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tweets for 2014-12-29

The ISO8601 spec is clear, this week is 2015W01. Welcome to the future, citizen!

tweets for 2014-12-19

Kvällens <1:a> klass i På Spåret verkar något svagbegåvade.

I tried to be a good netizen and change my AppleID password. Now my devices are training me to remember it by requesting it constantly.

tweets for 2014-12-16

I’m having a hard time writing anything longer than 140 characters…

tweets for 2014-12-11

With the latest #Bitcoin announcement from Microsoft, the slogan has officially been changed to “To the Zune!”

tweets for 2014-12-06

#Val2015 “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity”

tweets for 2014-12-05

Yo Sony I hear you like passwords so we put all your passwords in Passwords.doc and password-protected it with the password “Password”

“Somewhere in the heavens… they are waiting” #eft1

tweets for 2014-12-03

Logarithms! It’s what Bitcoins crave!

tweets for 2014-12-02

Spending way too much mental energy comparing Halo 4 and my dim memories of the “Marathon” mythos

Suggestion from an online interlocutor: “please do a Google search on the phrase I’m using instead of assuming I’m an idiot”.

tweets for 2014-12-01

Used PowerShell in anger for the first time (as a slower version of grep)


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