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tweets for 2017-03-30

Avoid Nerdfights - The Internet Can Stay Pedantic Longer Than You Can Stay Sane

tweets for 2017-03-22

Why is it Scotland Yard and not Scotland Meter #brexit

Is there an England Yard in Edinburgh

tweets for 2017-03-21

The other shoe drops - official #Reddit iOS app starts showing ads (ping @cukeking)

tweets for 2017-03-20

So glad I’ve started reading back issues of @nybooks at breakfast instead of tweets

tweets for 2017-03-17

Spring is Sprung, no woollen cap needed this morning. Also #stpattys #greenbeer

Éirinn go Brách, brah

tweets for 2017-03-10

Google Wave - Never Forget

tweets for 2017-03-08

Hi my name is Gustaf, I’m nearly half a century old and I can’t spell “bourgeois”

Using logic against ones opponent is a good use of Jesuit-jitsu

tweets for 2017-03-07

“I’ve got your Freudian concepts right here in my pants”

“I tried to get in touch with my feelings but they wouldn’t return my calls” - L. Cole

tweets for 2017-03-06

“Empire 2.0” - yeah, maybe get those Cool Brittania guys on that to find a better slogan #brexit

Fråga kolon: har Södra Teatern Stockholms obekvämaste stolar?

tweets for 2017-03-02

Glad to see this Administration is channeling The Greatest Generation when Uncle Joe and Russians were our friends!


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