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tweets for 2018-09-27

Ah, Sharepoint, where knowledge goes to die

tweets for 2018-09-26

I’m old enough to remember saying EMACS stood for “Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping” was a decent joke

tweets for 2018-09-24

Say what you will about this timeline, it’s not boring

tweets for 2018-09-20

Oh,ffs, the new style tabs in Chrome are the fucking worst. Tips on a theme that at least makes them distinguishable?

Every time I consider that Swedes and Danes have so much in common I’m reminded of their bonkers counting system (hint, it’s based on 20)

tweets for 2018-09-14

Florence vs Mangkhut - the battle of the superstorms! I predict Mangkhut will win death toll, but Florence will grab the media coverage crown!

tweets for 2018-09-12


tweets for 2018-09-10

Dags att avprenumerera från barnets grundskolas Google-kalendrar. Tiden går! #fb

tweets for 2018-09-07

Trångt men god stämning på förtidsröstningen i Garnisonen. #fb

tweets for 2018-09-04

In the @Spotify client, what’s the difference between the ❤️ and the ✔️ for marking a track you like?

American commentators: “OMG a party with Nazi roots is big in Sweden!” Swedish voters: WE KNOW

Wayland-Yutani - Building Better Desktops

tweets for 2018-09-03

I det här läget är jag orolig att ett avslöjande om att en politiker har nazistsympatier inte fungerar som varning utan snarare som kvalitetsmarkering

Why the eff can I save tweets to “Bookmarks” on mobile, but not on web (both official #Twitter apps/services)??


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