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tweets for 2015-01-31

Why do so many child actors from the US have their hair in a bowl cut? Esp. noticeable in 80s TV but still current. Union rule? #fb

At least this bowlcut moppet now sports a half-hawk as he’s being trepanned! (Yes I am watching an old ep of “Dr Quinn: Medicine Woman” #fb

tweets for 2015-01-30

Enjoying watching Ghibli movies with my son. However I prefer Japanese, he prefers English dubs

tweets for 2015-01-28

Multiple single sign-ons - the Microsoft Way! #work

That awful feeling when your noise-canceling headphones run out of power…

… and the control clicker on my spares doesn’t work! Worst commute ever!!

tweets for 2015-01-27

Fresh from laughing at others falling for the ISO week bug of Dec 2014, I now find that our code concatenates calendar year and iso week

Coinbase Lunar failed to take #Bitcoin to the moon, maybe now the Winklevii’s Gemini will at least reach low earth orbit

tweets for 2015-01-26

This Monday is especially Monday-like at #work

Google+: “Here’s a post you may have missed!” No, Google+, you’re confusing “missing” with “actively ignoring”.

Skämskudde just nu i Guldbaggen #fb

tweets for 2015-01-23

Takeaway from Silk Road trial: criminals be dumb, even if they have 2 degrees.

tweets for 2015-01-21

Hmm @ttytter has stopped working for some reason?

Holy sh-t, BBC is doing a TV adaption of “Wolf Hall”?! Instant history-boner! #fb

tweets for 2015-01-12

Made the mistake of reading Wikipedia and spoiling the historical novel I’m reading :(

tweets for 2015-01-01

Happy New Year all my Twitter and Facebook followers! #fb


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