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tweets for 2013-10-31

Hotel sent up complimentary cava for wife’s b/day, classy! Now rather tight. #fb

tweets for 2013-10-28

Twitter and FB full of Lou Reed news. Google+? Not so much!

tweets for 2013-10-25

Ah, vacation. The perfect time to catch up on my Instagram queue.

tweets for 2013-10-24

The best social network is Google+! Nothing ever happens there so you don’t feel the crippling need to keep up! Well done Google!

o/~ Space City’s one hour up the road from me / it’s one hour away from as close to the Moon as anybody down here’s every gonna be #dbt

Weird, can’t send iMessages since updating to iOS 7.0.3. Tried resetting network settings, no change. Apple can tell I wanna new phone.

tweets for 2013-10-23

I’m sorry, but if your dog is smaller than a small cat I’m not taking it seriously.

o/~ Skeletons ain’t got nowhere to stick their money / Nobody makes britches that size #dbt

The S in “Mavericks” makes me want to punch an Apple nerd in the face.

Resolved: 2 people or more can’t speak on the phone at the same time in our new office at #work,

tweets for 2013-10-22

The reason dudes won’t remove their giant backpacks while on public transport must be to feel what it’s like to be pregnant, right? Right?

Hey it looks like your iPhone is working perfectly well! Let me launch some sort of video player to fix that!

tweets for 2013-10-21

Whittling down the case load ahead of next week’s vacation from #work

Dear Stockholm, I’m a bit tired of brilliant sunlight through turning leaves, how about some fog/mist? #askingforit #blameme #fb

Found a use for G+: as logon to janky site who may decide to spam your followers with the fact… harmless on G+ though as no-one sees it

tweets for 2013-10-20

I really hate what @Flickr is doing with tags in the new image view. So unnecessary!

tweets for 2013-10-18

Jag låter detta stå för sig själv i medieflödet: ``Jimmie Åkessons katt är inte fejkad – den är död’’ #fb

TV4 Nyheter har inslag om “Solsidan” - otippat…

tweets for 2013-10-17

New lens announcements the last week: Zeiss 55mm f/1.4, Sony 55mm f/1.8, Nikkor 58mm f/1.4. Hello, the 50s called and want their lenses back

Apropå förslag att förbjuda “organiserat tiggeri”, hur avgör man det? F-skattsedel? #fb

tweets for 2013-10-16

hmm did @feedly just shit the bed?

tweets for 2013-10-14

Whoohoo! I have Swedish characters in @ttytter again! Räksmörgås FTW!

Please indulge in your passion for wandering around aimlessly in your own time and not on the subway platform kthx

tweets for 2013-10-12

hmm got a mail from Twitter saying my password has been reset, it’s setting my phishing sense tingling

Slår på radion i hyrbilen och hör @FrokenNorgren i @P3Spel lite random så där. Coolers

Förra lördagen var det bara besök i helvetets förgård, nu blir det alla nio kretsarna. IKEA här kommer vi! #fb

tweets for 2013-10-11

It’s nice the Peace Prize committee exists to take the heat off the Swedish Academy - Lit prize deciders. PP is Norwegian pols #nobel

I guess wlan suddenly not working is a sign I should do other stuff? Maybe?

tweets for 2013-10-10

All the Canucks in my stream are very politely murmuring “Eff Yeah Canada” #munro

Oh yeah there’s something called Google … Please? Pleats? Puts? Pus? Anyway it’s full of nerds?

Today I learned of a new to me CS concept: the priority queue

The Zevon album “Life’ll Kill Ya” is really rather good.

Effing Kirovs mount a sneak attack on me again #RedAlert2

tweets for 2013-10-09

Seriously Appstore, you have my credit card on file, why do I have to confirm I’m 17+ to download the 500px app?!

Swedish Miley Cyrus: TWÅRK TWÅRK TWÅRK (h/t @jmusarra)

Today’s nightmare fuel: ``Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever’’

This update is cursed. Cursed, I say!

tweets for 2013-10-08

Oh no, the #TeX rabbit hole is drawing me into its event horizon…

That time of year when the indoor lighting is brighter than outdoors at <3:30pm…> #winteriscoming

WTF you can fav your own tweets?!

Man, the iOS podcast app is effing useless.

tweets for 2013-10-07

o/~ I used to hate the fool in me / But only in the morning / Now I tolerate him all day long

welp looks like Feedly has crapped out, none of my feeds are updating at the moment

tweets for 2013-10-05

Thought I saw a pregnant woman with a beard but it was a dude with a beer belly #ikea

The subway carriage is very International all of a sudden

kinda hoping the really short French guy hits it off with the platinum blonde biz admin major

tweets for 2013-10-04

Flow state: turgid #work

I can’t believe I want Active Desktop back

Is my camera too big, or is my camera bag too small? #allisrelative

tweets for 2013-10-03

Yesterday I had flow. Today, not so much #work

tweets for 2013-10-02

Here in the 21st century, the central inspiration for so-called “smart watches” is a comic strip from the 1930s

tweets for 2013-10-01

Quandary: refer to North Korea as DPRK - correct; or as NORK - derogatory/snarky? #taggingblues


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