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A waste of space and alcohol

tweets for 2009-09-30


forgot a camera. I foresee marvelous photo ops today :P


stupid iPhone won’t use the same format as Outlook when replying ot messages so a new thread is started when people reply


koehntopp: Outlook threading works OK for me, as long as you use “RE:" (yeah I know it’s wrong :) )


I’ve been using a phone for email since 2004 but it’s only now w/ the iPhone that everyone else is discovering the greatness


great, one of my cores is pegged at ~98% again, leading to choppy audio playback. Only help is a restart. Why? #winfail


cheatsheet for the Helvetica vs. Arial quiz: http://bit.ly/MfiUP


Posterous is a bit too minimal. I’d like to be able to attach stuff from the web interface


crappily edited and badly focused youtube videos seem to be de rigeur for wristwatch reviews


lunch at local Indian place… feel a bit bloated


great, turned out I have had the camera in my bag all day without knowing


I had three recipes to choose from, took the one where I thought we had all the ingredients. Turned out I was wrong. No green pea pesto …

tweets for 2009-09-29


gah should really fix my LinkedIn profile…


updating the E71


Sweden’s greatest living robo-poet: Thomas Transformer


(HT @jimh for the Tranformer quip)


weird, no-one I know IRL shoots Canon, while nearly everyone I know online does… #photog


The Police are still awesome after all these years #spotify


Viking is watchng a show about antibiotics, just after he’s had to take some himself


17 of 20, can you beat me? http://www.ironicsans.com/helvarialquiz/index.php


I can’t belive Leo would rather do homework than play ODST co-op

tweets for 2009-09-28


thanks apple for claiming my ipod is “corrupted”


itunes + quicktime 9.0.1 install is sloooow. how come no-one mentions this bloatware crap in reviews?


looks like I’ll have to resync my ipod after all. Thanks Apple for a wonderful user experience :P


I’m in a catch 22, when I connect the iPod iTunes freezes, it’s only when i disconnect it that it says I have to reformat it.. uh, how?


finally had to put the ’pod in disk mode and then i could restore


kinda wrongfooted in the lunch department


At Subways getting a special


played some Halo ODST this weekend, it’s way too easy on Normal difficulty. Or maybe I’m just too good ;)


calling Dell about another Latitude D630 motherboard failure


Delicious chicken is delicious. Try telling that to my son though :P


Halo 3: ODST finished on Normal. Don’t tell Leo ;)


looking at Flickr’s Explore section, a lot of middle-of-the-road #photog there… also female self-portraits

tweets for 2009-09-27


not gonna read tonight’s Twitter backlog, life’s too short…

tweets for 2009-09-26


started using Google Calendar, pretty useful now that I can sync it to work’s Outlook


put up the new drapes, a fiddly and frustrating process. Also they don;t quite cover the entire window :P


Off for sushi with 2 glasses of yesterday’s #bday Pommery in me #win


I should take this opportunity to play some “Halo: ODST” but I’ve got a couple of units of booze in me and will suck mightily at it


2009 has 3 Friday 13’s: Feb, Mar and Nov. Tempted to write a script to check if this is unusually many


stupid Hunters in ODST are making me mad

tweets for 2009-09-25


one of the advantages of having fixed a new gig is not having to dive into LinkedIn and tend that social garden…


ok, my little Flickr export/display project is more or less done… now what?


vem är det som sjunger Bellman i anti-alkoholreklamen på TV just nu? Låter som Olle Ljungström #fb


Olle Ljungström, “Vila vid denna källa” spotify:track:0sAGwOYOYbaU2kHiTIX0gI


pretty happy with my new #Freitag bag, pics forthcoming #bday


my bag http://is.gd/3EYIF


To all my wellwishers today, thank you all! #fb


ok now planning on mailing all my flickr pics to Gmail for “backup”. Just need to make sure I don’t get flagged as a spammer


äter födelsedagsmiddag på Texas Longhorn i #Sjöstaden #fb


home, opened a bottle of Pommery


Michael Flynn’s “The January Dancer” is damn good space opera

tweets for 2009-09-24


i #Sickla med en mycket piggare Viking. Svenssons i Lammhult ska öppna en affär här! #fb


hmm the Freitag reseller in #Stockholm doesn’t list them on their website…


relaxing with a cuppa


my attempts at blue-hour photography were stymied by my lack of knowledge on how BULB works on the RB67 #photog #fail


ironically, #Gmail was more reliable when they were in beta #fail

tweets for 2009-09-23


home again with Viking, who has strep throat


gotta say that Chase Jarvis embracing the iPhone is a breath of fresh air in hothouse world of #photog


finally got some traction in the RDF extraction from the data Net::Flickr::Backup generates


seriously, Carlyfornia dreamin’?

