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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2009-10-30


sleeping in


I’m a few days away from declaring google reader bankrupcy


ok time to take down all the stuff around the computer…


loving using Twitter via irssi (#tircd) About the only thing missing is that Swedish chars get messed up


maybe I should set up a test account for that


my considered opinion on #GoogleWave: it’s not gonna get you laid


it feels weird to be on the other side of the termination process…


iTunes seems to have issues generating a text file of all my music…


Computer shut down for good, all stuff disconnected and tucked neatly in. Feeling a bit sad… #quitting


No termination tickets generated yet! They’ll have to scramble to shut down my sudo access I think ;)


ok no going back now!


Picking up the rental


Burn säljer “shots” som kostar <20:-> styck för 50ml. Helt otroligt #fb


Vin sprit och öl inhandlat! #fest #fb


Today was my last day at PriceRunner, I’ve got very mixed feelings right now…


thanks TvTorrents.com for season 3 of “Foyle’s War”


speaking of TV shows, the theme song for “Enterprise” sucks

tweets for 2009-10-29


Quick trip home to fix some stuff in prep for Sat, now back to the last supper with the team!


it’s pretty scary how alcohol makes you feel better ….


testar Telenor kundservice-chat


På Smak på Restaurangen, Oxtorgsgatan. Avsmakningsmenyn FTW! #fb

tweets for 2009-10-28


yet another German in 1940 Hastings… seriously?


eating lunch with a cat perched on my shoulders, hungrily eyeing the fish

tweets for 2009-10-27


heroically resisted the temptation to go back to bed


succumbed to temptation after breakfast, lost 75 minutes :P




yay for spelling suggestiosn from @_spell! follow your strange word with (sp?)

tweets for 2009-10-26


awesome, tumblr.com support j/k keyboard shortcuts for jumping between posts! vi keystrokes ftw


haha Chrome doesn’t seem to honor the <blink> tag on the XKCD page…


completing my geek credentials by watching Star Trek: TOS, but only the notable episodes

tweets for 2009-10-25


Dragooned into IKEA duty! War is hell, regret I only have 1 credit card to give to my country, dulce et decorum est pro patria mori etc etc


omfg still here at IKEA!!! And we still have to get groceries, #FML


lol Geocities down due to last-minute nostalgia traffic


this is weird, I can’t create a new wave?

tweets for 2009-10-24


strange stuff I find perusing @GreatDismal’s follow, list, @MargaretAtwood runs #Wordpress


woking up a storm

tweets for 2009-10-23


it’s harder to find my groove than it is to find my PUK code


Left4Dead 2 trailer is fscking awesome http://bit.ly/KKcJ


kinda freaked out my Flickr’s new people finder


soon Beertime


Heading home Monks Cafe


Still think pre-“Brothers in Arms” Dire Straits are the best

tweets for 2009-10-22


cleaning out my (physical) folders


I try to eject a DVD from the drive and Explorer locks up. Quality koding from Redmin, WA

tweets for 2009-10-21


Prime time commuting. Interesting note in Ny Teknik about a radioactive battery #future


Exchange is not my favourite piece of software right now… #enterprisey


more on the nuclear battery: http://bit.ly/Xq0e9 #awesome


ok, right now I’m hating both Exchange and DNS


Ursula LeGuin is 80 today, congratulations! #leguin80


Thanks @Veidit for making the DNS sun shine!


just order Ken MacLeod’s Giant Lizards from Another Star, we’ll see if it arrives!


according to “Foyle’s War”, half of WW2-era Hastings was full of Germans

tweets for 2009-10-20


Welcome to IS Hell! I am your host, Steve Ballmer


was this my last SOX request? Let’s hope so!


nice read for #nogod, Ken MacLeod’s A Tulip for Lucretius - http://is.gd/4syoU


my very last systems meeting, discussing the sunset plan for the servers. Got a last-minute #SOX request from our auditors


Just nominated Gravity for Best Mobile Based Twitter App http://mashable.com/owa #openwebawards

tweets for 2009-10-19


Great day for #SL #tramfail


man, it really is Monday today…


Google Wave is the most hyped Wiki in the history of humankind!


feels like an early lunch is in order


tried exporting my Contacts as a textfile, crashed Outlook #microsoft #quality


Picasa 3.5 face recognition is pretty freaky


vaccination i Umeå leder till långa köer… perfekt för smittspridning!


Riksdagen har fått ett Beatles-sällskap??? KULTURSKYMNING! #fb


RPM klagar på RFSU’s “extremliberala” sexundervisning, SD kör en s/Juden/muslimer/ i gamla Nazitexter… 30-talet, välkommen tillbaka!


gah I hate when I lose all connections and I have to flail around adding chans to IRC


making an early night of if

tweets for 2009-10-18


party invites sent! no backing off now #procrastination


got #Dropbox working in Ubuntu Nautilus - very smooth install!


