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It’s better than real – it’s a real imitation.

tweets for 2010-08-31

Jag tycker det är bra med jämställdhetsplaner, men *alla’ företag, varje år? Hallå cut-n-paste #val2010

My giant sensor, let me show you it http://bit.ly/cjGMDG #Canon #photog

Danska Venstre anser att det faktum att SDs valfilm inte ska visas i TV4 är ett “demokratiproblem”. Jag säger: no SD, no problem #val2010

tweets for 2010-08-30

My case of the Mondays isn’t helped by my substandard computing platform

“pensionärer valets vinnare” - det märks att 40talisterna går i pension nu! #val2010 #generationskrig

sometimes you forget @NYTimeskrugman is a huge SF nerd: http://bit.ly/9OhJ3g

Google reader sez: “Since June 5, 2009 you have read a total of 300,000+ items.” - #IwinTheInternet

tweets for 2010-08-29

ok that’s the third used item I’ve been unable to get my hands on this week… maybe I should just save my money #photog

http://tweetphoto.com/42154520 @xboxflickan han ser grovt skyldig ut på den bilden

Looked for an archive of @agapow’s “Postviews” but sadly could not find it… I loved those reviews back in the day

tweets for 2010-08-28

in 4 minutes I will have to start cleaning our apartment … do not want

Förutspår att Lena Anderssons appell for barnfrihet kommer mötas av massiv backlash http://bit.ly/cULOtx #fb

tweets for 2010-08-27

my used-gear shopping fu is weak #photog

The fact that you can open new connections in tabs in #Filezilla makes me love it even more

Ireland goes for austerity, Spain is more relaxed. Guess who has an easier time raising money? http://is.gd/eGrav

“Inflyttning behövs till områden med gruvindustri” - Ekot. Hur många svenska ungdomar är beredda att jobba i gruva?

Reading the Canon forums on FredMiranda.com I’ve come to the conclusion that all posters on #photo forums are idiots, w/e brand they shoot

Jag tycker tjejen som snackar i SDs reklamfilm låter lätt efterbliven

tweets for 2010-08-26

“Nya medier. Nu uppgraderad med medeltida hederskultur.” - http://is.gd/eEMTK

anyone know if Gmail has any limits to the number of filters it can use?

tweets for 2010-08-25

bara i Sverige(?): politiker får kritik för att dom vill sänka skatter #val2010

Julian #Assange, [self-professed] sex god! http://is.gd/eCWfY

tweets for 2010-08-24

“Tack” SL för att ni plötsligt bestämde att tåget till Mörby skulle till Ropsten istället. #fail

Based on http://bit.ly/998yr8 #Nikon has made ~56 million lenses, 22 million primes (40%), 34 million zooms (60%) #photog #stats

tweets for 2010-08-23

Both funny and a bit sad to see a fellow commuter drop a full mug of coffee on the platform #sjöstaden

Finding optimum placement in the tram by experiment and observation #scientific

det är uppenbarligen pensionärernas år i år #val2010

UK defence secretary is old and doesn’t understand computer games, news at 11: http://is.gd/eyegf

vore kul att kunna prenumerera på sökresultat i Tradera via RSS… just sayin’

my Nikon Series E 28mm is the cheapest, most modest lens I own, I’m pity-using it today to let some light through it #photog

I think I’d buy a Nikkor 70-200mm f/4 lens… #photog

Is Mormonism a Christian faith? Signs point to no! http://bit.ly/c8mT4z Note that doesn’t make it wrong. Fascinating stuff #religion

Någon som vet när den nya svenska översättningen av Sagan om Ringen är klar? #fb

tweets for 2010-08-22

Heading out for some biking with the kid #sunday

Suboptimal fries queueing at McDonalds Sickla (as to why I’m there at all, don’t ask :P)

The siren song of the iPhone is harder and harder to resist! #apostate

Svenssons i Lammhult har slut på Stringhyllor! #apokalyps #fb

meh, Todd Solondz “Life During Wartime” has nothing to do with Lucius Shepard’s novel

Vi levlar upp, ska köpa allt från Svenssons i Lammhult istället för IKEA #fb

unsurprisingly, the Lord of the Rings mythos has a heavy presence on Wikipedia #nerd

tweets for 2010-08-21

Hmm this Twitter “lists” thing, I do not think it means what I think it means #n00b

Even if the mosque isn’t built there are 2 strip joints in this “hallowed ground” - http://bit.ly/a6SeUa

Hauling kitty litter from Sickla #nocar

Expressens hemsida har länk till gångna VM men inte till kommande valet http://bit.ly/ctAHSM #fb

Julian #Assange really loves to change his hairstyle

Verkar som om Sveriges grå dam, DN, har en duglig valbevakning. Får väl rulla in mig i deras murriga 60-talsliberalism då #fb

jag är 61% folkpartist enligt DN’s valtest, synd bara att jag aldrig tänker rösta på den maktgalne majoren #val2010 #fb

tweets for 2010-08-20

Skön #subrosa idag om digital arkivering, digitala testamenten och huruvida dagens LunarStorm är framtidens kökkenmödding #fb

My Twifficiency score is NaN

Researching high-end Nokias. Will #gravity work without issues on the N97 Mini? #nokia #s60

kära svenska vänner, finns det en bra sajt/portal/dagstidning som har schysst valbevakning? Helt partipolitiskt obunden. #fb

embracing my inner white nerd by listening to Neko Case

tweets for 2010-08-19

fetching the kid after his first real day in 2nd grade

tweets for 2010-08-18

haven’t read it yet, but Wired’s “the web is dead” issue sounds like this decade’s “Push!” issue, ie. flat out wrong

Aha! The #readitlater link only appears if you’re online (duh!) in #gravity!

hanging out with Sean from the old UK office at the bar in Nordic Sea before grabbing something to eat!

