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tweets for 2015-11-30

Purchased a videogame online at a place called “The Game Store”, randomly got a branch cutter at the same time #ecommerce

Ju äldre jag blir desto mer resonerar Niklas Strömstedts eviga ord: “jag betalar mina räkningar i tid/det ger mig inre frid” #fb

tweets for 2015-11-27

Here’s another blast from the past, The Sunday’s “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic”. From 1989 if iTunes is to believed.

tweets for 2015-11-26

o/~ Still at the end of every hard-earned day / People find some reason to believe

``Although Gorey’s books were popular with children, he did not associate with children much and had no particular fondness for them’’

``Gorey left the bulk of his estate to a charitable trust benefiting cats and dogs, as well as other species, including bats and insects.’’

So far very little mention of tryptophan on Twitter. Is that still a thing or is it later in the US day

tweets for 2015-11-25

Really tired today, it’s a Jeb! kind of day

Why is the missile cruiser Moskva called a Guards missile cruiser? Thought Guards was a land-based designation

Hey hipster musicians, stop making tracks with 15 minutes of silence kthx

tweets for 2015-11-24

I’m picturing Dilbert in a suicide vest and an AK, yelling “they took away the hugs!!!”

Is is World War 3 yet

Not a good month for Russian aviation, civil or military

tweets for 2015-11-23

The #21.co business plan starts with “Sell $400 #Bitcoin “miner”, followd by 15 rows of “???” and then “Profit!”

Usually I scoff at the idea of a media manipulation campaign but the recent attack on encryption sure makes one wonder

tweets for 2015-11-20

o/~ How can you lie there and think of England / When you don’t even know who’s on the team?

What’s the difference between the Int’l Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM) and the Int’l Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM)?

I suspect any attempts to Godwin @realDonaldTrump will only make him stronger @CukeKing

tweets for 2015-11-19

Senaste Twitterproblemen berodde på att @ToreK förlorade debatt mot mig och ragequittade

Today is Int’l Men’s Day, but don’t forget that everyday is Lesbian Lover’s Day (source: Dr. Ross Geller)

tweets for 2015-11-18

ISIS represents Muslims like the Westboro Baptist Church represents Christians

tweets for 2015-11-17

Email logjam at #work cleared - internal skype “Brace yourselves - emails is coming”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a violent game but at least you get more XP for non-lethal takedowns than killing someone #smallmercies

tweets for 2015-11-16

Customer email titled “Discordance”. Eris rules!

o/~ Philosophy is useless // Theology is worse.

I’m a huge Matthew Sweet fan but his latest stuff doesn’t grab me

tweets for 2015-11-13

Two most popular classes of questions on /r/AskHistorians: 1) Nazi Germany 2) History of drug use. Go figure

It’s Friday the 13th, aka Champagne Night!

tweets for 2015-11-11

No algorithm survives contact with real data.

Playing another forgotten classic - “Memories of a color” by Stina Nordenstam … so early 90s!

tweets for 2015-11-10

Whatever floats your boar, I don’t judge.

tweets for 2015-11-09

Entering a phone number on an international site, the entry field doesn’t accept the plus sign. facepalm

tweets for 2015-11-08

Trying to book a car online but #Europcar’s site is so crappy I literally can’t login and give them my money

tweets for 2015-11-05

Headed out for some night shooting. After 2 tram stops realize I forgot the cable release. Back I go, it’s not as if it won’t be dark tmrw

“Half of the New Canadian Cabinet Members Chose to Skip “So Help Me God” in Their Oaths of Office” - replaced w/ “Ïa! Ïa! Cthulhu ftagn!”

tweets for 2015-11-04

I’ve decided to standardize on US spelling for most words, but not “aluminium” because c’mon

Price of a Bitcoin has increased >$100 in 24 hours. Obviously NOW is the time to buy

(If you didn’t get the sarcasm in my previous tweet you should unfollow me pronto)

tweets for 2015-11-03

TIL Candy Crush is worth more than all the bitcoins

I guess now that I’ve finally found a way to make Twitter lists work for me, they’re gonna remove those too

Stars are still ruling the official Twitter iOS app. No doubt bloody hearts are inbound

Twitter’s attitude to Lists seems to be “if you can’t think laterally this feature just isn’t for you, give up trying”

tweets for 2015-11-02

TIL that Joule (namesake of the SI unit) was British, not French.

Why do today that what you can do in a blind panic tomorrow?


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