DN kan inte franska, Samedi != söndag http://bit.ly/4TwPY #fb


damn this bag of mixed nuts is 97% peanuts :P

tweets for 2009-10-17


I know I’m crazy but I’m researching 28mm M mount lenses in case I want a used Leica M8… #photog


nice, #dropbox has native apps for Nautilus integration http://bit.ly/2ixn45


varjag: yeah, my gear is holding me back….


``In his later years, comedian Groucho Marx became the unlikely penpal of poet T. S. Eliot’’ – gotta love http://www.lettersofnote.com/

tweets for 2009-10-16


at today’s #subrosa, we tried to reboot the Nobel Prize


ZOMG Twitter #groups! At this rate they’ll have replicated Jaiku by 2013


just wrote a script that will be in production after I quit … makes you code defensively


what if you got a Google Wave invite and it was all meh?


heading home on Friday with a couple of brewskis in me == #win


Jag känner mig helt bortkopplad från svensk politik. Vad är oddsen för regeringsskifte inom ett år? #politik #fb


VueStar claims a patent on linking to pics/media… if they win it would clean up the internets real good


can’t see any of my previous waves when I log in from Ubuntu. Wave glitch? Ubuntu Chrome glitch? A sign I should drink more wine?


Google Wave marginally more useful once people are using it… it’s like Facebook for nerds

tweets for 2009-10-15


on the Moon, you use the Sunny 16 rule! http://is.gd/4kouI #photog


quote of the day: ``He stands in a pair of his oversized loafers on the worn skin of a lesser kudu’’ http://is.gd/4kqZk


thanks @vero for the #wave invite … now impatiently waiting for it to arrive


apparently #wave invites take a few days to wend through the system… maybe the Googleplex will decide I AM NOT WORTHY


yet another reason not to license your stuff under Creative Commons: http://is.gd/4kAZb #photog #copyfight


lftp’s scripting capabilities are obscure, but the tutorial helps


I could do with a beer right now…


Yay Google Reader in #Gravity! one step closer to total world domination

tweets for 2009-10-14


wish I could say Elin Ruth Sigvardsson’s latest is great but not feeling it… gonna listen some more


damnit I’ll miss having 2 monitors at my next gig… and it’s hardly the first thing I can comment on, is it?


wordpress theme files hold no mysteries for me… I am victorious!


best thing about new #photog announcements: reading the forums nerds getting their knickers in a twist http://is.gd/4jhWz


I think Nikon released the 85/3.5 DX specifically to piss off FredMiranda posters #photog


real world “Highway Patrolman” http://bit.ly/1DMsAM (via @GreatDismal)

tweets for 2009-10-13


feeling rather down today…


biggest example of the Streisand Effect yet? #guardiangag http://bit.ly/V8wuj


before today I’d never heard of #trafigura, now the only thing I know is they’re oil-dumping, gag-ordering scumbags


.@ewanspence “I know, lets break with hundreds of years of tradition and gag the freedom of expression. What could possibly go wrong?” # …


``Master ticket: shut down old PriceRunner platform’’


#CarterRuck must be wondering what hit them… also probably plotting to restrict blogging in future


Nilkon Nikkor 14-24/2.8 for sale in Stockholm, good price http://www.blocket.se/vi/24101369.htm


just when #Trafigura and #CarterRuck thought it was over… the Americans wake up! #twitterstorm


enjoying the legal prose of Judge Clay Land http://is.gd/4hNbe #wingnuts


Nikon D3s leaked http://bit.ly/IlILi

tweets for 2009-10-12


Too many people in the subway for me to read my fat hardback copy of “The Dark Valley”


latest gimmicky stupidity from people with more social media nous than sense http://www.project10-50.com/ #photog


reading about the 19th history of France… a lot of shit went down there during that period


I’m getting the feeling that a lot of wingnuts will want to introduce an American alternative to the Nobel prize.

tweets for 2009-10-11


today’s plan: tech support for relatives #killmenow


tech support solution: buy new laptop!


Packard Bell lappy for 4K SEK purchased, now for setup!


there’s a lot of crap installed by default on a new PC :P


Making the trek home from #Kärrtorp without my iPod #fml


IT support Sunday… soon over

tweets for 2009-10-10


I wonder if the new Samyang 14mm f/2.8 is a viable alternative as a wide-angle on DX #photog


cat owners: if your cat is sleeping in your favourite chair, do you sit down anyway? I do


clarification: I give them a fighting chance to avoid my descending posterior, I’m not interested in paying for a veterinary visit… #N …


dudes talking about using RAW mode in their cameras but can’t even expose correctly make me sad

tweets for 2009-10-09


planning the day with Viking and Teodor


På väg till Tekniska Museet med Viking och Teodor #fb


if Obama winning the Peace Prize doesn’t prove he is the Antichrist I don’t know what will #wingnut


The boys are having a grand old time at the science museum. Read about the moon camera


I think the Norwegians gave the Peace prize to Obama specifically to piss off the wingnuts. Guess a boycott is in order!