Man “Nip/Tuck” is still running? That show jumped the facelifted shark 3 seasons ago

tweets for 2010-08-17

read-it-later support in #gravity - awesome! Howto: open tweet w/ url - choose url and open, it’s an option there. You need an account

kollar på extra-HDD för en Xbox 360, hur stor måste den vara för att kunna ha lite spel på den? Räcker 60GB?

tweets for 2010-08-16

Today’s #firstworldproblem: lint from washed paper in my pocket stuck all over my headphone covers

forgive me if I question your heterosexuality, o fellow subway traveller with lapdog

of course I forgot my ipod cable, it’s Monday, is it not?

varför finns det så få lysrörsarmaturer för hushåll? #fb

Stockholmsossarna vill att vi ska ha en butler i tunnelbanan! Får man göra RUT-avdrag för honom eller henne #val2010 #fb

Wow, socialdemokraterna går till val på sänkta skatter (för pensionärer). När hände det senast? #val2010

Strunt i butler, jag vill ha dörrvakt i tunnelbanan så det inte är så förbenat trångt #sl #fb

Signed up for #ReadItLater, seem to have seen an option in #Gravity for that but it disappeared? Will look tomorrow

tweets for 2010-08-15

I really want a new phone now

Last person on earth to install Ubuntu 10.04? Probably

I’m pegging “Scott Pilgrim” into the “stuff white people like” pigeonhole until non-nerds explain to me just what the effing deal is

has the ubuntu upgrade solved the problem of my box forgetting my wifi password? Let’s hope so!

tweets for 2010-08-14

bit surprised Sherlock uses a softcover Moleskine, they’re a bit pants actually

tweets for 2010-08-13

Tåget har “tekniskt fel” och måste stanna … [kollar vattenflaskor och nödutgångar, slipar yxan] #sjsurvival #fb

Ett par mil norr om Södertälje stannar tåget för att “starta om ett par minuter” 20 min senare är vi kvar #sjfail #fb

Framme i Sthlm, 40 min försenade #sjfail #fb

Stockholm: much warmer than Halmstad!

relaxing with a cocktail after a long trip

now for the glass of Friday 13th champagne (really rosé spumante, I’ll do better next time) #fb

tweets for 2010-08-12

På Halmstads Äventyrsland med en glad och sprallig Viking! #fb

tweets for 2010-08-11

pouring down in Halland #vacation

På Busfabriken i Halmstad med Viking, ny kompis Gustaf samt halva södra Hallands barn #svettigt #fb

helping my parents with their computer related issues… to be fair, the problems are weird and not PEBCAK related!

tweets for 2010-08-09

surfin’ on X2000, on our way to see the rents in Halmstad

seeing other people’s computer desktops is a weird form of voyeurism

I wonder if SJ’s on-train wifi blocks torrents… let’s find out!

Hässleholm, eller Hässlehelvete som mina lumparkollegor kallade det. Det luktar svingödsel här #fb

aha! I now know what i forgot to pack: shades! However according to the weather forecast i won’t need them

Gewürtztraminer ftw!

more pics are being taken with prime lenses than at any other time in history! (hint: very few mobiles have optical zooms) #photog

tweets for 2010-08-08

I love how everyone in Sherlock assumes the dudes are gay

tweets for 2010-08-07

Google fails http://bit.ly/adULfS

Tony Judt has died, that’s sad

So Holmes asks Watson to meet him at Baker St at 7pm in December and it’s not dark? Continuity #fail #sherlock

tweets for 2010-08-06

Installed the latest version of #Gravity, man I love this app #nokia

meh, google translate doesn’t have latin as an option #fail

I’ve been on the internets since 1992… 18 years. Scary. #oldman

Chillin’ and grillin’ at the in-law’s #apostrophes’r’us #fb

Mmm grilled chicken…

Nu är det efterrätt!

tweets for 2010-08-05

This live version of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” does a great job giving me goosebumbs #ipod

Apparently the link i posted to Google Wave being shut down was incorrect. Anywhoo, you all know it’s gonna happen :D #waveisdead

dayumm it’s cold here in the office! And I don’t have anything other than my jacket to put on over the t-shirt #firstworldproblems

Segway rental company advertising with pic of cute girl riding w/o helmet, significantly lowering the dork factor #stockholm

awesome, Mary Roach (author of “Stiff”) is guestblogging on BoingBoing!

sysadmin school ain’t no ivory tower, it’s the School of Hard Reboots!

obsessively following @aimeemann on both Twitter and #Tumblr: http://aimeemann.tumblr.com/ #iloveaimee

tweets for 2010-08-04

Making the most of the 30 minutes it takes for my computer to boot …

testing Chromed Bird twitter extension for Chrome…

I can’t believe I managed to forget my copy of “Brasyl” at work #fail #commute

Major Björklund skämmer ut sitt parti m förslag för burqaförbud. Finns det så många sd-väljare att plocka? Slå upp “liberalism”! #fb

Gun nuts and movie buffs meet at http://www.imfdb.org, an example of the internet at its mad finest #nerd

Google calls it quits on Google Wave: http://bit.ly/cM4iU1. I’ve actually found it useful for a few things

tweets for 2010-08-03

A few deft cuts in the SIM and the iphone 4 is activated! Pity J thinks it’s the biggest piece of junk ever

vår oupplåsta iPhone 4 har kommit, och med lite ögonmått och en sax har jag klippt till ett microSIM-kort. J är dock inte helt nöjd #fb

tweets for 2010-08-01

Giving “Brasyl” by Ian McDonald another go, seems better this time around!


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