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tweets for 2007-06-30

preparing for a day of toil

tweets for 2007-06-29

this month’s bills were “only” 50K SEK

tweets for 2007-06-28


always start your screen with -U

tweets for 2007-06-27

downing a pint of Bombardier

tweets for 2007-06-26

mmm Trappistes Rochefort

tweets for 2007-06-25

4 weeks alone at the support desk stretch in front of me

On the plus side, I can play music through the speakers

hooked up my ancient Technics receiver to the computer so I can play LOUDER MUSIC

tweets for 2007-06-21

Participating in an ancient Swedish tradition, queueing for booze the day before Midsummer’s Eve

They asked for my ID!!

tweets for 2007-06-20

Move done! Apt full of boxes. Still a lot of crap in the house.

tweets for 2007-06-19

“Lucas - Prince of Darkness”

plan after work: drive to the old house and pick up the cats :D

tweets for 2007-06-18

we’ve packed the big stuff, move is tomorrow!

tweets for 2007-06-17

Pouring down, naturally, the day after I watered the lawn.

tweets for 2007-06-15

Waiting for takeout

House sale final. We’ve got our down payment :)

trying to relax with crisps and lo-alcohol beer

tweets for 2007-06-14

Signed final(?) papers in house selling saga. All should be over tomorrow

Looking forward to Shawn Colvin concert tonight

tweets for 2007-06-09

Finally done painting the living

tweets for 2007-06-08

Hmm, the buyers are playing hardball and want to pay less.

P minus 30 minutes, where P is the Summer office party!

tweets for 2007-06-07

Stressed out. Only about halfway thru the sodding painting after 3 days of work. Need to clear out the temp storage and get IKEA stuff too

tweets for 2007-06-06

My blog is down :( Backup at http://gerikson.wordpress.com

tweets for 2007-06-03

I can’t believe i got suckered into going to IKEA again

I survived IKEA… barely

tweets for 2007-06-02

Back in the house after futzing around in the apartment. Tomorrow I’m painting walls. I can’t fscking wait…

tweets for 2007-06-01

short day today, we’re signing the final papers for the apt at <14:00>


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