Otoh Norway’s only exports are oil and cod…


Heading home, wish I had a car


Maybe it’s perceo


Maybe it’s perception bias but it seems everyone in Stockholm has an iPhone or a E71


Obama får Fredspriset är som när Helena Bergström blev korad tidernas bästa skådespelerska av “svenska folket” #fb


sounds like the Nikon D3s will be the ultimate sports-shooter body. 14 fps? wow #photog #rumors


it’s inappropriate awards day today! ``Kate Beckinsale has been named the Sexiest Woman Alive’’


Hummer sold to the Chinese… a sign of the end times!

tweets for 2009-10-08


Media Markt har en av de fulaste loggorna jag sett #fb


say hello to my little footlong


great, you can export podcast subscriptions in iTunes!


heading to bed early to get up early (I hope!)

tweets for 2009-10-07


Microsoft has really dropped the mobile ball #winmo6.5 #mobitopia


funny post http://bit.ly/17HbcE #photog


Chinese media report lezzie heaven in Northern Sweden http://bit.ly/dkU48


otrevlig DN-rubrik (via RSS): “Kiss med rost i makeupen”


perspektiv: http://bit.ly/chIkK #fb


ok that seals it, Google Wave is dead, @scobleizer pans it! MOVING ON http://is.gd/42D9i


gonna check out bitlbee, I can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t communicate entirely via irssi


sucked into compiling a shedload of C libs to get bitlbee working


trying hard to care, but failing


hmm wordpress.com not importing my delicious feed anymore?


Irving Penn has died - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irving_Penn


time to leave the internets and go to bed

tweets for 2009-10-06


nice, Google Reader presents a blank page. WTF?


Given up trying to optimise my placement on the tram, just getting on in less crowded trailing carriage


*/~ skinheads on the golf course // looking for their balls


Apparently our server room cooling has given up again


oh yeah I shot some pics yesterday!


phoned Trygg-Hansa and got money for the watch repair


using tircd for twitter means you can /kick people you don’t want to follow, very satisfying! #meta


if you hear a roar of frustration from central Stockholm it mean I have not been able to isolate what’s pegging my core


Taiwan’s secret weapons.. ROBOTS http://warisboring.com/?p=2679


vem ljuger och vem talar sanning den ny-uppblossade Rushdie-affären? Vem bryr sig, infekterad kulturdebatt ohoj! #fb


Ikväll: strömmingburgare!


omfg Harry Potter 7 movies to be released in 2 parts?? Finally JK Rowling’s lack of editing catches up

tweets for 2009-10-05


Really enjoying the Angry Mac Bastards podcast and their skewering of new media douchebags


clocking in


bah! seem to have lost NFS access


ironically, Google Sidewiki doesn’t work in Google Chrome…


I’m not going to miss this laptop when I move on. Fscking piece of crap Dell shit


anyone else get the feeling Google has jumped with shark with Wave and Sidewiki?


I had a decent amount of fun playing Halo 3: ODST, but it’s bargain-basement bottom-feeting Mil SF at the core. So much macho bullshit


I wish I knew what app/process is pegging one of my cores so I could hang, draw, and quarter it


totally unsupported but I’m inclined to blame last.fm for the core pegging.


I wish my computer had resistant TB and was in a respirator so I could pull the plug and see it suffocate


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog - Star Wars - http://bit.ly/J6i0Z


Got a call from Franks Ur, my Omega DeVille has been repaired! It looks brand new!


You know what I miss from 70s West Coast pop? Manic piano playing


Favving “Birdland” in iTunes coz I like my fusion pop-y and accessible #philistinemonday


tempted to not wear my recently refurbished watch until I’ve figured out a good way to photograph it

tweets for 2009-10-04


Wiscosin… FOR THE WIN! http://bit.ly/L1UQs


got a text from my Dad in Georgia… the original in the Caucasus. He’s been visiting a dairy kolchos!

tweets for 2009-10-02


Rushdie-affären är definitionen av “infekterad”. Såren har inte läkts än. Cf. Englund vs. Ekman #subrosa #fb


On my way into #subrosa, listening to #Stackoverflow podcast. Running late though


I enjoy looking at landscape shots more than I enjoy taking them #insight #photog


can’t remember if I read Ellroy’s “American Tabloid”…


man why isn’t the office coffee machine on Twitter? Now I have to walk 30m to see if it’s got beans in it


I wonder if all the Google Wave haters are the ones who didn’t get an invite?


.@jimh agreed, being mentioned in the same breath as Lotus Notes is a warning, not an endorsement


På väg hem på Tvärbanan med en flaska Alsace för kvällens recept #fb


haha “Google Wave is the Segway for email” – so true


#wordsIcantSpellRight: parallel, receive, lots of the infamous Sje-words in Swedish


something that would make me happy: seeing the entire cast of Grey’s Anatomy die in a fire

tweets for 2009-10-01


15 ms of internet fame http://bit.ly/TtuxI


not very many fun things in the latest LPfoto auction http://is.gd/3Q049


a social network has only truly arrived when the spam does


that was a quick shower, the sun is out again!


``Other than it being melted its in perfect condition’’ - http://roanoke.craigslist.org/pho/1395714667.html


marking time until this evening’s meeting


Google and Apple – hype meisters extraordinaire (at least in the Twitterverse)


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