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tweets for 2017-04-27

Always surprised to hear a fellow nerd hasn’t discovered http:/oeis.org yet!

tweets for 2017-04-24

Slack missed a gold opportunity to rebrand themselves as “la Détente” in France (h/t @michelv)

tweets for 2017-04-23

“Nice Republic you’ve got there, would be a shame if anything were to happen to it…” #Frenchelections

tweets for 2017-04-19

cats can see the future, and use this gift to optimize annoying humans

tweets for 2017-04-08

Unexpected effect of 1st succesful terror attack in Sweden - people from other countries telling me how to react

tweets for 2017-04-07

Shit, do I have to mark myself as “safe” on FB now?

Walking home from Slussen. No headphones for situational awareness 😡

tweets for 2017-04-05

The Pedant Inside Me Compels Me To Comment!

tweets for 2017-04-04

After skirmishing with Spain, HM Gov opens a new front in the War On Easter

To remember how Christ died on the Cross for our sins, make sure to eat a lot of chocolate

Don’t miss this year’s hit FPS game - “War on Christmas: Easter Front”!

Brexit 1.0 == War of Spanish Succession 2.0 #gibraltar

tweets for 2017-04-03

It must be a surprise for the world to discover that a bunch of screaming toddlers have taken over HM Government.

tweets for 2017-04-01

Happy Original Fake News Day, Internet!


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