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tweets for 2016-01-27

I can’t believe Apple messed up their Music app so bad… any alternatives? Must use iTunes backend #fb

Show me on the chart where the Invisible Hand of the Free Market touched you.

Biggest gripe with #ios Music app right now: sometimes a huge splash screen for the service appears and CAN’T BE DISMISSED

tweets for 2016-01-25

Översatte precis termen “point man” (en som går i bräschen) till “punktperson”. Skyller på kaffebrist #fb

tweets for 2016-01-22

Much like deflation being worse than inflation, low oil prices are worse than high?

tweets for 2016-01-20

Somewhere in the heavens… they are waiting #PfhearThePfhor

tweets for 2016-01-15

Reading that the Malheur occupiers have literally appointed a “Committee of Safety” to represent them… no sense of irony whatsoever

Planer för avveckling av svensk kärnkraft tas i sommarvärmen och tas tillbaka på vintern.

Här kommer en uråldrig vits från 1984 års Lundakarnevals tidning. Det handlar om datortermer. “Winchersterminne = gammal skottskada” #fb

tweets for 2016-01-14

DN tar upp samtidens viktiga frågor “”Det är hutlöst tidigt att börja köpa semlor” - “Semmelhetsen ett tecken i tiden”

tweets for 2016-01-12

Thanks @mikeduncan for #Revolutions in general, and the Haitian revolution in particular. Very interesting!

I seriously doubt @realDonaldTRump has listened to the lyrics of Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”

tweets for 2016-01-11

Never was a Bowie fan but the struck me as a person of intelligence and integrity. RIP.

This postfixing every scandal with “-gate” really has to stop. It’s been 44 years, find something else.

tweets for 2016-01-08

Skolan: “Viktigt att föräldrarna engagerar sig i barnens utveckling!” <tider för utvecklingssamtal: 10-15 vardagar>

is the Catholic position on divorce set up so there’s no awkward meeting with exes in heaven?

tweets for 2016-01-07

Programming: there’s always a Holy War going on somewhere

Varför har ingen berättat om Säkert! för mig förut?! #fb

tweets for 2016-01-05

“Don’t occupy isolated buildings in winter” is the new “Don’t start a land war with Russia”

tweets for 2016-01-04

One great use case for public key crypto: authenticating press releases

New (old) Apple TV! Setup via iPhone, yay! Can’t grok 2FA, booo!!!


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