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tweets for 2019-08-30

It’s unclear to me whether the character name “Hotblack Desiato” in HHGTTG is lifted from the Islington realtor, or if it’s the other way around

Sometimes I wish I was the kind of person who could remember what color keyswitches my keyboard has, instead of having to google it

tweets for 2019-08-28

Elin Ruth (Sigvardsson)s bästa album är “A Fiction” från 2008. Fite me. #fb

“We have to bypass the people’s elected representatives because they do not accurately represent the will of The People” is a slogan of would-be dictators everwhere

tweets for 2019-08-27

pro-tip: your command-line twitter client is seldom looking at the same data as your command-line sqlite client

tweets for 2019-08-22

Patrick Byrne went off the deep (state) end

tweets for 2019-08-21

When are we gonna see polite little green men in Greenland, arranging a plebiscate for being annexed by the USA?

“GREENland?! More like TRUMPland, amirite fellas?!”

tweets for 2019-08-16

Stalinist USSR: “we made deep fakes before it was cool. Take that, capitalist pig-dogs!”

tweets for 2019-08-11

It’s time to update that famous poem…

At first we came for the Nazis And they screamed bloody murder For they were interested in the tenets of National Socialism And wished to continue to subscribe to their anonymous online newsletter


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