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tweets for 2017-08-31

Life lesson at #work - schedule 1hr to change Windows credentials

50 år senare säljs De Geers “Skända flaggan” på Bukowskis för 30 lax.

Don’t mess with glaciation - it will grind you down

tweets for 2017-08-21

Because this is the Internet Age and the Internet is American this is the first time ever the Moon has obscured the Sun

tweets for 2017-08-20

Reading 2 histories of the Korean War back to back - gives some great perspective

tweets for 2017-08-18

Most 2017 phrase? “Trust me, I’m an Instagram professional.”

tweets for 2017-08-15

Ello? More like ElLOL

tweets for 2017-08-10

Sounds like Damore was really triggered

Fundamentally misunderstanding something and then writing a 10 page manifesto proving your misunderstanding #justwhitementhings

tweets for 2017-08-06

IKEA on a rainy Sunday - exactly as hellish as you’d expect.

tweets for 2017-08-03

Finally some rain!

tweets for 2017-08-02

Office Update needs to close Skype, but Skype resists closing REALLY HARD #microsoft #work

Iain Banks - best M: “Use of Weapons”. Best non-M: “The Crow Road”. FITE ME


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