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tweets for 2013-01-31

If the rich “job creators” want to be more liked and respected, how about not acting like huge entitled dicks? Noblesse oblige and all that.

tweets for 2013-01-29

My spelling has gone to the dogs today.

Racking up a good list of cases to be closed before month’s end #alwaysbeclosing #coffeeisforclosers

Tror att Twitters 140-tkn begränsning kommer vara genombrottet för att använda ‘hen’ istället för ‘han eller hon’. Vinst: 10 tecken! #fb


tweets for 2013-01-27

Shorter Berlusconi: “if elected, I will, like Mussolini, totally align Italy with the designs of a resurgent Germany” #notsureitwillfly

tweets for 2013-01-25

Läskiga psykdoktorn Ola Gefvert har nästan samma efternamn som uppskattad kollega, hajjar till varenda gång jag ser namnet

You know all those cool online services in your phone? Good luck using them overseas w/ expensive data tariffs!

tweets for 2013-01-24

Less than a year after we got our SharePoint-based intranet we’re getting a new one #work #classic

tweets for 2013-01-23

Giddy to see @baconmeteor (founder of @pinboard) save the same bookmark as me! #nerd #easilypleased

Damn you “new mail” icon, sitting in the corner, shaming my procrastination #work

Kära latwebben, dar är ett bra ställe att köpa förpackningsmaterial för att skicka grejer via posten? Småkartonger, bubbelplast etc. #fb

tweets for 2013-01-22

#Android question: if you get a new device and logon using Google, will you get all apps downloaded from Google Play installed? #fb

Lunch: walk + shooting in -10C, listening to #AngryMacBastards podcast. Pics later mebbe.

I need some sort of good guy/bad guy summary of the Israili election. Don’t recognize 80% of the names flying around.

Watch brands I don’t care a fig about: Hublot, Richard Mille, Panerai, and AP’s ROO series #sihh2013

TV-nyheterna nämner dataspel, då piggnar nyhetsmotståndaren Viking till och kommenterar gillande! #fb

Känns som om man hoppat över ett par avsnitt på den här amerikanska skitserien som jag inte vet varför jag engagerat mig i #tv5 #fb

Today’s Facebook faux pas, congratulating someone’s newborn baby, not noticing it’s a boy and writing “she looks cute!” #theyalllookthesame

tweets for 2013-01-21

Going cold turkey by unsubscribing from photo and watch classified feeds.

My underexposed snow pictures, let me show you them…

I can’t decide how to represent “first world problem” concisely, is it FWP or 1WP? #firstworldproblem #meta #yesIwentthere

o/~ Jag betalar mina räkningar i tid / Det ger mig inre frid - det funkar faktiskt! Tack Niklas för visdomsorden. #fb

And that’s a wrap, people!

tweets for 2013-01-20

Om ni inte har sett “Drottningen av Versaille” på SVT så gör det på SVT Play. Fantastisk dokumentär #fb

tweets for 2013-01-18

What’s this?! Archer 4x01?!

I’m surprised my Swiss-German customer isn’t replying promptly to my meeting invite…

Every Friday at #work starts out mellow and then becomes frenzied after lunch.

tweets for 2013-01-15

Pretty awesome, @aimeemann accompanying opening act Ted Leo on bass.

People standing next to me at every concert: cute girl with boyfriend, fat dude. For them it’s always a creepy loner twittering.

I did seriously not know there were so many fans of @aimeemann in Stockholm. The music you like can be intensely private.

Such an awesome set.

Unwinding with an expensive beer, waiting for the queue for jackets to subside.

Walked home instead of waiting 25m for the tram. Now chilled through from the snowfall.

tweets for 2013-01-14

OK obviously I am too OLD for these newfangled downloadable concert tickets. Unlocking the download page for the 2nd time.

Stockholm Sweden has a layer of new snow since Thursday, and it hasn’t melted away #swedensnow

Is there anything more useless the IDv4 genre tags?

I think I’ll nominate of Verona as the second coming of Curve.

Tomorrow @aimeemann plays Nalen in Stockholm! Playlist tomorrow is gonna be all Aimee, all the time.

tweets for 2013-01-12

So sad to hear that Aaron Swartz committed suicide.

tweets for 2013-01-10

I’m like Goldilocks when it comes to mirrorless systems - there’s no one good solution for me #photog

“Concern trolling” is such a great word. Also, “shame cushion”. #neologisms4lyfe

Småskrattar lite åt IKEA-reklamen där alla kastar ut varandra ur sängarna #fb


tweets for 2013-01-09

Svenska twittrare, vad är en bra svensk sökterm för “dashboard cam”?

There comes a time in every succesful company’s lifespan when they have to start using a rational servern naming scheme.

The most important item in your bag of gear is not the camera, it’s the obligatory Moleskine notebook #photog

New season of #Justified looks frickin’ AWESOME.

tweets for 2013-01-08

This Hagel nominee fight has finally soured me on US politics. Gonna skip it until the next prez election

tweets for 2013-01-06

Awesome, @beatonna mentioned in the Economist Xmas issue! (article about webcomics)

tweets for 2013-01-05

Mikrovågspizza, Lidl-öl och Pringles - lever det ljuva livet denna gråa lördag.

I need a new expensive gadget to allow me to catch up with my @Instapaper saves

Finally got the reference to “No Depression” in Lloyd Cole’s “Antidepressant”. Thanks Wikipedia!

I am shocked to see “Antidepressant” is not on Youtube. It’s a great little song!

o/~ I said “I’m trying to write my novel” / she said “neither am I / and anyway I saw you reading ‘No Depression’”

tweets for 2013-01-03

Snö i Danderyd.

Feeling slightly sick browsing this online store for “replica” watches - fakes, that is.

Förutsägelse: Obama kommer vika sig som en blöt disktrasa i kampen om USAs lånetak #subrosa2013

Förutsägelse: Nokia ger upp, slutar göra telefoner #subrosa2013

Förutsägelse: folkstorm mot villkoren hos en eller flera sociala medier #subrosa2013

Förutsägelse: ny kris skakar Euro-området, lågkonjunkturen består #subrosa2013

Förutsägelse: en eller flera stormar dödar rekordmånga / skapar rekordstora skador #subrosa2013

tweets for 2013-01-02

Om SJ vill att jag åter ska pendla med t-bana får dom fixa fler tåg till Mörby. Att vänta 8m på ett vid Slussen är barockt.

Malaysia was awesome, looking forward to company conference in Istanbul in April! #travel

Fick reda på att vi ska flytta kontoret till Garnisonen i höst, så jag slipper röda linjen till Mörby! ping @Eorlingur

tweets for 2013-01-01

Always nice to hear a song by @kittythefool in crappy TV shows

The problem with a service as great as @Instapaper is you get really pissed when it’s not working.


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