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The banner bright, the symbol plain
Of human rights and human gain.

tweets for 2009-08-31


our timesheet system is pretty damn good. I know from personal experiences what horrors they can be


got a lot of tips about effective resume writing from a recruiter, now acted upon them and will submit it to my eagle-eyed wife for review


wherever you look, the forum buttache over the Canon 7D is truly epic #forumtards


hmm metro or boat home?


finished re-reading “Halting State” and loaned it to @Veidit #stross


snabb koll av svenska tecken, tircd i irssi i screen i FreeBSD i ssh från Ubuntu: räksmörgås


tja, någonstans går det fruktansvärt fel


helping my sis-in-law connect to the wifi …


hemtelefonen funkar igen… peppar peppar #fb


sept 9 is both webcast from Leica and new iPod stuff from Apple… colour me a deep shade of “meh”


testing MAC assignments by the simple measure of blocking them and listening to user complaints #BOFH

tweets for 2009-08-30


Carbo-loading at McD’s with Viking and Teodor #weekend #kids


Verdana is a great typeface, for online viewing! I use it myself. But plastered all over a catalog? That’s just cheap #IKEA #typeface #fail


spent the weekend reading more about photo gear than actually taking pictures… sad #photog

tweets for 2009-08-28


On my way in to Nybrokajen on “Emelie” #stockholm #sjöstaden


just met with a recruiter, got a lot of good tips about smartening up the ole resume


shooting with the SB-24 makes me want a real speedlight, not my wimpy SB-400. And it has to have iTTL #photog #nikon


I’ve managed to blog at least once a month since 2004: http://is.gd/2DSWU


A classic http://lonelymachines.org/mall-ninjas/


o/~ ricochet in time / to the music o/~ #ShawnColvin #fb


useasonably humid in #Stockholm right now


Dude who bought our house is 1m away from me, either doesn’t recognise me or won’t meet my eye #fb


fall fashion for women here in #Stockholm: frilly hems. What’s up with that?


maybe it’s a NYC thing, chick in the pinstripe shorts w/ frilly hems is coming back from there

tweets for 2009-08-27


looks like the new Canon 7D is the answer to Nikon’s D300s http://is.gd/2Bcws #photog #rumors


hmm my “smart” solution wasn’t that smart


part of me is happy I’m getting my watch repaired for a modest sum, part is disappointed I’m not getting a new watch


reading @scalzi’s deconstruction of Star Trek physics, not nearly as fun as the Star Wars on http://is.gd/2BhHu


Swedish regulator forbids the string “bank” in .se domain names… regulatory overstep http://stupid.domain.name/node/812


why just “bank”, why not funds, or insurance-related strings? #PTS needs to explain itself!


if you have a store called RayBan Kings you can’t have “raybankings.se”. Lunacy, as @jimh says :) #PTS #fail


I wish identi.ca all luck, but it’s not enough to build a better mousetrap, you need the mice (=audience). Twitter appeal=everyone’s on it


UPS and me == missed connections, and the package isn’t even for me


I’m not a fan of the current Israeli government, but whoever’s in charge, it’s not an easy job


new Sony A850 full-frame body doesn’t compromise much http://is.gd/2BPxf #photog #geargasm


heading home to fix grub for the boys, then later out for beer at Glennfiddich Warehouse with @Veidit and others!


Hmm kan man få iPhone på Tele2 också? #fb


why is Google reader recommending feeds I’m already subscribed to?


Thanks Nikon F90 for not reading the DX code on my roll of Portra 160 and staying set in ISO 400 #photog #fail #ihatefilm


On my way into Glenfiddich Warehouse


On my way home from a geeky and beery evening in #GamlaStan with @Veidit, @grunka, Magnus and someone who works for #Bahnhof

tweets for 2009-08-26


this has awesome written all over it: http://bit.ly/wsPDD


finally got my iPod to start syncing. I’m sure it’s not Apple’s fault, but I’m blaming them anyway


waiting with bated breath for cron scripts to execute


bated breath or baited breath? http://bit.ly/2ZH2R


gah balance is subtly off in my headphones


sold a children’s bed via #Blocket, good experience in general!


Impact as a typeface has more or less been rendered irrelevant by LOLwhatevers. You can’t take anyting written in it seriously #typography


twitter javascript vuln http://twitter.com/apifail2


3 innuendos for the win (and the compressed URL makes a 4th!) http://bit.ly/18DICK


Looking for work: http://bit.ly/L9ivD


this SUCKS http://bit.ly/16wKtW #ikea #fail #typography


is this a sore throat I feel coming on?