tweets for 2009-09-22


ta chansen att äga något av Ingmar Bergmans prylar! http://is.gd/3yq6C #fb


John Scalzi on the joys of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: http://is.gd/3ywuG


retroactively re-tagging my pics based on the ones I’ve used in Flickr. Only took me a weekend’s coding to get them out :P #photog


not a fan of RDF anymore. Stupid format grumble


I had a lot of fun in summer of 2007 when I first got my Nikon D40. I also took a lot of crap photos #photog


feels like a good idea to back up my images now…


RDF/XML is driving me fscking nuts, I need to rethink my entire approach


oh yes, before I forget, OpenOffice Spreadlegs still sucks rotten donkey balls. It’s an embarrasment

tweets for 2009-09-21


intressant att dom designers som “drabbas” är sedan länge döda (dessutom kvasifascister, men det hör inte hit ;)) http://is.gd/3weOW #dn #fb


förstärkt mönsterskydd för möbler skulle bara drabba nya designers som skulle stämmas av dom stora rättsinnehavarna för “intrång”


det skulle föga hjälpa dom som “drabbas” i nuläget. Vem driver denna kampanj i DN? Immaterialrättslobbyn har öppnat en ny front


the local vast and cool and unsympathetic intellect honours H.G. Wells’ birthday: http://is.gd/3wgbd #google #sf #too-clever-by-half


I’ve got high hopes for my stew, now on the stove


we need an induction hob soonest!


too eager to eat my delicious stew, now have blister on the roof of my mouth :P


forums with RSS feeds == win


`[…] advisers […] to Donald Rumsfeld had to persuade him not to edit his own entry on Wikipedia, which he referred to as “Wika-wakka.”’

tweets for 2009-09-20


märkligt hur mycket cred Ingvar Oldsberg får för skitprogrammet “Här är ditt liv”. Har han dossier på alla som kan tänkas klaga? #svt #fb

tweets for 2009-09-18


totalstopp gröna linjen #sl #fail #fb


hmm continue reading Mieville or hop on IRC?


IRC won! Of course #WirelessIRC does Twitter too


Detouring to Liljeholmen and taking the red line to Centralen #stockholmen #publictransport


hemma med Viking idag, men ska till $nya_jobbet efter lunch för att skriva på hos dom! #fb


Contract signed, w00t!


got a cheap plastic Swatch to tide me over until the Omega is repaired


it’s a bit weird there’s no “caption” attribute for the img tag in HTML


here’s an overview of how to achieve “captions” http://bit.ly/2xPZqc


trying to read what 37signals thinks about the Mint.com purchase but their blog ain’t loading


jesus this is bad writing http://bit.ly/2iMiwk


pretty typical of Sweden to be celebrating the loss of Finland to Russia (in 1809) this year. There’s even a 1 krona coin


Lilly Allen complains about filesharing, I say it’s a good thing. Through it I discovered Lilly Allen stinks

tweets for 2009-09-17


ah, Perl’s File::Find. So powerful. So confusing to use.


backups save our ass again!


Göran Hägglunds försök att hålla liberalismens fana högt känns rätt löjligt när man betänker KDs iver att reglera kring alkohol mm. #fb


wow lots of followers! I’ll get around to re-following soonest!


FCC still yammering on about the wardrobe malfunction. Maybe it stands for Fundamentalist Christian’s Commission


Damn it’s getting chilly #stockholm


it’s time for an early night, I want to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow!


ah, “Nikon needs fast wide primes” forum buttache – so good to feel superior to those whining lusers

tweets for 2009-09-16


Hmmm time to learn some RDF I think


great, now Outlook won’t let me mark an email as “read”. Oh Microsoft, you light up my day yet again


oh man here we go again… Atom vs. RSS :: PuSH vs. rssCloud … don’t want to go there!


puzzling over the RDF produced by Net::Flickr::Backup


asked my first question on StackOverflow: http://bit.ly/1LXcVI


hela Anna Anka-historien är ett smart sätt att väcka uppmärksamhet för programmet hon är med i #fb


Anna Ankas uttalanden fängslar arbetsplatsen! #fb


Damnit we got a fail in my last ever SOX audit (for this company anyway)


This China Mieville novel “The City & The City” is pretty damn good!


thank @mc for pointing me to some great RDF resources!

tweets for 2009-09-15


sweet tags added in Picasa (or Windows Explorer) are carried over in Flickr Uploadr


every time I use my little 45mm pancake I fall in love with it again http://is.gd/3ih3K #photog


