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tweets for 2015-03-28

Thanks to 7zip and Filezilla I might actually get this 3.5G file to where it belongs before the weekend is over #work

tweets for 2015-03-26

Giving the 2015 SXSW showcasing artists collection ago. I see I have unlistened tracks from the 2012 compilation… sigh

Twitter: sometimes you’re the retweeted, sometimes you’re the blocked

Twitter is a nightmare for marketers, especially for airlines. Every mention of #Germanwings now discusses the crash

tweets for 2015-03-23

So far this is the Platonic ideal of a Monday - cold, sleet, delayed commute.

Learn something new today RT @beatonna: today’s google doodle!

tweets for 2015-03-20

March equinox and a solar eclipse? I have a bad feeling about this…

tweets for 2015-03-19

#Bitcoin: backed by math. Fronted by idiots. (h/t @brownpau)

tweets for 2015-03-18

Another ep of Gray’s Anatomy, another person dying of cancer, another fucking string quartet playing

tweets for 2015-03-17

“Reminder: We hope you enjoyed your vacation” - they want me to fill in a survey, but what a weird choice of words

tweets for 2015-03-16

“New iOS update, new undeletable Apple “Watch” app! I must get an Apple Watch!” - thinks no-one ever

<10:26> < SB> unnnndeletable <10:26> < SB> in evvvvery way <10:27> < MM> in my ‘Crap’ folder <10:27> < MM> is where you’ll staaayyyy @gmjhowe

Sometimes I forget just how old I actually am.

Watching a bunch of anime, it looks like no-one screenwriting them has anything good to say about the Self-Defense Forces…

Unni Drougges halstatuering är nog det fulaste jag sett på länge.

tweets for 2015-03-14

I’d be more enthusiastic about #piday if it didn’t rely on a blatantly illogical month-day-year ordering of dates #teamISO8601

“Let’s get people interested in math and science by highlighting a redonkulous middle-ended date ordering scheme!” #piday

Ser ut som att Mello’s app kraschat helt.

tweets for 2015-03-13

So, Fri 13 means it’s drink champagne day! I wonder if cava counts as acceptable substitute?

Substituting prosecco for champagne for #champagnefriday13th

tweets for 2015-03-12

Unsubscribed from The Talk Show with @gruber until the watch stuff is fully dissected, so next year.

Of course yesterday’s sunset was the best of the year #photo

It’s sad when someone dies but when the person is a geek icon the Net becomes insufferable for a few days.

tweets for 2015-03-10

Why does Twitter think I have a business?

Prequel to The Walking Dead - The Sitting Dead, The Recumbent Dead, The Pre-Dead Living?

En deltagare i “Vem vet mest” heter Skywalker i förnamn. Indignationen saknar gränser i det Eriksonska hushållet #fb

tweets for 2015-03-09

Looks at giant Citizen adorning my puny wrist yeah, I could rock an Apple Watch!

Working one handed and scratching a dog behind the ears… literally. It’s not a euphemism!

#Bitcoin target market: International Men of Mystery, Captains of Industry, and JOhn Galts.

TV4 visar filmen “G - som i gemenskap” … med 1,000x mer gitarrsolon än vad som kan visas numera

tweets for 2015-03-04

Complex generated passwords are all well and good until you have to input them using a TV remote control

Today’s 1st world problem, the BMW I want to rent is slightly too expensive, I have to settle for an Audi.


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