Uh-oh, now getting stabbing headaches


man, #tircd has some crazy dependencies on #FreeBSD


there, finally got #tircd working again … think it’s the best client I can use on this Linux box


how you know you’re not getting a job: the position is advertised again, after you’ve interviewed :P

tweets for 2009-08-25


Viking had high fever last night but is A-OK this morning. Still staying home with him though #homewithkids


I think I’ll add some fried eggs to this cholesterol-fest I’m making for lunch


watch repair estimate came to 5800 SEK, thankfully #TryggHansa will cover all except 1200. Good and friendly customer service! #insurance

tweets for 2009-08-24


Taking the boat this morning


doin’ the password change dance


no-one would have heard about the Aftonbladet piece if the Israeli gvnmt hadn’t flipped out #aftonbladet #israel


if the Israeli gvnmt or defense forces feel slandered, feel free to bring a civil suit against #aftonbladet. Pressuring our gvnmt is weak


the brouhaha in English: http://www.thelocal.se/21634/20090823/


man lotso bad feelings in the press this morning, #israel #aftonbladet and #anna.odell and this by Charlie Stross http://is.gd/2w92m


thanks iTunes for totally freezing up on me. Much appreciated


don’t give anyone your passwords, kids… http://bit.ly/MSh02


there’s a market for a decent Twitter client on Windows. Protip: don’t use Adobe Air


heading out for a little walk!


so far, 2 buyers have expressed interest in my 300 SEK clunker 24mm, but recoiled in horror when shown pics


wish I could filter out all the Snow Leopard chaff and only see the most egregious fanboyism


Scratch Black Internet from the list of potential future ISPs ;) #TPBfail


huh, Google Chrome on Linux seems surprised I’ve changed my Google account password

tweets for 2009-08-22


mad oversleep, lucky it’s Saturday


planning kitchen renovation


I’m beginning to wonder if I should mention that I don’t play #WoW on my resume. Gonna be a lot of “sick days” in the near future


I feel like stomping our wifi router to bits, pissing on the remains and then burning them at midnight

tweets for 2009-08-21


I’ll believe Hawaii is 50 when I see its LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE


Valleywag on #spotify: http://bit.ly/IC801


basic human rights are not really that important to the content industry http://techdirt.com/articles/20090820/0206315941.shtml


Friday: time to get your drank on

tweets for 2009-08-20


Forgot my phone at (not a good idea when you’re on call) so had to go back and get it


need a nikon sb-24 speedlight manual #photog


Stopp i tunnelbanans gröna linje vid Gullmarsplan, påverkar trafiken söderut #sl #stockholm #fb


Thanks photography for enabling me to put something under “other interests” on my #resume


huh, turns out these el-cheapo alkalines can’t power the SB-24


Swedish vacation days are confusing :(


protip: when trying to find out if the fax works, don’t try to fax its own number #thingsusersdo


finally removed a ton of crap I never listen to from iTunes


man, the Vista sidebar ecosystem is pretty paltry


who the fsck is “_why” and why is everyone obsessing over him/her?


oh ok, the dweeby Ruby nerd. /me stops caring


some of these are just too good to be true, but funny nonetheless! http://bit.ly/13W5fz


Listening to Timothy Snyder talk about the slaughter in Belarus in WWII in a NYRB podcast

tweets for 2009-08-19


On my way back from Kista


man I’m tired of Firefox, time to live on the edge with Google Chrome for Linux


for future reference: gustaf@d420:~$ uname -a Linux d420 2.6.28-14-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Sat Jul 25 <00:28:35> UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux


why the hate on pop-up flashes for “semi-pro” bodies? Some disdain the D700 for having one. Me, I love me some emergency fill flash #photog

tweets for 2009-08-18


oh hey it’s #unfollowtuesday!


I suck at online auctions :(


``Never, ever ask for the opinion of another photographer. If its good, they will copy you, if it’s bad, they won’t tell you.’’


