buzz lives? #unfair

tweets for 2011-09-12

Switched the default font of the Windows console to Consolas. Ah, the relief! Is there any worse font than the horrible default?

Får inte en ersättare till min 5 år gamla jobbdator, men väl ett nytt batteri #alltidnågot #fb

Erry day I’m hustlin’ and lovin’ @TTYtter as my Twitter client

Listening through the 2009 and 2011 SXSW torrents, I’m in the “M”s now #thiswilltakeawhile

Dagens härdsmältor - Marcoule och Saab #interestingtimes #fb

tweets for 2011-09-11

Björklund: “Vi förlorar inflytande genom att stå utanför Euron” - inflytande att göra om 30-talets ekonomiska misstag, mao #fb

Reinfeldt gör rätt i att vänta med folkomröstning - sätter jämna pengar att Euron inte är kvar om 5 år - i alla fall inte med 17 länder med

Happy 9-11 everyone! Oh, wait…

tweets for 2011-09-09

Tried to edit a file in cygwin. No vi. Was about to fire up the setup when I remember I’ve installed emacs. Maybe time to switch?

Eff yeah managed to lube my 105mm #photog #diy

tweets for 2011-09-08

I’m supposed to believe that “John Smith” (if that is his real name) is following me on #Google+

tweets for 2011-09-07

Mentioning #Bitcoin is sure way of getting Bitcoin-related accounts to follow you. At least they’re not pornbots

Amused that it’s 6 years after 2005, and people online are still bitching about Dave Winer’s shitty XML formats

I used to mock Twitter’s email notification of replies and DM’s but now I realise they’re pretty useful. Email really never dies, does it?

tweets for 2011-09-06

With Patrick Tull narrating Patrick O’Brian’s “Post Captain” I’m actually looking forward to my commute #AubreyMaturin

tweets for 2011-09-05

My ambition right now: to be last living user of Google #Wave #prettyusefulactually

hat-annonser på TV just nu: H&M mördar “Girls on Film”, 80-tals syntarna i Puma Bodytrain, samt experten på skadat hår

tweets for 2011-09-03

So now we have an iMac. No place to put it though #1stproblems

bit miffed that the #apple reseller mstore.se apparently expects us to pay 229 SEK for Lion (wasn’t pre-installed)

10,000 SEK for a new computer and now the screen looks just like my Linux hand-me-down - Chrome + screen and irssi #oldfogey


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