Klockrent! http://klockren.nu/ #fb


På pizzeria Bodino, väntandes på mat till familjen #snabbmatsliv #fb


pondering the value of archiving my tweets… actually I think I have a perl script for that somewhere

tweets for 2009-09-14


oh great, SOX “kick off meeting” with half a day’s notice. How about the Yanks learn about timezones???


huh, I appreciate the simplicity of Posterous but I’d like to be able to upload a PDF without having to forward it by email…


Red-line Metro still has old-style carriages #stockholm


Interviews are like tests, while you’re happy they’re over you always feel you could have done better


debated whether I should copy-paste the contents of 10 rows in Excel or try to generate email via VBA. copy-paste won


OMG Sean Reid is gonna sue TOP over a comment? This is beyond hilarious http://is.gd/3g5av #photog #butthurt


got radio set up on the E71, nice!


Homeward bound, gonna make a nice jambalaya for dinner


Haha Aftonbladet: “1 latte = 1 cheeseburgare”. Hur kan det vara en nyhet? #fb


jambalaya tajm #fb

tweets for 2009-09-13


lazy Sunday


boning up on prospective employer in preparation for interview tomorrow


wow down to 925 unread items in Reader…

tweets for 2009-09-12


man there’s a lot of Bay Area residents in my Twitter stream, emoting about a thunderstorm


the browser may be shite but at least the logo no longer stinks http://bit.ly/10oQ24

tweets for 2009-09-11


learning about mod_redirect through the simple method of googling every line


got an interview lined up for Monday. stoked!


pro gear listing: http://bit.ly/1NoAJn (in Danish) #photog


doing the DROP TABLE tango


is it friday?YES:NO


I think it’s nice the Olds have got this Beatles re-release to get excited about. God knows there’s not much else happening for them


RON PAUL ASKED YOU SOMETHING ABOUT JOHN GALT. - http://ronpaulisyournewbicycle.com/ via @mat


jobless recovery: more money, proportionally, to the businesses at expense of the employers


I mean of course employees…. rhetoric via Twitter, never a good idea. Thanks @carl_modigh!


man I’m beat

tweets for 2009-09-10


Keep it classy, South Carolina


follow @prunsupport for all your PriceRunner Support twitter needs! [correct account this time]


man I kind of hate our wireless access point/router right now


.@janole thanks a lot for #Gravity! It’s such an awesome app, good luck with #Ovi and Playnow!


ok I know the Beatles are the greatest etc etc but man, they’re getting OLD… not feeling the love at all


still floored by “Toll the Hounds”, I kinda have to re-read “Reaper’s Gale” now


blasphemy! http://bit.ly/3QfLZn


my birthday’s coming up! I’d like a Leica M9 + a Tri-Elmar, or Steven Erikson’s “Dust of Dreams”… you decide!


designer cliches http://www.flickr.com/photos/lunchbreath/sets/72157622201729881/


I still can’t believe I bitched about Wordpress one day and I’ve spent the last 2 days upgrading WP blogs

tweets for 2009-09-09


yes! Finally got my MF scans from Crimson


feeling less homicidal towards Wordpress after 3 succesful upgrades. It’s quite the package!


wow, Wordpress in French…


only €5000 for the Leica M9? My credit card can swing that!


if you have phpMyAdmin access to your WP install, resetting a password is dead easy


oh yeah, today wasn’t just Leica day, right? Some other company is having some sort of presentation


how come the Twitter “Sign in” button is much less prominent than the giant “Join” button?


always nice to get a comment on my shots. Thanks, @hult! http://gustaf.symbiandiaries.com/weblog/photo/Platform.html


classic, Apple presentation and Twitter dies

tweets for 2009-09-08


great, as karmic retribution for slagging Wordpress yesterday I’ve been tasked with upgrading our production blogs, hosted externally…


.@Veidit The Wordpress world is so far a desolate wasteland, filled with the stench of blood and the screams of the tormented!

tweets for 2009-09-07


I kinda hate our stupid fax/scanner


happy happy joy joy I’m on call this week


I have to get a lunch from a restaurant today because I foolishly stored my box lunch in a #WordPress install and hackers stole it!


instinctively find the bad name Fibes, Oh Fibes! offensively twee and refuse to listen to them


.@varjag will that prove that President Obama was born in Salzburg and his real name is Dietrich?


.@tiwilliam read the commandment of St. Jobs: thou shalt not multitask!