Started reading “Toll the Hounds” again, it’s picked up quite a bit! #malazan

tweets for 2009-08-17


Jag har aldrig sett ett DHL-inlämningsställe i Stockholm. Finns dom? City eller Söder #stockholm #fb


yet another week on call. Big woop


I would be very surprised – nay, flabbergasted – if Apple approves the #Spotify iPhone app


apple’s Swedish iPhone ads are grating, I guess they’re the same the world over. Who loves that twee and twinkly music?

tweets for 2009-08-16


sometimes you reach a stage when the only thing to do is to reinstall windows…


Försenade i Kärrtorp pga skadegörelse, tack för det idiotiska tunnelbanebombare #sl #fb

tweets for 2009-08-15


På Fredells #fb

tweets for 2009-08-14


I find it LOLworthy that Tweetdeck still can’t handle Unicode URLs


pushback in Sweden against #Spotify, not enough money going to the artists


Just had lunch with Dad, on my way back to the office now


how come you can read but not edit EXIF data in Windows Explorer? #photog


Citibank slutar med lån till privatpersoner, hoppas man snart slipper töntreklamen dom kör #fg


looking forward to the weekend


on my shoppng list: rosé wine and strawberries


the trailer for ID Software’s “Rage” leaves me with a profound sense of “meh”


geurilla Friday beer!


I feel I deserve a better 28mm than my current Series E. My gear is holding me back!(tm) #photog

tweets for 2009-08-13


thanks for freezing up on my iTunes, that’s real helpful


oh, the info panel decided to appear under my task manager…ok, I’m letting iTunes off with a warning this time


regarding Facebook, I’m ashamed to be sharing the service with Sarah Palin. Makes me seem dirty somehow #fb


need to refresh my resume/CV, not feeling inspired at all :P


nu öser verkligen regnet ner #stockholm #fb


annoyed by the rain dripping in through our window. Don’t ask me how!

tweets for 2009-08-12




heading down to nybrokajen to catch my boat


another reboot, Vista? Thanks a fucking bunch

tweets for 2009-08-11


finally replaced my putty with puttytray http://is.gd/2bsoV


considering deleting my friendfeed account… I feel too spread out


rain on its way, looking forward to it almost


new #blosxom plugin: fnumber http://is.gd/2bJ8u


*/~ here comes the rain…


closed my last semi-annual access review for SOX


adding sports to stuff I won’t shoot, list earlier includes weddings, birds #photog


Stilla regn vid Gullmarsplan #fb


reading an ad for “High-speed Ektachrome” in 1973, rated for a blistering 160 ASA #photog


hmm FriendFeed gets purchased by Facebook and suddenly people are subscribing to mine? what gives?

tweets for 2009-08-10


made the mistake of accepting iTune’s offer to update itself, reboot ahoy! #winfail


2 and a half months until termination. Maybe I should start looking for a new job


60,000+ unread mails from our new monitoring service… ah, to be back from vacation!


preparing to delete 60,432 mails from Outlook, this may take a while…

tweets for 2009-08-09


testing importing pics from Picasa in Linux to Picasa in Windows


finally below 1000 unread in Google Reader

tweets for 2009-08-08


what the Fs wrong with my perl install…

tweets for 2009-08-07


nearly 24 hours w/o signing into twitter, feels good!


dayumm it’s getting dark…

tweets for 2009-08-05


Some people are speculating that HFT is the only thing holding up stock prices. Scary if true! #finance #econocalypse


oh my god TechCrunch insults my country! For this, they shall DIE #techcrunchfail

tweets for 2009-08-04


dear lazyweb, how do I import my google reader shared items into Facebook? #fb

tweets for 2009-08-03


damnit, the hanging sofa cushions concealed a large reservoir of water which made itself known after I’d sat on them a while #wetbutt


borde läsa Klas Östergrens “Gangsters” #fb

tweets for 2009-08-02


På barnkalas, grattis Pelle! #fb


outside is cool and noisy (we’re near a major traffic artery), inside is stuffy and silent. What to choose?


huh, the Omega I’m looking at is a “Bond Seamaster”, not sure I want that kind of product placement

tweets for 2009-08-01


På väg till Stockholm med tåg. Plånbok glömdes kvar i Halmstad! #fb


Göran Skyttes ledare i dagens SvD är rätt deprimerande. När fan blir gammal blir han religiös http://is.gd/1XykJ


på väg in till Södertälje, dags att packa ihop datorn #sj #fb


seriously, the acute accent (’) is not a fucking apostrophe (’). get with the programme, typographical illiterates!


reading @gruber


twitter and wine on the terrace!


ok, making contingency plans if my Omega (which I managed to forget in the wash) doesn’t make it. Found conservative Seamaster for 14K SEK


fan vad kallt det blev på terassen! #brrr #fb


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