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tweets for 2017-02-28

Infants have pacifiers, POTUS has a Samsung with a Twitter app

tweets for 2017-02-27

“Mathematical Knowledge adds a manly Vigour to the Mind, frees it from Prejudice, Credulity, and Superstition.” - John Arbuthnot

tweets for 2017-02-25

Not only is Sweden an Islamist hell-hole, we have high rates of atheism, legal abortion and strict gun control. Also very anti-drugs.

Liberalernas frihandelsvurm tar tvärt slut när rysk oligark vill köpa hamn på Gotland, LOL

tweets for 2017-02-24




If the worst Trump and Farage can do is paint Sweden in a bad light, we should all be so lucky. Sadly they have bigger plans.

I just paid 190EUR for a 7kg box of assorted lenses (that’s $200 for 15lbs the metrically challenged)

tweets for 2017-02-22

TIL the body mass index was invented by Belgian statistician Quetelet in 1832.

tweets for 2017-02-21

Wow, long time since I thought about the movies of Peter Greenaway. He feels very late 70s to mid-80s to me now.

“The PDP-11? There’s an app for that!” (not really, but there should be!)

tweets for 2017-02-20

If fake stories about how dangerous Sweden is keeps Trump away from us I’m all for them…

I’ve read “Nineteen Eighty-Four” twice and frankly didn’t remember the “memory holes”. Two Minute Hate, The Anti-Sex League stuck w/ me

Donning my flak vest to return home through the crime-infested streets of Stockholm. I hope I survive the snipers camped in Stadhustornet!

tweets for 2017-02-15

The central paradox of #photography today - expensive high-resolution cameras take pics for phone screens (IG).

tweets for 2017-02-12

Trump’s plan to halt immigration seems to be to make the US just a nightmarish as the countries they are coming from

tweets for 2017-02-10

Per Curiam and Non Serviam - check out their latest single on iTunes!

TEsting my newly lubed and assembled 100mm lens. It now focuses to infinity - AND BEYOND

tweets for 2017-02-09

``Seattle Aquarium cancels octopus sex act due to cannibalism concerns’’ #ageoftrump

The gate sign over the labor camp entrance read “Work Hard - Buy Ivanka Products”

tweets for 2017-02-08

Protip: don’t try to get into internet nerdfights with @pinboard. YOU WILL LOSE

tweets for 2017-02-03

Actually, “professional anarchist” sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Where do I apply?

Merits: slovenly, bearded, hates all authority

“What is your weakness? Never got the hang of those funky spherical bombs”

tweets for 2017-02-02

Hey leftists, “Agent Provocateur” is not just a lingerie brand

Publishing fake news makes more money than publishing real news. Capitalism wins again!

tweets for 2017-02-01

Remember when we were all sniggering at GOP candidates failing to stand up to Trump? Good times.


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