I’m sure it’s not really the cause, but I’m blaming the #Wordpress flap on #PHP. Everybody hates PHP


nice, Spotify coming for S60: http://bit.ly/3iJK0Q


tried using BT to sync the E71 but it was an exercise in futility


on the menu tonight: chili con carne + coleslaw. Looking forward to making it!


gnäll om att Spotify funkar dåligt på iPhone är definitivt dagens i-världsproblem #fb


chili con carne + coleslaw = yum


huh trying to access gmail gives a redirect loop (Google Chrome on Linux). Wazzup with that?


how weird is this, 2 consecutive tweets in 2 different languages mention Def Leppard… is it a meme thang??


I feel taking a screenshot and posting it to Tumbrl is a good use of my time! http://bit.ly/378qd


I feel a bit queesy, time for bed

tweets for 2009-09-06


I love how irssi + tircd handles Unicode URLs better than TweetDeck


small things that make me happy: picking out the kid’s clothes the evening before

tweets for 2009-09-05


Whoah those were some (literally) butt-ugly shorts

tweets for 2009-09-04


Braving hangover for #subrosa. Go me!


I need a slightly bigger bag… This one struggles with body, lens, lunchbox and fat fantasy novel


I remember reading about a war correspondent using an M8 in Iraq (he panned it) and thinking “people use that toy for serious stuff?”


herregud den senaste tweeten var mer än lovligt osammanhängande, jag skyller på gårdagens kräftskiva


time for some more coffeine


jag ska köpa halsband som present till en 7-årig tjej, runt <100:-.> Bra ställen i City för sånt? #fb


SOCIALISM! http://wagist.com/images/political/socialism.jpg


Tack till alla som tipsade mig om affärer tidigare! Hittade ett snyggt halsband och en börs på Guldfynd. Hoppas nu det uppskattas! #fb


calling Dell gold support about @xboxflickan’s Latitude D630 #laptop #crap


cat cuddle ambush from Sindy!!

tweets for 2009-09-03


interview with a recruiter in 1 hour, feeling positive!


WTF, the Nokia E71 won’t charge via USB?? I have to keep another wire just to charge it?


Shoutout to Magnus who will miss tonight’s crawfish party. We’ll miss you, dude!


WTF is up with Dell and their “Driver Download Manager”?


I know you can’t expect much from cellphone cameras, but the E71’s pictures are pretty fucking horrible


this, kids, is why HDR is EVIL http://bit.ly/15LN2i


it never rains but it pours, our server room cooling failed so our office server fans are running full-tilt


definitely something wrong with our A/C, contacted the building manager


blasting some tunes to drown out the servers gasping for breath on our sweltering server closet. Let them suffer, I say!


calling the building admins again…


making an early break for it from office crawfish party

tweets for 2009-09-02


rainy day, fall is definitely just around the corner


lots of cool products coming out of Nokia World, but will they be enough in the face of the iPhone juggernaut? #nw09


now transferring my stuff from the E61 to my temporary E71


checking out m.twitter.com from the E71


gonna check out the pics from the E71…


I’ve installed the 2 must-have apps for S60 on this loaner E71, #Gravity and #WirelessIRC from mobileways.de. Thanks @janole!


gonna take the boat from Nybrokajen home


heading back from Willys with an old-lady rolling bag full of groceries #middleage


wow the Leica X1 will give Mike Johnston a raging hard-on: http://bit.ly/MY0CF


FMR it’s giving me a hard-on…


wow SCOTUS watching is the new Kremlinology: http://bit.ly/CGqLn


office party tomorrow, packing my “party kit”: D200, Sigma 18-50/3.5-5.6, SB-400. KISS principle rules for stuff like this


gonna have a talk with Viking’s teacher tomorrow…

tweets for 2009-09-01


Yay Elin Ruth Sigvardsson spelar på Debaser Medis 4/11! Nån som vill haka på och se henne? #fb


seriously, is #nogoogleday for real? What kind of idiots come up with this shit?


nästa smuggelvara… glödlampor #fb


the net’s reaction to the Canon EOS 7D: IT’S A CROP!!! #photog


searching for #nogoogleday returns more people admitting they’ve broken it… #fail


so apparently “a fifth of $booze” is 750ml, i.e.1/5 gallon. #youlearnsomethingneweveryday


I’m calling the Leica M9 as a film camera. We’ll see if I’m right on 09/09/09 #leica #photog


maybe I should start using Google Calendar


13 iPhone 3Gs were just delivered to the office


suffering from mild iPhone envy, but I’ll borrow a E71 for the time remaining


So hungry and the train is delayed #sl


gmail is down, this means that #nogoogleday works! Never give up, people!


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